What To Look For When Buying An English Bulldog?

What To Look For When Buying An English Bulldog?

Do you want to know if you should adopt a Bulldog? And also, you want to know what to look for when buying an English Bulldog? This article will give you all the information you’re going to need to decide if the Bulldog is the best dog for you and your family.

We’ll talk about everything you need to know before you buy an English Bulldog, and of course, what to look for in English Bulldog puppies. There are some obvious questions and some not so obvious you should ask the breeder before buying.

How Much Will An English Bulldog Puppy Cost?

Although how much a puppy will cost shouldn’t be the prime motivator to buy, it’s a consideration for many people. So we’ll start there.

How much will an English Bulldog puppy cost

It’s often shocking to many potential buyers how much an English Bulldog puppy costs. A good quality puppy can cost $2000, and if you’re looking for one with a Champion pedigree line, then the cost can go up to $4000. Generally, expect to pay somewhere in-between for a well-bred puppy from a renowned and respectable breeder.

How To Choose A Good English Bulldog Breeder?

The fees for a new puppy is not all profiteering by the breeder, though. There are expensive testing procedures they must pay for, such as progesterone testing. Stud fees need paying, which are not cheap for champion pedigree sires: C-section deliveries, vaccinations, vet’s fees, puppy health checks, and much more.

When faced with the high cost of buying a new puppy, some think it makes sense to buy a cheaper dog. Typically that’s a bad idea with an English Bulldog puppy. The puppies are a more affordable price for a reason, which is usually slipshod breeding methods. When this happens, the new owner will pay thousands more in vet bills because of ongoing health issues.

How to choose a good English Bulldog breeder

When you’re ready to find a quality Bulldog breeder, head to the BCA (Bulldog Club of America). They have a list of Bulldog breeders they recommend. They have guidelines that breeders must fulfill before they can be on the BCA’s listings. One primary requirement is the health testing of breeding dogs.

It has become easy to buy puppies online, and honestly, it’s a terrible thing to do. Even pet stores are not the place to buy a quality bred puppy. Our advice is, don’t do it. You are perpetuating an industry that thrives on the unhappiness and pain of defenseless animals.

If you see an offer to fly an English Bulldog puppy to your area of the country, refuse to buy. English Bulldogs are brachycephalic (flat-faced), and even if the breeder can find an airline that still allows these dogs on board, the dog might not survive.

English Bulldog Health Issues

All English Bulldogs have health issues, as does every dog breed. Some of the common problems with English Bulldogs are breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, skin allergies, and cherry eye. Even the best quality Bulldogs can suffer from any of these ailments.

But even though the health issues are minor, they will add to the cost of owning a Bulldog. What you need to avoid are any serious underlying health problems. You can avoid them by buying your puppy from a reputable breeder.

English Bulldog health issues

These breeders do everything in their power to produce the best quality and healthiest Bulldog puppies. They care about their dogs and their reputation.

They will offer you a health guarantee. Generally, the breeder allows for the puppy to be seen by your vet. If your vet finds anything serious, the breeder should offer a refund or a replacement puppy, depending on what you both agreed.

A good breeder will always question prospective new parents to make sure they will be suitable for their puppies.

How To Choose An English Bulldog Puppy That’s Right For Me

What Kind of Bulldog puppy do you want? Most breeders you come across will only sell their puppies if they are spayed or neutered when they reach the correct age. You’ll have to sign an agreement with the breeder before you’ll be able to take him home.

How to choose an English Bulldog puppy that's right for me

Generally, breeders are not enthusiastic about the selling dogs for breeding or showing. If they are, expect to pay a lot more money.

What Color Do You Want?

All white is trendy, but they can also be brindle or red. Be aware that black or blue is not part of the Bulldog breed standard.

What About The English Bulldog Puppy?

If you are lucky enough to get a pick of the litter, which should you choose? From our experience, we like puppies that show confidence and curiosity.

Try to contain your enthusiasm and wait for a puppy to notice and pay attention to you. If the puppy’s curiosity gets the better of himself and comes over and investigates, then that’s excellent.

What about the English Bulldog puppy

Many people say they picked an individual puppy because they instantly connected with the puppy they chose. Perhaps it’s true. But always lookout for the one that notices you.

A Few Simple Checks You Can Perform

Eyes and ears: Have a close look at both. The eyes should be clear, and the puppy shouldn’t squint. Cherry eye is a problem with the breed. Make sure the inside of the ears are clean and don’t have an unpleasant smell.

Inside the mouth: Look for an elongated soft palate; if there is, avoid the puppy.

Breathing: Because they are brachycephalic, Bulldogs will always labor a little with their breathing. Make sure this is not excessive in any of the puppies.

Lethargic: A puppy can be sleepy, but when he wakes up, he should be lively. If the puppy seems overly tired and sluggish, he has a problem.

Walking and playing: The puppy should walk correctly, does not appear wobbly on his feet or dizzy. He should be aware of his surroundings.

Puppy nose: Look for Stenotic Nares in the puppy. These are narrow, pinched nostrils that will create significant breathing difficulties later on.


Adopting a puppy is a joyous occasion for all the family. You’re welcoming a new member of your family. But don’t rush in, do your homework correctly and make a wise choice.

We hope this article on what to look for when buying an English Bulldog has given you some guidelines which will help you along the way.