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Why is my Pug scooting

Pug Butt: Why Is My Pug Scooting?

A Pug butt scooting is an experience that all dog owners have witnessed, and while it might appear comical, it’s not something we like to see. This scooting action is mainly because the poor dog is suffering from something back there, and scooting...


Weimaraner: The Silver Ghost

The Weimaraner, or silver ghost as called by some, was bred as a hunting dog and many sportsmen still use them for hunting large game such as deer and bear. The Weimaraner breed comes from Germany. Though they were bred for hunting, they also make...

Are armadillos dangerous to dogs

Are Armadillos Dangerous To Dogs?

At first glance, an armadillo looks like something from science fiction, with its covering of armor and those super long claws. But to answer the question, are armadillos dangerous to dogs, we would generally say no. Dogs are excruciatingly nosey;...