The 5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

The 5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Golden Retriever breeders in Texas, so you can find your perfect puppy in your area.

1. Creed Goldens

What we like about Creed Goldens is they begin the entire process in the best way possible.

Everyone must fill in the application form so Creed Goldens can get to know a potential buyer; what’s more, they only sell puppies to families they feel are a good fit for one of their dogs.

Creed Goldens will contact the chosen few before the puppies are due and asked them to pay a deposit to reserve a puppy; however, it doesn’t convey a right to choose any particular puppy. The breeders make the match between family and puppy based on which dog is best for which family.

This way of picking a puppy will not “suit” everyone because it leaves all control in the breeder’s hands. But we believe this is easily the best way for a breeder to match up a family to the best puppy.

In addition to this Creed Goldens are a small family-run business capable of providing every puppy with personal attention and the ideal socialization, which is a crucial and often ignored step in the puppy’s life.

The Creed family are huge exponents of Early Neurological Stimulation exercises, which they administer from day three to day sixteen after the puppy is born. Studies show these exercises will help your new puppy improve heart health, stress levels, and disease resistance.

All puppies will have AKC (American Kennel Club) registration.

Creed Goldens Golden Retriever breeder in Texas
Image credit: Creed Goldens

Another excellent point in favor of Creed Goldens is they do not ship puppies. You can pick up the puppy personally, or the Creeds offer personal delivery if you live too far away.

Should you fly to Texas to collect your puppy, you must show evidence the puppy will be flying back in the cabin with you and not in the aircraft’s hold.

There are many inspiring testimonials from previous puppy buyers on the Creed Goldens website.

We think you can see why we have put Creed Goldens as the first choice on our list.

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2. Southern Goldens

Southern Goldens breeders also take a rigorous line with prospective puppy owners. Anyone interested in buying a Golden Retriever puppy must fill in an online application form and sign a contract. Acceptable candidates will need to send in a $500 deposit to secure a puppy from the next available litter.

Southern Goldens are purebred Europeans (British type) and are typically heavier and more robust than American Goldens. Southern Goldens also have a considerably lighter coloring, more cream than golden. If you’re looking for a deep golden-colored retriever, these will probably not be suitable, but they are stunning dogs.

All Southern Goldens puppies are AKC registered and are from European championship bloodlines. If you wish to breed or show your dog when old enough, you must notify the breeders of those intentions.

Southern Goldens breeder in TX, USA
Image credit: Southern Goldens

If you’re fortunate to be chosen for a new puppy, the breeders will send you images and videos to see firsthand their progress. At six weeks old, you’ll receive individual pictures and videos so you can make your selection.

The strict order of application will get the first choice of available puppies. At this stage, you will pay 50% of the remaining balance.

You make the final payment when the day arrives for you to collect your new puppy.

Southern Goldens have a total of six females they breed from and one male stud. It’s possible to view the AKC pedigree for each and also the genetic health certificate for each dog.

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3. Farley Goldens

As they say on their website, “The Farley Difference.” The Farleys are not traditional dog breeders; they don’t just breed dogs for a living. Dogs are family, and they treat their dogs as a family; they don’t sell their females once they have finished breeding.

The Farleys don’t have many litters, so there will always be a waiting list for the puppies, and they prefer potential owners to live close enough to enable at least a couple of visits while the puppies are growing.

Puppies born here are given plenty of positive encouragement and loads of love; the Farleys follow Puppy Culture and Avidog for ENS and socialization to build trust and confidence in the pups; two fantastic programs for breeders to set puppies on the best path.

Farley Goldens breeder puppies in Denton, Texas
Image credit: Farley Goldens

Farley’s puppies are born in the family home (the master bedroom) and stay in the house for the whole time. They grow up and around the entire family, so they get masses of love and attention.

The Farley family handpicks potential owners via an extensive application form. If you are one of the lucky few chosen, you need to send a $500 deposit, with the balance being due once the puppy reaches seven weeks old.

However, the family does not take deposits until after you have met the puppies. Remember, you can visit and interact with your puppy during this period; in fact, it’s highly encouraged you do so.

Puppies are generally priced in the $3200-$3500 range.

The Farleys do not sell their puppies for breeding purposes; they are for loving family companions; they also do not believe in shipping puppies; new owners must personally collect their puppies.

