The 5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Michigan

The 5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Michigan

This article will be highly valuable if you search for reputable and trustworthy Golden Retriever breeders in Michigan.

Get started on the guide, and we will introduce you to five of the best Golden Retriever breeders because you do not want to visit puppy mills or end up in the hands of a dog breeder whose sole interest is making money.

These are the Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Michigan:

Composer Goldens

Composer Goldens breeds and raises European Cream Golden Retrievers and is located in Niles, Michigan. Composer Goldens is run and owned by the husband and wife team Byrel and Stephanie Mitchell.

The Mitchells aim to breed top-quality Goldens, use classical breeding standards (PennHIP analysis and Mobility and Personality assessment) for the dogs they raise, and incorporate the latest scientific breeding methods to achieve their goals.

A crucial part of maintaining their high breeding standard is using the latest genetic testing available to ensure when you buy a puppy from Composer Goldens, your dog will live a long and happy life.

Composer Goldens breeder in Michigan
Image credit: Composer Goldens

The puppy buying process is straightforward. Names are taken with no deposit until the expected litter is born. Then a $500 deposit secures the applicant a puppy, with the balance due when you pick up your puppy. If a buyer changes their mind at any stage, they can transfer the deposit to another litter.

However, no potential buyer can choose their puppy until eight weeks, but they need to declare their desire for a boy or girl.

Potential parents are welcome to visit the litter from birth until they are eight weeks of age. Once puppies are vaccinated, and health checked, prospective parents, are then able to choose their puppy.

Every puppy is born and raised in the family home. Puppies are held and cuddled by family members at all times to ensure early neurological stimulation. No puppies leave without a detailed health passport, microchipped vaccinated, veterinarian checked, and dewormed.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

Rainershine Goldens

You can find Rainershine Goldens close by Kalamazoo, in Southwest Michigan. This is a small hobby kennel run by Jay and Sherry Rainer.

The dogs and puppies live in the family home; however, the house is a small farm in the country where the dogs get plenty of outdoor exercise, swimming, and exploring the woods in the fresh country air.

Rainershine Goldens breeder in Michigan
Image credit: Rainershine Goldens

The Rainers are another breeder who follows the Rule of Sevens: for puppy socialization. By the time a puppy has reached seven weeks old, it should have:

  • Walked and played on seven different surfaces;
  • Played with seven different objects;
  • Been to seven different locations;
  • Achieved seven challenges;
  • Eaten their meals from seven containers;
  • They have also eaten in seven locations;
  • Played with seven different people, which included children and seniors.

These Golden Retriever breeders have a strict visitation policy. Unless you purchase a puppy, they do not allow strangers to call to look at the puppies. The Rainers are concerned with the health and safety of newborn puppies.

If you have reserved a puppy, you are more than welcome to visit the puppies once they are a few weeks old and their immune system has had a chance to mature somewhat.

The breeders do appreciate it’s a balance between potential buyers being able to determine if they are the correct type of breeder and at the same time ensure the family’s and the puppy’s safety.

The website has many pictures and videos of previous and current litters, plus many references on the website, Google and Facebook.

The Rainer family also does not remove their puppy’s dewclaws. They believe strongly in this and will not remove dewclaws for potential puppy buyers.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

Wynwood Golden Retrievers

Renee Schulte is the owner of Wynwood Golden Retrievers and has been breeding Goldens since 1978; that’s an incredible forty-three years. If you want to choose a breeder that knows more about Golden Retrievers than Renee, we have no idea where you’re going to find them.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes Renee as a Breeder with H.E.A.R.T. Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition. Over the past forty-three years, more than forty Wynwood’s Golden Retrievers have earned their Obedience Trial Championship, with a large proportion being the tournament winners.

In fairness, there are far too many accolades to list in this short review, but if you are interested in a Golden Retriever puppy, we highly recommend you spend some time on their website. We will warn you puppies from Wynwood are always in short supply, and you will need to put your name on a long waiting list.

If adopting the most suitable puppy for your family outweighs the urgency waiting for a Wynwood puppy would be our recommendation.

Wynwood Golden Retrievers, MI, US
Image credit: Wynwood Golden Retrievers

Puppies from Wynwood are always prepared and planned for, and a big part of the preparedness is the attention to the parents’ health and subsequent litter. The breeder tests parents and puppies to ensure they are free from hip, elbow, heart, eye, and NCL5 disease.

Any puppy you buy from Wynwood will be intelligent, mentally well-balanced, and possess the ideal Golden Retriever temperament.

