Best Pug Breeders And Puppies For Sale In Florida

Best Pug Breeders And Puppies For Sale In Florida

If you’re trying to find the best Pug breeders and puppies for sale in Florida, you have the article you need. We have researched all the top Pug breeders that produce healthy and well-balanced Pug puppies for you.

Searching for quality Pug breeders can take hours of your time, and with this resource at your fingertips totally unnecessary because we have done the work for you.

Gulf Coast Pugs

Gulf Coast Pugs, as the name suggests, is located on the Gulf Coast of South Florida.

Gulf Coast raises their puppies in the home along with the family and other pets. Doing this is excellent for young puppies because it gives them a brilliant start to life and socializes them very well. A crucial step in bringing up any puppy, whatever the breed, especially if you want a well-rounded dog with a great temperament, something we all want with our fur companions.

On the website, you’ll find cute pictures of the breeding Pugs, which will give you some idea of how the puppies will turn out. There are also plenty of images of happy buyers just before they leave with their new fur family.

Gulf Coast Pugs

Gulf Coast Pugs have been breeding Pugs successfully for several years and, in fact, have now branched out into helping Frenchie pups find their furever home.

If you’re sure you want a puppy from Gulf Coast, you’ll need to fill in and send the breeders an application form. There are several questions the breeders need answers to; this is to ensure they sell the puppies to responsible buyers who know how much of an undertaking a new puppy brings into their lives.

Some people might find the number of questions a little annoying, but if you give it some thought, you’ll realize this is excellent for the puppies because only serious owners are applying to buy them.

Gulf Coast Pugs feed their dogs and puppies (once weaned) on pawTree all life stages 5 Star grain-free dog food. They also highly recommend you provide the same diet to your puppy.

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Oliver’s Pug Puppies

Oliver’s Pug Puppies is located in Tampa, Florida, and is an AKC (American Kennel Club) breeder of merit.

They are only a small family-based Pug breeder and feel that quality is their number one target; they aim to consistently meet the Pug’s breed standard, conformation, health, and temperament.

Puppies born and raised for the first few weeks of their lives are based around proper socialization and developing well-rounded Pugs with excellent temperaments. The puppies are born and live in the family home surrounded by other family pets and children.

Oliver’s Pug Puppies

Oliver’s have been breeding Pugs since 2006 and aim to produce show-quality Pugs for themselves. However, they offer puppies to approved homes but only on a non-breeding and a spay/neuter contract.

They are keen to point out they are only too happy to answer any questions prospective puppy buyers might have, and they welcome visitors to their home to see the puppies (please make an appointment first).

Oliver’s is a member of the Pug Dog Club of America, and they test all their dogs and puppies for PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis, also known as Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis). A severe disease of the central nervous system affecting the Pug’s brain.

On the site, you will find glowing testimonials, health guarantees, and an FAQ section if you want some quick answers to questions. However, we strongly suggest you contact Oliver’s directly if you need to know anything specific about their service.

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Dream Pugs of Jacksonville Florida

Dream Pugs is an excellent Pug breeder with glowing reviews; however, they don’t have a website and operate from their Facebook page. All the details regarding upcoming litters are posted on Facebook.

Contact with Living the Dream Pugs Jacksonville, Florida, is made via the Messenger app on their Facebook profile.

There are plenty of videos where you can see the parent Pugs and their offspring.

The breeder recently attended the Good Dog’s 2021 Health Symposium to ensure she can reach her goal of producing excellent pedigree Pugs for families to adopt.

Dream Pugs of Jacksonville Florida

They have a waiting list for potential puppy buyers, but first, you will need to complete an application form. Puppy parents are chosen based on the information left on the application and in order of completion. There’s no way around this, and you will not be expected to pay any deposits unless you are one of the lucky few chosen by the breeders.

Visiting the Facebook page is well worth it; as mentioned, you get to see several videos and images of Pugs, breeders, and happy puppy owners when they collect their new fur babies.

To find more information go to this Facebook page:

Facebook: Living the Dream Pugs of Jacksonville Florida

Sunshine Pugs

Sunshine Pugs are breeders situated in Central Florida near Daytona Beach/Orlando.