All breeding females go through specific OB care, progesterone testing, sonograms, and X-rays to ensure the health of the mom and puppies. Once born, the puppies are health checked by the same veterinary practice.

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4. Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

You can find Goldenwind Golden Retrievers approximately three hours from Austin and four hours from Houston, and they have been breeding Golden Retriever puppies since 1997.

We like several things about these breeders, which is why we are recommending them. First, they have a whole page on their website where they discuss, at length, all the hard work that goes into rearing a Golden Retriever, from puppy to adult and beyond.

They don’t pull any punches here. If we didn’t know better, we would say they are trying to talk potential owners out of getting a Golden puppy rather than trying to sell them. We think this is great.

The breeders also have a whole section titled “What to look for in reputable Golden Retriever breeders.” This is invaluable information for potential puppy buyers and is just as relevant whatever breed of puppy you want. What makes it even more insightful is it’s coming from professional breeders themselves, and who knows more about this subject?

A breeder isn’t going to write an entire section of the website about breeder’s ethics unless they follow the code; Goldenwind is a member of the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) and uses the GRCA Code of Ethics for breeding.

Goldenwind Golden Retrievers breeder in Allen, Texas
Image credit: Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

Our third reason for recommending Goldenwind Golden Retrievers is because they go into complete detail, listing all the questions you want answers to when choosing a dog breeder.

It covers every bit of information regarding the breeders themselves, what health clearances are necessary, and is honest and above board when they talk about possible genetic health conditions in Golden Retrievers.

As you would expect from such fastidious breeders as these, the puppy application process is quite rigorous and in-depth.

They also have strict rules about who they sell to; for example, you cannot live more than five hours driving time away. Puppies are never shipped (no exceptions). Puppies come with AKC registration and spay/neuter contracts (puppy owners cannot breed these dogs).

These are just a few; however, as we mentioned, the process is rigorous, and they have designed it to weed out owners they don’t wish to see own one of their puppies.

Goldenwinds price puppies at $3,200 plus applicable taxes.

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5. ElkCreek Golden Retrievers

A lady named Teresa McKenna is the owner of ElkCreek Golden Retrievers, and she is one of the American Kennel Club’s breeders of merit. She is also a member of the OFA (Canine Health Information Center) who health tests parent dogs to ensure the puppies inherit no genetic conditions.

Teresa’s puppies and dogs are a massive part of their family, even to the point of scheduling vacations around the dog, which probably means the family doesn’t get much vacation time. Because they are so dedicated to their dogs, they fully expect any potential owners to be the same.

ElkCreek is also Avidog breeders, which means they educate themselves on current scientific studies about rearing dogs. The fundamental aim of this system is to ensure puppies receive appropriate stimulation for their neurological development, helping puppies to mature into mentally stable and healthy dogs.

ElkCreek Golden Retrievers in TX, USA
Image credit: ElkCreek Golden Retrievers

As we mentioned, Teresa is a member of the OFA, and all sires and dams she owns have the requisite OFA clearances for eyes, hips, heart, and elbows. What’s just as crucial is the clearances go back several generations of her dogs.

Teresa is exceptionally strict with her application process, and of all the application processes we have looked at, hers is the most in-depth. She has a clear picture in her mind of the ideal pet parents she demands for her puppies.

Teresa has a very active Facebook page for her business, and it’s an excellent way to get acquainted with her and her dogs. Recently, in September,  one of her males, Bode, just received his championship.

She wants in-depth answers to many questions, for example, “What kind of vacations do you take?”, “Are you willing to follow limited vacation schedules”, “What are your thoughts on titer testing?”, “Where will the puppy/dog be sleeping?”.

As we said, she is thorough, and we should also point out she mentions these questions are not general in nature; they are “deal-breakers.”

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Needless to say, there are many more Golden Retriever breeders in Texas, and we have chosen five of the best for you.

The puppies supplied by these breeders will range from $3000 to $3500, so they aren’t cheap, but, frankly, you will be getting superior quality puppies.

Unfortunately, many people make a mistake by choosing the wrong breeder, either rushing or looking for a lower price. Sadly, they will end up paying significantly more in vet bills throughout the dog’s life if the dog lives for any length of time.

We urge you to choose only from the best Golden Retrievers in Texas and bring home a wonderful puppy.