Puppies are home-raised, not in separate whelping kennels; puppies will be well-socialized before you pick them up to go home when they reach eight weeks.

The breeders pay careful attention to the Golden Retriever’s heritage as a “real working dog”. So if you adopt a Wynwood puppy, prepare yourself for an active, athletic, muscular dog more suitable for active, outdoor-loving families; a stroll around your neighborhood will not satisfy the exercise needs of Wynwood Goldens.

However, you will also get a beautiful-looking Golden, with a solid structure of medium size that is a people-pleaser and loving family companion.

The only reason this review is not at the top of the list is the waiting time for potential owners; this can often be a deal-breaker because people tend to want their puppy as soon as possible, and you will likely have over a year to wait for a Wynwood puppy.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: North Street, Michigan 48049 (also called Clyde, MI)
  • Phone: 248-841-5887
  • Email:
  • Website:

Walnut Grove Goldens

Walnut Grove Goldens have been breeding Goldens on their eleven beautiful acres of land in Lenox, Michigan, since 1990.

At Walnut Grove Goldens, the breeding parents are all AKC/UKC registered dogs. They are genetically tested to rule out hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eyes, and hearts to ensure no genetic disease can pass to their puppies.

Diet/nutrition and the correct amount of daily exercise helps to keep the parents in excellent condition, and they also carry an AKC-certified DNA profile.

The breeders carefully and responsibly produce only a limited number of puppies each year to maintain the health of their female Goldens.

If you buy a puppy from Walnut Grove, you will take home a well-socialized, people-pleasing puppy with an excellent temperament. Family members handle the puppies daily, receive development exercises, brushing and have a perfectly safe environment to wander outside and play with their siblings in a specifically fenced-in area.

Allowing the puppies some freedom to play outside also helps them acclimatize to loud noises (farm equipment), thunderstorms, AKC-certified, and even gunshot sounds.

Walnut Grove Goldens puppy in Michigan
Image credit: Walnut Grove Goldens

One beneficial result of allowing the puppies freedom to go outside as and when they wish is by the time the puppy buyers come to take their puppies home, they are house trained in a matter of a few days. This factor is huge because the number of new puppy owners struggling with house training is incredible.

Walnut Grove will schedule regular visits with your new puppy so the dog can become accustomed to your scent and be more relaxed when you take the puppy home.

When puppies are ready to leave for their new homes, Walnut Grove will have given them their first shots, dewormed (several times), removed their dew claws, been microchipped, and have their AKC/UKC registration papers.

Puppies are always health checked by a qualified veterinarian at birth and again at six weeks. When you visit Walnut Grove to collect your puppy, please allow some time with the breeders for them to go over several areas of the puppy’s welfare with you.

The breeders feed the Goldens of Walnut Grove on Large-Breed Formula from Purina Pro Plan or Purina One. When you take home your puppy, as well as the relevant documentation, you’ll also receive a complete “puppy packet” from Purina foods.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 63711 Bates Rd, Lenox, MI 48050
  • Phone: 586-749-5722
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Walnut Grove Goldens

Celtic Pride Goldens

Celtic Pride Goldens is located in Roseville, Michigan, breeding Golden Retrievers for five years. The breeders have a simple goal: to raise confident, secure puppies that are adaptable and will settle into their new homes with the minimum of fuss.

Puppies raised at Celtic Pride receive masses of playtime and are well-socialized with adults and children. The puppies are born and grow in the breeder’s home and have human company every day of their young lives.

By the time you pick up your puppy to go home, you will have a people-friendly, well-balanced and socialized young dog.

Golden Retriever puppies in Michigan
Image credit: Celtic Pride Goldens

There is a puppy application process in force, and you will be asked to fill in the questionnaire before they can accept you on the waiting list. You submit the form, and if Celtic Pride is happy with your application (you’ll receive the response within three days), you will need to pay a deposit at that time. The breeders cannot place you on the waiting list until they receive your deposit.

Celtic Pride has an active Facebook page to see many more pictures of the dogs and people from Celtic Pride Goldens. The Facebook page is also an excellent way to get immediate responses to any questions you might have about buying a puppy from them.

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Rushing into buying a puppy is a mistake many potential puppy parents make. It can be tough to be patient when you want a puppy so badly.

The five Golden Retriever puppy breeders we have listed here for you will not always have puppies available at just the time you want one. But if you can wait, you’ll be assured of a healthy purebred, and well-socialized Golden puppy.

This guide for Golden Retriever breeders in Michigan will provide you with the best puppies.