The 6 Best Breeders of Siberian Husky Puppies in Florida

The 6 Best Breeders of Siberian Husky Puppies in Florida

We have all the information you need to make an educated decision for those searching for the best Florida Siberian Husky puppy breeders.

To compile this list of the best Siberian Husky puppy breeders in Florida, we examined customer evaluations and responses, breeder websites and social media profiles, and various other sources.

These are the best Siberian Husky breeders in Florida:

Strawberry Farms A Husky Paradise

Strawberry Farms is located in Arcadia, Florida, and is home to purebred Siberian Huskies.

All the breeder’s dogs and puppies live in their own house. As a result, walk-ins are not welcome without an appointment; however, the breeder encourages potential buyers to make an appointment to meet the dogs and the breeders in person.

Puppy Culture and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) are the cornerstones of their puppy program. When they arrive at their new homes, the puppies will be eager to continue learning basic obedience.

At seven weeks of age, they begin crate training and educating the litter to use a toilet pad before they leave to go to new homes. After eight weeks, your puppy will be ready to go home.

As they grow, you will receive updates and pictures via email. Puppy buyers are also encouraged to come and visit.

Siberian Husky breeder in Arcadia, Florida
Image credit: Strawberry Farms

Please take time to fill out the breeder’s survey (this will help them figure out what you’re looking for). You’ll receive a reply no later than 24 hours from the breeder via email.

There is a $50 waiting list fee, which you will need to forward to reserve the puppy from a particular pairing. You will receive an email with the receipt with your name listed under your selected pairings.

When you decide to buy a puppy, you’ll have to pay the remaining $200 reservation fee. Once more, you’ll receive your receipt via email. The $250 fee is non-refundable and is put towards the total cost of your new puppy.

Breeding pairs of their dogs are carefully matched to conformation and genetics while ensuring the highest degree of health and temperament predictability.

The puppy’s health guarantee is valid until it reaches its first birthday. Before you take your puppy home, the breeder will provide you with a written health certificate.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

Florida Husky Puppies

Live in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, or Miami and searching for a Siberian Husky puppy? This breeder’s location in Ocala will be pretty central to all of those cities.

When you purchase a puppy from Florida Husky Puppies, every pup comes with a Florida Health Certificate, the first round of vaccinations, a microchip, a health guarantee against genetic health problems, AKC registration paperwork, and starter food are all included. The breeder is happy to ship or deliver your puppy for an additional fee.

The breeders originally came from Ohio before moving to Florida, where they have lived for the past fourteen years. The breeder’s father, who has been raising huskies for the past two decades, their veterinarian, and their own first-hand experience have taught them the majority of their knowledge about the husky breed.

They have owned Siberian Huskies for over a decade and are well-versed in the breed’s quirks and nuances. For them, breeding Huskies isn’t just a pastime; it’s their life’s work.

Siberian Husky puppy for sale in Florida
Image credit: Florida Husky Puppies

The AKC (American Kennel Club) has inspected and approved Florida Huskies kennels, and they continue to adhere to the AKC rules and guidelines.

The puppies are nurtured with their moms indoors, and as soon as they are four weeks old, we begin feeding them grain-free puppy food. Their veterinarians issue each puppy a Florida Health Certificate at eight weeks of age.

The vet examines their feces for parasites and their heart, gums, and teeth. The puppies receive their vaccinations and microchips during the exam. Before they go for their new home, the breeder bathes the puppies individually feeds each puppy.

Florida Husky Puppies welcomes personal visits from prospective buyers before they decide to buy a puppy.

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Connie’s Siberian Huskies

Connie’s Siberian Huskies is located in Thomasville, Georgia, just outside Florida. Thomasville is just thirty miles from Tallahassee, so this could be the ideal breeder for you if you live in Florida’s northwest. In addition, Connie does ship her puppies to plenty of other destinations in the US.

Connie’s Siberian Huskies has AKC and CKC puppies for sale. Because they have been breeding Siberian huskies for over a decade, you can be confident that the puppies they provide are healthy and well-behaved.

The puppies come in various colors including, white, black and white, gray, and red and white. Some puppies have scintillating blue eyes, and others have split-eye coloring. If you prefer AKC and CKC long-haired Husky puppies, they’re are also available.

