Pomsky Price – How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pomsky?

Pomsky Price – How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pomsky?

How much does it cost to own a Pomsky? We’ll delve into the Pomsky price, but before that let’s talk about the dog. What is a Pomsky? I’m sure if you’re reading this article, you already know. But in case there is the odd reader or two who don’t, a Pomsky is a designer crossbreed of the Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.

There are many designer cross-breeds available today, but without a doubt, the demand for a Pomsky is huge. So as with any supply and demand situation, the price goes up in direct relation to the demand. So expect to pay a sizeable sum to secure your Pomsky.

If you can get one. I say that because along with demand comes the waiting list. I’ve heard potential Pomsky pet parents waiting many months to secure their puppy. It doesn’t hurt their image when they look like tiny huskies.

How Much Does A Pomsky Cost?

If you can get one expect to pay from $1000 to $3000 and even as much as $5000. If they are quite small and have blue eyes expect to pay the higher price for them.

Because they are difficult to find, unless you’re very lucky and live in the same area of the country as a breeder, you will also have to factor in the cost of delivery. If you are thousands of miles away, whether you get them to put your puppy on a plane or the breeder delivers by road, expect to pay a pretty sizable sum.

How much does a Pomsky cost

Another problem with a dog as valuable as a Pomsky is security. If dog thieves know there’s a Pomsky somewhere close by, your puppy could be a target.

You might find cheap Pomskies advertised in some publications or online. I urge you not to consider buying from these people. There’s a whole host of reasons. And I’m sure if you stop to think about it, you’ll see why yourself.

Pomsky Breeders

You can only calculate the full cost of any dog over the lifetime of the dog, whatever the breed you buy. The last thing I expect you want is to add to this cost with massive vet bills, because you chose badly, initially.

Pomsky Breeders

A top-class Pomsky breeder will always perform health and genetic testing on their breeding dogs before breeding. They will raise the subsequent pups indoors with their family to get a head start on the socialization of the pups.

As is the way with breeding puppies, once any breed is selling for a large sum of money and there’s high demand, out of the woodwork come the unscrupulous and greedy breeders, who breed not out of love but just how much money they can make.

What Can Affect The Price Of A Pomsky Puppy?

Puppy Markings

As mentioned earlier, you will pay a premium for Pomsky pups with two blue eyes. Also, any other Husky markings, such as the mask, are highly sought after.

If they are small like the Pomeranian, but with the personality of a Husky, add in the markings and blue eyes of the Husky, and you have a precious and sought after puppy.

Pomsky with blue eyes

As with all the designer breeds where one dog is so much larger than the other, artificial insemination is necessary. With such a large size difference, it will always be the Husky female that carries the pups. Using breeding methods such as these will influence the price.

What Is The Cost To Own A Pomsky?

You might believe that the buying price, plus the cost of transportation if needed, will be most of the cost of owning a Pomsky. I’m afraid you’d be wrong.

The biggest expense to any dog owner is the lifetime cost, as we mentioned earlier.

Bringing the puppy into your home will cost a substantial amount of money. Let’s see, there’s the cost of a crate, safety gates. You don’t want him climbing upstairs only to tumble down them and break a bone. All of his equipment you will need, grooming will be a big factor with a Pomsky, if you don’t groom yourself, then a professional groomer will cost between $40 and $100 each session. Dog bowls, and many toys you’ll need to keep him occupied.

What is the cost to own a Pomsky

The initial vet’s visits. The breeder will have started his vaccinations and should have already micro-chipped him, but there will probably be the second half of his vaccinations.

You will want your vet to give him a thorough check over.

Insurance cover. Some breeders like to offer the first month or two free, but then you need to take out a policy of your own.

1. Dog Food

You can’t skimp on the quality of dog food. Whatever type of food you feed him will cost at least $400 to $500 per year.

If you find out he has allergies, then you might need to pay more for specialized food.

2. Health Of Your Pomsky

I said you will need pet insurance, and that’s perfectly true. But most policies will come with excess and that means for any treatment he might need under $100 to $200 depending on the excess, you will need to cover that yourself.

Insurance will not include ongoing vet check-ups. The cost of any minor accidents might be under your policy excess. Insurance will not cover ongoing shots, neither will spaying/neutering if you’re going to do that.

Pomsky cute puppy

3. Prepare Your Yard For A Pomsky

They will be energetic dogs, based on their heritage, and we well know the Husky for his escape antics, so fencing your yard will need to be a consideration.

4. Dog Sitter And Dog Walker For Your Pomsky

If you need to go to work most days, you might need to use either a dog sitter, dog walker, or both. The same when you go on vacation. Unless you can take him with you, then you will probably opt for a dog sitter rather than put him in kennels.

The Final Word – Adopting A Pomsky

While adopting a Pomsky is a wonderful idea, they might be difficult to find. It’s well worth searching and checking all the shelters in your area, you might be lucky. Breeder’s ads can mislead you if you see one offering their puppies for adoption. They will still be for sale.

Hopefully, we have answered your question: how much does it cost to own a Pomsky?

Here’s a rundown of the average cost of owning a Pomsky:

  • Initial purchase: $1,000 to $3,000 (upper end can be $5,000)
  • Food Bill: Average lifespan of a Pomsky is 14 years (14 x $500) = $7,000
  • Dog Sitter: 3 weeks of vacation each year. Average daily cost $20 ($20 x 21 x 14 years) = $,5880
  • Annual Insurance premium: Average monthly premium $27 ($27 x 12 months x 14 years) = $4,536
  • The initial cost of equipment for a new puppy: (crate, bed, toys, safety gate, yard fencing, etc.) = $1,500
  • The estimated lifetime cost of to own a Pomsky is $21,916

You can now really work out if buying this breed of dog is within your budget.