Jovanka Panic

Jovanka Panic is a writer, translator, veterinarian, humanitarian, and a passionate traveler. After finishing the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, she got a Master's degree at the University of Agriculture and a Certificate in English at the University of Cambridge. She speaks English, Serbian, Russian, and Italian.

She worked as a scientist at Pasteur Institute, a Pathologist Assistant, and a vet at Beo ZOO. Nowadays, she writes for several websites, volunteers at the Food Bank for Abandoned Animals, and takes care of three cats (Clementine, Josephine, and Sophio), kitten Rosalie, and their 'mom' American Stafford Terrier, Malena.

Current events the Food Bank for Abandoned Animals organize include:

  1. The annual event 'Recycle fest' to collect donations for abandoned animals by selling handmade reused products.
  2. Organized food collection for stray dogs and cats in collaboration with local pet shops.
  3. Prevented stray dogs euthanasia in cooperation with local authorities.
  4. Free stray dogs' spaying and neutering in cooperation with local vets.
  5. Decorating and cleaning a local city dog shelter.
  6. Encouraging adoptions within an action 'Don't buy, adopt'.
  7. The weekend walking of shelter dogs.
  8. Making packages with food and toys for shelter dogs for Christmas.
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