Siberian Huskies near Florida
Image credit: Connie’s Siberian Huskies

A visit to their kennel is also an option for those who prefer to meet the huskies in person. In terms of location, they are roughly thirty miles north of Tallahassee and about sixty miles from Albany.

Connie’s Huskies looks forward to every potential puppy buyer paying a visit to the kennels. Every puppy goes home with deworming shots, a health guarantee, registration papers, and up-to-date vaccinations.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 6066 US-319 S, Thomasville, GA 31792, United States
  • Phone: 229-224-6887
  • Email:
  • Website:

Florida Husky Den

Florida Husky Den has been breeding Huskies in New Port Richey, Florida, for over six years. They are a small family hobby breeder and are very particular about their dogs and puppies.

While they wait until they go to their new home, all puppies spend time around the family’s children and stay with their mother until the breeder finds them a new home.

Many previous customers have returned for second and third puppies because of the puppies’ continual attention, making them so well socialized and a pleasure to be around.

beautiful Husky puppy in Florida

The breeders are exceptionally concerned about their huskies’ well-being and happiness, which are of utmost importance. Puppies will receive their first vaccinations, multiple deworming, pass their health exams, and obtain their Florida health certificates when they visit the vet. Each puppy comes with an AKC registration document.

Customers give this breeder high marks for producing well-adjusted and well-socialized Siberian Husky puppies.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

DarkSide Siberians

DarkSide Siberians is another highly regarded Siberian Husky breeder, coincidentally located in New Port Richey, FL, the same as Florida Husky Den. However, DarkSide Siberians are offering some unique pairings. They import studs to add new blood and diversity to their lineage. DarkSide Siberians breed both show-quality and sport dogs.

Their overriding concern is to produce quality healthy pups that will develop into fantastic adults, whether for working dogs or just family companions.

Every puppy receives a Florida health certificate from a reputable, licensed vet giving puppies a clean bill of health and fit to go to their new home. All puppies are microchipped.

DarkSide Siberians Husky breeder in Florida
Image credit: DarkSide Siberians

The breeders use puppy culture and the “super puppy” method to offer the best possible start for each puppy. Even though they begin training, none of the puppies arrive fully house-trained or otherwise trained.

DarkSide Siberians strongly encourage you to continue your dog’s training, either through puppy culture, an obedience class, or self-teaching if you have previous expertise with the Husky breed.

Siberian Husky puppies can be quite a handful if left to their own devices. A treat puzzle game is a great way to keep your puppy interested while you work on training and other cognitive skills.

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Northern Florida Huskies

This breeder’s Facebook page shows that they have a great deal of affection for their Huskies. All puppies and their parents live in the family home and are treated as family members. Every day, the pups are socialized and petted to help them become well-adjusted adult dogs.

To begin that special bond, the breeders encourage prospective puppy parents to visit and for both to become accustomed to each other.

healthy Husky puppy
Image credit: Northern Florida Huskies

On this breeder’s Facebook profile, the first thing you notice is that they’re not simply in it to make money; they do care about the breed and dogs in general. There are several references on their Facebook page referencing rescuing dogs.

Northern Florida Huskies are located in the Fernandina Beach/Yulee in Florida. So if you live in that area and would like to know more about Huskies, call and make an appointment. You never know you might be the next proud owner of a fantastic Husky puppy.

Northern Florida Huskies price list:


  • Standard colors (Black/White, Red/White, Grey/White, etc.) – $750
  • White – $850
  • Agouti – $850

Fully Registered:

  • Standard colors (Black/White, Red/White, Grey/White, etc.) – $1200
  • White – $1300
  • Agouti – $1300

Limited Registered:

  • Standard colors (Black/White, Red/White, Grey/White, etc.) – $900
  • White – $1000
  • Agouti – $1000

Deposit required is – $300 non refundable (transferable). Under certain conditions, the deposit is transferable to another puppy from another litter. However, you need to speak to the breeder directly to discuss the situation.

Breeder’s Contact Details:


While we have listed several breeders with an excellent reputation for being the best breeders of Siberian Husky puppies in Florida, the final decision rests with you and your family.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the Husky puppy of your dreams.