Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Have you ever seen a Husky with a young family? I know a few owners, and all of them are older than 20. I have always wondered why there are no children around. What is the problem, and are huskies good with kids?

This friendly breed is kind to everybody, and I see no reason to be different when it comes to the kids. However, be aware that it is not a dog for the first owner inexperienced with pets. You can include it in your family without hesitation only if you have already been a dog parent, and you are aware of how demanding this creature is. Let’s see.

1. Huskies With Your Infant

The Eskimos trust the Husky. You can only imagine how hard it is to raise a baby in severe northern conditions. Believe it or not, these nomadic people use dogs as nannies to warm newborns and take care of them. They put the baby between the animals to provide an environment safe from harsh coldness.

You may find strange such excessive trust in dogs, but I believe that Eskimos know what they are doing better than we, protected in the security offered by the modern world.

Remember that you need to prepare your pet and teach it how to behave around your new baby. Otherwise, it can become jealous, which is not a good idea at all. Gradually make changes in the house before your baby arrives.

That way, your dog won’t associate the changes with the new creature. Start playing less with it at least ten days before labor. So, your dog will accept the new circumstances without negative reactions.

Try to add baby scents throughout the house, including baby powder, shampoos, and lotions. Once the infant comes, it won’t smell strange. However, there are a few issues you should keep in mind before bringing an infant in the household with the Husky.

First of all, give the animal time to get used to the new family member. Avoid leaving them alone at the very beginning to prevent possible accidents. This breed is sizable and can hurt the baby unintentionally while playing. Even though Husky is not a big barker, it tends to howl, which can upset an infant.

2. Huskies With Your Kid

Teach your child how to treat Husky. Thanks to its friendly and gentle nature, this dog is one of the best breeds to get along with children. However, avoid letting the kid under the age of three alone with a pet.

First of all, you should check if your child is allergic to dog hair even though this breed is considered a hypoallergenic. Then, their relationship will depend on the child’s nature. A careless child may provoke a dog’s adverse reaction, so you should show them how to behave with the pet from a young age.

Luckily, Husky is not a territorial animal, so that it won’t be aggressive and intolerant of a newcomer. Its intelligence and appropriate training will make it a real babysitter.

Thanks to its predictable temperament, your Husky won’t switch its moods in the blink of an eye. It is not an aggressive breed but has a high energy level. That means it will try to play with the kid without any sense of one’s own size and weight.

Teach your child to avoid pulling the dog’s ears and tail, riding and poking the dog, running away from it, and pinching its body. On the other hand, the animal will adore playing and hard work out, which made this breed an ideal choice for hyperactive toddlers.

3. Kids And Huskies Sharing Activities

The best and most efficient way to let your kid and the dog get along with each other is to share activities.

For instance, they can go walking and hiking together. Luckily, Husky has a lot of energy, which makes it the perfect match for the child. Take advantage of the summer and let your kid swim and run through the sprinklers with the dog.

Organize joint training for both. That will help your child builds a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Believe it or not, those two can also get involved in crafts. Let your kid decorate the dog’s collar or a food bowl. You can also press the Husky’s paw into clay and encourage the child to paint it.

Always take your kid to a pet-friendly park and encourage games that involve your dog. For example, Fetch and Tug of War and playing frisbee are everyday fun activities for the child and an excellent way for the Husky to burn some energy.

One more thing! The best way to motivate the child to start reading is to read to the dog. Be sure that the Husky will be a patient and dedicated audience. Later, you can encourage your kid to give a speech or perform in front of a dog. That way, it will help your baby overcome shyness and nervousness.

4. Benefits Of Growing Up With A Husky

The childhood spent with a Husky, especially in early ages from 3 to 7, will help your kid in many ways. The dog will encourage the child to develop empathy, self-confidence, and compassion.

Husky with girl

You will notice that your toddler develops an excellent and healthy activity of sharing secrets with the beloved furry friend. They will play for hours, and your kid will get the best life lessons about sharing, responsibility, care, toward others, and keeping health.


Luckily, Husky is an adaptable dog that will quickly accept the new family member. So, if you bring the baby in the house with Husky, you most likely won’t have any problem with its behavior. Try to spend time with your dog, although the baby requires a lot of attention and time.

On the other hand, bringing a dog in the household with a child takes more patience and getting used to the new furry member. In most cases, your child may take time while the Husky will adapt much quicker. Give them time, and they will find a way to develop an incredible friendship.