Our puppies sold by Sunshine Pugs are registered with The American Kennel Club (AKC) and have AKC champion bloodlines. The breeders include a lifetime enrollment in the AKC’s Reunite program for lost pets in the purchase price. Every puppy is microchipped before you bring them home and have had their dew claws removed.

The Pug parents have undergone complete genetic testing and have clearance certificates against all known congenital abnormalities.

When you receive your puppy, the breeder will have given the puppies their first round of vaccinations, the first month of flea/tick treatments, and will have been dewormed.

Sunshine Pugs

Puppies will also have a health clearance certificate from the State of Florida and the breeder’s one-year health guarantee document against any Pug genetic diseases.

In addition to breeding and finding the best possible homes for their puppies, they also have a sister breeder called Pine Tree Pugs, and Sunshine Pugs find new homes for their puppies as well. The two breeders are related, and the dogs share the same lineage, so the quality is outstanding. Buying from Pine Tree is an alternative way to obtain a puppy if Sunshine Pugs have none at the time you contact them. Buying from Pine Tree is in no way any reduction in breeding standards or quality of puppies.

Prices for male Pug puppies are $3,200 and females $3,500. Before you purchase a puppy, Sunshine Pugs is more than happy to provide you with the contact details of previous puppy buyers if you feel that’s necessary. However, there are many glowing testimonials on Sunshine Pug’s Facebook page. We’ll add a link to their Facebook page down below.

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Breeder’s Pick Puppies

While we typically prefer to recommend family-owned or hobby breeders to ensure buyers are dealing with legitimate and professional breeders, we have no hesitation in recommending Breeder’s Pick Puppies.

They are located on Colonial Drive Orlando and have been in business for over twenty-five years. Breeder’s Pick puppies are professional dog breeders and trainers and have an enviable reputation in the Orlando area of Florida.

Breeder’s Pick Puppies also offer financing on your new puppy. Sometimes it’s financially convenient to pay for a puppy with cash, and a finance plan can be the difference between getting a puppy or not.

Breeder's Pick Puppies

Breeder’s Pick offers various breeds, including, of course, Pugs. However, they aim to connect the ideal puppy to the best family, especially families that appreciate exceptional breeding and are looking for a well-balanced puppy with an excellent temperament.

This breeder has a very active Facebook page with dozens of pictures of thrilled owners collecting their puppies, plus videos and images of the past and present puppies.

Every puppy leaves with its new owners,  up to date with vaccinations and deworming.  A certified veterinarian examines every puppy before they leave the premises.

If you enjoy reading about dogs in general, check out the Breeder’s Pick Puppies dog blog.

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Florida Pups

Florida Pups are not breeders themselves; instead, they act as intermediaries between reputable breeders and clients searching for puppies. The business is owned by a husband and wife team, Crystal and Joseph Neuman. Florida Pups is located near Sarasota in Florida, US.

As mentioned, Florida Pups is an intermediary, and they find the breeders for prospective puppy buyers. Every breeder that is recommended is USDA certified and inspected. Puppies need to be veterinarian checked and up to date with all relevant shots.

Breeders must prove their breeding stock is health checked and free from congenital diseases and defects. Their breeding facilities should be spotless and available for inspection. The breeders need a minimum of 5 plus years of experience breeding puppies, and all puppies are reared in a home environment.

You can rest assured that Florida Pups do not work with puppy mills or any breeders that mistreat or harm any dog under their care.

For your peace of mind, every puppy bought through Florida Pups has a full warranty which includes a free veterinary health check-up at the Sarasota Veterinarian Center. There is also a one-year extended warranty if a veterinarian diagnoses and certifies the puppy has any congenital disease within one year of purchase.

Should you want to check up further about Florida Pups’ legitimacy, you only need to look at the testimonials page on the website. There are plenty of owners with their new puppies for you to note. What makes this page stand out is the testimonials all contain the contact details of the new puppy buyers.

There are six pages of testimonials going back to 2016.

Puppy buyers can contact breeders before purchase, and prospective buyers can pay a visit if they make an appointment beforehand. If paying a personal visit isn’t convenient, you can always see the puppy that’s attracted your attention on a live webcam.

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Final Thoughts

We are confident that you’ll quickly find the puppy and family companion of your dreams by using our Pug breeders and puppies for sale in Florida guide.  Pugs are undoubtedly one of the friendliest and lovable companions for any family. We wish you all the best in your search for your first or next fur baby.