How Long Are Bulldogs Pregnant?

How Long Are Bulldogs Pregnant?

There might be two major reasons you’re wondering how long are Bulldogs pregnant for? You might wait for a new puppy, or you’ve just found out your Bulldog is going to be a mommy. Whichever the reason a Bulldog is pregnant for 63 days or about 9 weeks.

All dogs are pregnant for the same amount of time, it’s not just Bulldogs. But, while 63 days is the answer, it doesn’t mean the babies will be born in exactly 63 days.

Why do we say 63 days?

That’s how long gestation (pregnancy) lasts with Bulldogs (in fact, all dogs). But trying to work out the actual moment of conception with a dog isn’t so easy. For example, the sperm can often live for a few days inside a female dog. The female’s eggs can still be fertile for up to 48 hours. So we do not know the exact moment of conception without the help of a veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will help, though. He will take hormone measurements. This will give a much better sign of gestation.

Bulldog Gestation Period

An English Bulldog Gestation period derived from accurate hormone measurements:

  • 56-58 days from the 1st day of diestrus
  • 64-66 days from the first signs of a rise in progesterone
  • 58-72 days after the female allowed the male to mate

A dog pregnancy is not as long as a human one, just over a quarter of the time – 9 weeks. This makes knowing the gestation length even more important. For several reasons. For instance, the health of the mother and her puppies and if the nutrition needs are being met properly.

Bulldog gestation period

For pregnant English Bulldogs, it’s even more vital. Bulldogs are a dog breed that has difficulty giving birth naturally. Mostly an English Bulldog’s berthing is by C-Section.

So knowing when the Bulldog gestation period ends gives an accurate timeframe for when it’s necessary to bring her into the vets to prepare for the birth.

English Bulldog Pregnancy Stages

Because the Bulldog pregnancy stages are short, puppies develop quickly inside the mommy’s womb. From nothing to ready to be born puppies in only 2-3 months.

Each trimester is only about 3 weeks. In the first trimester, it’s very difficult to see any outward signs of pregnancy.

By the 7th day, the embryos travel through the uterine horn and by the 16th day embed into the uterine lining. By the 22nd day, the fetuses begin to take shape. Somewhere around days 28 to 30, the vet will be able to detect the heartbeats using ultrasound scans.

From the second month, fetal development speeds up. By day 32 the fetus has eyelids, by day 35 toes. Claws are in place by day 40 and 5 days later the coat and skeleton appear. By day 50 it’s possible for the vet to determine how many pups she’s carrying by x-raying her tummy.

The mommy will look for a quiet, secluded area after day 58 ready to give birth. Births should occur within the next three to four days.

English Bulldog Labor Signs

The first stage of English Bulldog labor will last from 12 to 24 hours. In this stage, it’s really not possible to see any outward signs of labor. The mommy Bulldog may well be a little distressed, heavily panting, she may even vomit.

The births begin during the second stage. This can last up to 24 hours as well. The mommy Bulldog will birth a puppy every half an hour to an hour. There may be an issue if they are taking over two hours. Of course, it helps that an x-ray was taken previously, so the vet knows when birthing is completely over and all puppies have been born.

Stage three sees the delivery of the placentas.

Typically How Many Puppies Do English Bulldogs Give Birth To?

English Bulldogs rarely have large litters. It’s normal for there to be only three to four puppies. The vet should know in advance how many puppies they expect. That’s not to say it’s an exact science. There have been many occasions when vets have been surprised by one or two extra babies.

How many puppies do English Bulldogs give birth to

How To Tell If Your Bulldog Is Pregnant?

You didn’t plan a pregnancy for your English Bulldog. But she somehow got out of the house while she was in heat. It concerns you she might have come in contact with a male dog.

How Do I Know If She’s Pregnant?

1. Mood Swings

Within a few days of her getting out, you might notice some mood swings. She may become irritable or even more affectionate and clingy. She might try to be alone and avoid contact with you as much as normal.

Signs of Bulldog pregnancy

2. Appetite Can Change

In the early stages, she might lose her appetite. If she’s normally a healthy eater and suddenly doesn’t want any food, then you’ll know something is amiss. Naturally, as her pregnancy develops, she will gain her appetite back and some. But by then you’ll know she’s pregnant.

3. Her Mammary Glands Enlarge

A pregnant English Bulldog’s mammary glands will become enlarged and the nipples will change color. She will also begin milk production.

Some females have what’s known as a phantom, false or pseudo pregnancy. All the usual signs of pregnancy can occur, although she isn’t pregnant. Even milk production can begin sometimes. Most times the symptoms pass and she’s back to normal within 14 to 21 days.

However, if your Bulldog seems ill or there are some behavioral changes that worry you, then she needs to go to the vet. There are a few treatments the vet may give her. Tranquilizers, because she may show signs of anxiety. She may need diuretics to reduce the production of milk or to prevent fluid retention. In very unlikely circumstances, she might need hormone therapy.

Summary – How Long Are Bulldogs Pregnant?

If you plan for your Bulldog to be pregnant and she is, then it’s an auspicious time. Although, you will be concerned and worry about her. Bulldog pregnancy can be hard on a mommy Bulldog.

But there’s nothing more exciting and amazing when she gives birth safely and you see her with her babies. She won’t be the only proud mom in the house.