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My Chihuahua Has Bad Breath

My Chihuahua Has Bad Breath

Do you share your life with a Chihuahua that loves to kiss? Maybe he’s a bit sensitive, so whisper it quietly, but have you noticed recently your Chihuahua has bad breath? Chihuahua bad breath is a common concern as it is with all dogs. What are the...

Most common Chihuahua health issues

The 7 Most Common Chihuahua Health Issues

The Chihuahua. Few dogs generate such powerful emotions as this little guy. From owners that love them more than anything to the non-owner who flat out dislikes them. How can 7lbs of nervous energy, ego, and enormous heart invoke so much controversy...

Worst dog breeds for cat owners

The 11 Worst Dog Breeds For Cat Owners

There is much prejudice about the relationships between dogs and cats. When I brought a kitten Clementine home after she picked me out on the street, my husband entirely freaked out. He heard so many stories about the American Staffordshire...

Doberman Husky Mix

The Doberman Husky Mix

Whether or not you agree, mixing pedigree dogs is here to stay. And why not? The results can sometimes be stunning good looks and the best personality traits of both dogs in the mix. For instance, who wouldn’t like to see the Doberman Husky...

Small dogs with blue eyes

7 Small Dogs With Blue Eyes

All dogs are born with blue eyes, but at ten weeks of age, the eye color will change to their permanent adult color. Some dogs end up with one blue eye and one of another color. Though it looks pretty and unique, dogs with light blue eyes may be...