The 6 Best Breeders of Golden Retriever Puppies in New York State

The 6 Best Breeders of Golden Retriever Puppies in New York State

Are you thinking of adding a Golden Retriever puppy to your family and trying to find a reputable breeder?

If you are, this guide is perfect for you. Continue reading to find the best Golden Retriever breeders and puppies in New York State.

These are the Best Golden Retriever Breeders in New York State:

Nitro Golden Retrievers

Mary R. MacQueen is the founder and owner of Nitro Golden Retrievers, which she established in 1979. The breeders are situated in Little Valley, NY.

Nitro Golden Retrievers produce only top-quality Goldens that are healthy, excellent loving companions for families, have the best conformation, and possess the ideal Golden Retriever temperament. Their dogs have excelled both in the show ring and as working dogs.

However, obtaining a puppy from Nitro Golden Retrievers is not easy because they only have litters twice a year and the waiting list for a puppy is typically six months. These breeders have a terrifically high demand for their puppies. But if you want a top-quality puppy, and you should, then the wait will be worth it for you.

Nitro Golden Retrievers breeder in New York
Image credit: Mary R. MacQueen, Nitro Golden Retrievers

If you want to put your name down on the waiting list, you’ll need to email the owner. One word of advice is to make the email personal and exciting. Explain why you are so keen on a Golden Retriever and why you love these dogs above other breeds.

Include details of your family and your living conditions to show you can cope with a Golden. We give you this advice because Nitro Golden Retrievers get so many emails for puppies they are much more likely to look on your application favorably if you personalize things.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 8368 Maples Rd, Little Valley, NY 14755, United States
  • Email:
  • Website:

Painting Golden Retrievers

Painting Golden Retrievers is owned and run by Elizabeth and Lee Painting, and they are located between Buffalo and Syracuse, NY, about twenty minutes east of Rochester.

They have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over twenty years. Both Lee and Elizabeth are active members of several Golden Retriever clubs in New York State and the Golden Retriever Club of America.

They currently own three breeding females and two males, plus they co-own three other Golden Retrievers, two females and a male.

Potential puppy buyers will first need to complete an extensive application form before the Paintings consider offering them a puppy.

Puppy buyers will also need to agree to specific terms before buying a puppy. For example, they will need to agree to delay neutering male puppies until they reach eighteen months, and if they purchase a female, wait for three months after her first or second season.

Painting Golden Retrievers breeder in New York State
Image credit: Painting Golden Retrievers

The breeders are also against over-vaccinating puppies and dogs and believe it’s one of the causes of Golden Retriever cancers. They prefer to adhere to this routine:

  • Parvo/Distemper/Adenovirus at 8 weeks;
  • Again at 12 weeks and 16 weeks;
  • Rabies: 2-4 weeks from any other immunization;
  • Rabies: 1 year 20 weeks and Titer for Parvo and distemper.

The Paintings have a detailed contract that both parties sign before the puppy goes to their new home. In the agreement are various clauses that are highly essential. For example, guaranteeing puppies are free from genetic disease because of different health clearances for the puppy parents.

There are clauses in the contract the breeders cannot control once a puppy goes to its new home, but they request responsibility from purchasers by putting them in the contract.

There will be limited AKC registration because Goldens are sold as companion dogs, not breeding and showing.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 4941 Walworth-Ontario Rd, Walworth, NY 14568, United States
  • Phone: 315-524-2234
  • Email:
  • Website:

Famn Damily Farm

Melodie Hammond is the owner and founder of Famn Damily Farm. You will find the farm situated in two and a half acres of land in Trumansburg, NY. She began breeding Golden Retrievers with her first female in 2002.

Melodie’s focus is ensuring that the puppies bred at Famn Damily have an excellent, calm temperament and get on well with children and other family pets, especially if you have a cat.

Puppy health is also a crucial part of breeding top-quality Golden Retrievers, and Melodie makes sure all her dogs and puppies are clear for four major health concerns: heart, eyes, hips, and elbows. She also ensures none of her dogs have hot spots or require anal gland draining.

Dogs at the Famn Damily Farm are all family, and they are treated as such; they have the entire run of the home, and they are first and foremost family pets, not just breeding dogs.

Golden Retriever puppies in New York
Image credit: Melodie Hammond, Famn Damily Farm

Melodie breeds her females at the most once a year, and once they have reached an age where she doesn’t want them to produce anymore, the girls are spayed and stay living with the family as pets.

