Irish Wolfhound Mix – 10 Most Popular Irish Wolfhound Mix Dogs

Irish Wolfhound Mix – 10 Most Popular Irish Wolfhound Mix Dogs

Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed in the world but highly gentle, especially with kids. However, you should think about adopting this dog once your child grows up to avoid unpleasant accidents. This giant will get well with other pets after appropriate training and early socialization.

Breeders often crossbreed it with other breed dogs to get pets with superior characteristics improved compared to parents. Let’s see the list of the most popular Irish Wolfhound mix dogs.

Most Popular Irish Wolfhound Mix Dogs:

1. Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

This working dog is an excellent combination of Irish Wolfhound and Black Russian Terrier, sometimes known after a few other names, including:

  • Black Irish
  • Wolf Terrier
  • Black Russian Wolf Terrier

The Red Army has bred it to get a strong, courageous, adaptive, and intelligent dog that tolerates harsh climate conditions well.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

This gentle giant is approximately 25 to 30 inches (63.5 – 76 cm) high and 80 to 150 pounds (36 – 68 kg) heavy. Nowadays, it is a dedicated pet that effortlessly obeys the owner’s commands. However, it requires a confident owner who can keep its independent nature under control. Its hair is long and shaggy, but it is not prone to shedding, making this dog hypoallergenic in most cases. The most common coat color varieties include cream, brindle, red, fawn, gray, and black. Its lifespan is expected to be 6 to 10 years.

2. Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer

The intentional hybrid of Irish Wolfhound and Giant Schnauzer gives a designer dog with high grooming requirements. It is an excellent choice for families with children, but you should think twice before adopting this pet if you have a toddler in the house.

Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer

Expect your powerful new furry friend to be a loyal, energetic, and intelligent guard dog, but keep in mind that it will be territorial with a strong urge to prey drive. Avoid this mix breed if you are a novice since it demands confident owners who can train and handle such a giant dog.

The average mix is approximately 25 to 30 inches (63.5 – 76 cm) high and 75 to 140 pounds (34 – 63.5 kg) heavy. Its coat can be white, cream, gray, silver, blue, red, brindle, or black. You can expect your buddy to live about 10 to 12 years.

3. Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer

The Irish Wolfhound and Miniature Schnauzer combination may sound a bit weird, but it is actually a beautiful, 15 to 25 inches (38 – 63.5 cm) high dog that weighs about 35 to 55 pounds (16 – 25 kg). You can keep this rare dog breed in your apartment since it is not an active creature like other Irish Wolfhound’s mixes.

Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer

Your new buddy will be an affectionate, brave, but never aggressive family dog that adores children. Early socialization is vital, especially if you have more pets, because of its strong hunting instinct. The dog’s appearance can significantly vary because its parents have almost nothing in common. Speckled, grey, charcoal, or black coat is usually shaggy and requires regular grooming. Its lifespan is about 9 to 12 years.

4. Irish Wolfsky (Wusky)

This lovely but a bit stubborn dog is an offspring of Irish Wolfhound and Siberian Husky. It is not rare that a puppy shows destructive tendencies during the first three years of its life. However, regular human interaction will prevent any aggression or fear towards people, even strangers.

Irish Wolfsky (Wusky)

If you socialize and train your dog adequately at a young age, you will get an independent but highly dedicated buddy for approximately 6 to 10 years. Otherwise, your 90 pounds (41 kg) heavy hunter can be dominant or even aggressive toward other pets.

5. Irish Dane

The Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane mix is an affectionate and gentle dog despite its giant height of 32 to 38 inches (81 – 96.5 cm) and weight of 100 to 180 pounds (45 – 81.5 kg). It was bred for the first time in the 1800s when breeders tried to save the Irish Wolfhound.

Irish Dane

This breed is well-known as an intelligent, loyal, and affectionate family dog that gets along well with children. However, you need to socialize it on time if you plan to have other pets at home since it can be quite territorial and possessive.

You won’t have any problems training this dog since it is inclined to listen to commands. It is also a low shedder, so there is no need to excessively grooming its white, cream, brindle, silver, sable, red, gray, brown, or black coat. It has an average life span of about 7 to 10 years.

