Black German Shepherd – The Perfection Of Genetic Rarity

Black German Shepherd – The Perfection Of Genetic Rarity

Loyal and fearless German Shepherd Dog is always among the top most popular dogs globally, and almost everyone has heard about this breed. However, very few people know that 6.8% of them are black.

It may seem strange, but this beautiful and rare dog is not a separate breed, and its parents are full German Shepherds. The difference is in genetics. When both parents have recessive genes for black pigment eumelanin, the puppy will be born with beautiful black fur. That will be enough for it to reach the price of $2,000.


Most people believe that Black German Shepherd is a result of breeding a black Labrador and German Shepherd, but it is not the case.

German Shepherd was developed from various German herding breeds and was recognized as a separate breed in the 1880s. Captain Max von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer, was impressed by the dog’s character and decided to improve its traits.

He bought the first-named German Shepherd Horand von Grafrath in 1899 at a dog show. Its descendant Queen of Switzerland came to the US in the early 1900s, but its offspring was defective.

Black German Shepherd history

These dogs were used as military dogs in both World Wars and continued their careers as guardians as well as police and service dogs. During a short post-war period, UKC renamed the breed name in Alsatian, but most people preferred the original one, and it was reverted in 2010.

Nowadays, AKC recognizes the black color as a standard in the pure breed. In other words, the Black German Shepherd is only one of the descendants of the first original breeding dog.

In most cases, these puppies are a result of breeding two black parents. However, regular German Shepherds can also produce black puppies when both parents carry the recessive genes for this trait.

Recently, the UKC decided to rewrite the breed standard for these dogs to promote a healthier breed in a better form. As a result, the Shiloh Shepherd arose.

Breed Characteristics

1. Personality

The black color of this dog won’t have any adverse effects on its temperament. It is a loyal, brilliant, and alert animal that has no predisposition to aggression. Be prepared that it will enjoy talking to you through whining, groaning, moaning, and howling. The positive side is that you can train your puppy and prevent barking.

You can quickly teach it all commands that you believe it needs. Since your pet is prone to training, proper socialization will make it an obedient disability aid dog and family protector. Show it the difference between people and teach it to recognize that strangers are not always a threat.

Black German Shepherd training

If you train a puppy properly from a young age, this dedicated and stable dog will protect your baby, play with your teenager, and enjoy your company. There is only one reason for that. It perceives that it is its job and purpose!

Avoid leaving your furry friend alone for long. Otherwise, you can expect to face its destructive nature and anxiety. It will be loud and bark a lot when feeling neglected. Be careful and don’t pick out this powerful breed if you are a first-time owner because it requires someone who understands working breeds’ needs.

2. Temperament

This beautiful, confident, and highly energetic dog is fearless and with an instinct to protect its family. You will be surprised when noticing its gentle, caring, and fun-loving side, especially in relationships with kids.

Black German Shepherd temperament

On the other hand, this dog can be quite problematic when you fail with socialization and inadequately train it. In such a case, it won’t work well with strangers and other pets, but this will primarily depend on you.

If a Black German Shepherd grows up with another pet, including a cat, and you teach it that those animals are members of the family, your dog will accept them that way.

3. Size And Look

The average dog is approximately 50 to 90 pounds (23 – 41 kg) heavy and about 22 and 26 inches (56 – 66 cm) high at shoulders.

Black German Shepherd size and look
Black German Shepherd
Height24 to 26 inches (61 – 66 cm)22 to 24 inches (56 – 61 cm)
Weight65 to 90 pounds (29.5 – 41 kg)50 to 70 pounds (23 – 32 kg)

As you can expect, this breed’s standard color is black without exceptions. However, you can find individuals with two coat types making these dogs medium- or long-haired. Their appearance is similar to a standard German Shepherd, but they often have straighter backs.

4. Care

Provide your pet, well-known for a high level of energy, with enough daily exercise. Buy a quality grinder or nail clipper and trim the dog’s nails once they start touching the floor while standing. Plus, regularly check its ears and keep them clear.

Since this heavy shedder has a double coat, regular grooming is essential. Brushing once or twice a week and bathing twice a year or when necessary will keep the dog’s coat shiny and clean.

5. Diet And Nutrition

Your Black German Shepherd will eat a lot, especially if it is in top physical shape. The number of necessary calories will also depend on the dog’s size. In most cases, you should provide a daily intake of up to 3,000 calories for a puppy and approximately 1,500 calories for an adult dog, split into two meals.

6. Possible Health Problems

Unfortunately, pure breeds are usually prone to health problems more than crossbreed. In the case of a Black German Shepherd, there is a high possibility to face a problem with the back and hip.

The most common health conditions include:

This breed often has a problem with obesity, bloat, skin, and heart and is prone to cancer and epilepsy. In most cases, you can expect your dog to live for 10 to 14 years.


Once you adopt a Black German Shepherd, you will get a stable, highly intelligent, and courageous protector. Thanks to its elegant and shining coat, this energetic animal looks beautiful and lovely. Even though it can be dangerous and aggressive, a well-socialized dog is a dedicated pet that adores its family and keeps children safe.