You will need to call Melodie for the current prices and availability of puppies; however, the price you pay includes:

  • AKC puppy registration application;
  • Eight-week puppy shots, worming, and vet check;
  • A thorough veterinary examination from Dr. Richard Orzeck;
  • Copies of the Sire and Dam’s pedigree;
  • Copies of health Certificates (available upon request at time of purchase);
  • Eight-week Health Certifications;
  • Health guarantee.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

Gotta Be Goldens

Gotta Be Golden Retrievers are located in Ontario, NY, near Rochester. Kathy Hearn is the breeder and she specializes in breeding American and Canadian champion Golden Retrievers. She has been a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America since 1999.

Kathy tests both her parent dogs for hips, elbows, eyes (yearly), and hearts via the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals).

Kathy’s Golden Retriever puppies are constantly in high demand, not just because of the health testing regime but also due to the puppy quality and excellent temperaments.

The planned breedings all consider factors such as maintaining the correct breed standard for structure, size and weight, health, conformation, and versatility.

In addition to OFA clearance, sires and dams are annually cleared for any eye diseases by a board-certified ophthalmologist.

Golden Retriever puppy for sale in New York State
Image credit: Kathy Hearn, Gotta Be Goldens

Gotta Be Golden’s breeding program is intentionally selective, where Golden puppies are bred essentially for conformation. Typically Kathy will keep one of every litter for showing herself.

Puppies will come to you with a limited AKC registration (on a spay/neuter and non-showing basis), will have received their first round of vaccinations, and wormed every two weeks. You will also receive a written health guarantee for your puppy.

Puppies will be socialized appropriately from when they are born until you take them home. All puppies are raised in the family home and are naturally exposed to different people, children, and pets.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 5848 Lanson Rd, Ontario, NY 14519, United States
  • Phone: 585-729-7200
  • Email:
  • Website: GottaBeGoldens


Life-with-Goldens are a small hobby breeder located in Western NY and breed Classic and English Cream Golden Retrievers. They have been breeding Goldens for several years.

They raise all puppies in their home; in fact, all of their dogs live in the house. Puppies are exceptionally well socialized, with plenty of people around from all age groups, including children.

The breeders start the puppies on crate training from when they are about five weeks old, once the mother has finished nursing during the night.

The first round of vaccines are given to the puppies at seven weeks and dewormed several times before they go home.

Golden Retriever puppies NY, USA
Image credit: Life-With-Goldens

When you take home your puppy, they will be veterinarian-checked, microchipped, and have a written one-year health guarantee.

You’ll find plenty of pictures of the puppies in their new homes on the website, but the breeders have an active Facebook page if you would like more interaction.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

Golden Beauties

Golden Beauties – Driven To Doodles was officially founded by Stacy Fleming, M.S., CBCC-KA, CBST, ABCDT and is located in Hilton, NY.

She breeds beautiful Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles, so if you can’t make up your mind between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, get the best of both worlds with a Goldendoodle.

Stacy doesn’t just breed these dogs; she is a certified (ABCDT) animal behaviorist. Stacy has been a trainer since 2002, became a behavior consultant in 2004, and began breeding dogs in 2004.

NYS licensed Golden Retriever breeder
Image credit: Stacy Fleming, Golden Beauties

Stacy breeds therapy dogs primarily, and many of her puppies are with families as Emotional Support, Service, and Therapy dogs.

Golden Doodles is a fantastic breeder, all dogs are health tested, and the breeding stock comes from their Golden Doodle’s puppies. They have such a tremendous amount of faith in their breeding stock they offer a six-year health guarantee for all of their puppies.

If you choose a puppy from Golden Doodles, you must sign a spay/neuter contract. All reputable breeders expect this. They are not willing to sell puppies for breeding unless they know the purchasers personally.

Here’s a detailed list of the vaccinations your puppy will receive before they leave Golden Beauties:

  • 2 Boosters of Core Vaccines (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvo, Parainfluenza),
  • Up to 2 Boosters of Lyme, H3N8 and Bordatella;
  • 1 Booster of Leptospirosis and Coronavirus;
  • If your dog remains in Breeder’s hands after nine weeks of age, the breeder will administer other Boosters.

AKC and CKC registered Golden Retrievers cost $1,500 with a deposit of $500 when you want to reserve your puppy. If you are interested in a Goldendoodle, they cost $2,500; they are FI Medium Goldendoodles.

The six-year breeder’s health guarantee is comprehensive and covers several genetic diseases. You can visit the breeder’s website to get a detailed look at the number and names of diseases the health guarantee covers.

Breeder’s Contact Details:


There you have it, our list of the six best Golden Retriever breeders and puppies for sale in New York State. We have every confidence you will find the Golden Retriever companion of your dreams from at least one of the breeders on our guide.

Once you pick up your puppy, you’ll be starting on a magical journey.