6. Irish Mastiff

Irish Mastiff is an excellent working dog you can get after combining Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff. On average, it is 30 to 38 inches (76 – 96.5 cm) high in shoulders and can weigh 105 to 180 pounds (47.5 – 81.5 kg).

Irish Mastiff

Its white, tan, silver, gray, red, or black coat can be short or medium-long and fine or rough, depending on inherited genes. This loving and non-aggressive giant-guard is loyal, friendly, gentle with kids, and eager to please its owner. You can expect it to be your family member for approximately 8 to 12 years.

7. Tibetan Wolfhound

When you mix a giant Irish Wolfhound with a bear-like Tibetan Mastiff, you will get an undeniably imposing but rare designer dog weighing 160 to 180 pounds (72.5 – 81.5) and 30 to 33 inches (76 – 84 cm) tall. It is a demanding animal that requires extensive training and can be untrusting toward strangers.

Tibetan Wolfhound

This fearless and independent dog with a dense gray, fawn, or black coat is smart and gentle with its family. On the other hand, inadequately socialized at an early age, this mixed breed becomes a problematic and aggressive adult towards other dogs and even humans.

Most breeders try to get superior characteristics in future pets by crossbreeding this mix with other breed dogs. Unfortunately, there is a high possibility for your giant buddy to suffer from numerous health conditions. Its average lifespan is up to 10 years.

8. Irish Wolfoodle

You will get this dog after breeding Irish Wolfhound and Poodle. The result will be a 24 to 30 inches (61 – 76 cm) high dog that weighs approximately 90 to 120 pounds (41 – 54.5 kg). Be prepared that this is not an aggressive breed despite its size, and your dog will be friendly even with strangers.

Irish Wolfoodle

This intelligent, good-natured, playful, loyal, and friendly giant is an excellent option for singles and families with children and other pets. It won’t shed or bark much and doesn’t require specific maintenance, but you need to train it well to avoid getting stuck with an unruly and undisciplined dog. After adopting this cutie, you will have a dedicated friend for at least 8 to 12 years.

9. Great Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound and Great Pyrenees mix is an impressive dog in every possible sense. It will be approximately 27 to 32 inches (68.5 – 81 cm) high and about 120 to 150 pounds (54.5 – 68 kg) heavy. Its white, gray, brindle, red, or black coat is dense and middle length, and you can expect abundant shedding.

Great Wolfhound

This loyal, curious, and faithful buddy is intelligent and highly protective of his family, especially kids, but a bit territorial toward other canines. Its relationship with other pets largely depends on the more dominant parent’s genes. In this case, early socialization is crucial.

Be aware that your giant pet will never intentionally hurt anyone, including strangers unless they represent an obvious danger to its family. Unfortunately, this breed’s lifespan is relatively short, and you can expect your furry friend to live about 6 to 10 years.

10. German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound

When crossbreeding Irish Wolfhound with German Wirehaired Pointer, you will get a highly energetic, loyal, and affectionate dog. So-called German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound, German Wirehaired Wolfhound, or German Wolfhound is approximately 22 to 30 inches (56 – 76 cm) tall and 80 to 105 pounds (36 – 48 kg) heavy.

German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound

In most cases, this playful, fun, and friendly creature will adore humans, especially kids and other pets’ company. Inappropriately socialized, this lovely creature may not do so well with tiny pets. It is definitely a dog that needs guidance on how to behave.

You can find many variations of this mix breed, depending on inherited genes, including those with a distinctive white, silver, gray, fawn, red, brown, brindle, or black coat. In any case, the hair texture is unique, and it is very thick in winter but much thinner in summer after a long shedding period. This dog’s expected lifespan is approximately 6 to 10 years.


Nowadays, you can find around fifteen different mix-breeds with one Irish Wolfhound parent. Some of them are still rare, and none of them is recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club) because their primary traits are not fully established yet. However, you won’t make a mistake by adopting one of these dedicated and loyal dogs. Pick out a trustworthy breeder and look for a doggy that fits you the best.