The 7 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Colorado

The 7 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Colorado

Finding the best Golden Retriever breeders in Colorado is no easy task. Not because they are few and far between, but the exact opposite.

Many websites offer Golden Retriever puppies for sale; however, how do you choose the best one for your next or first Golden Retriever family companion? Read on and discover the Golden Retriever breeders we recommend.

These are the Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Colorado:

Ludwig Colorado Goldens

Located in Elizabeth, CO is Ludwig Colorado Goldens breeders of high-quality AKC registered Light American, Hybrid, and English Cream Golden Retrievers.

You can count on Ludwig Colorado Golden Retrievers to offer you a puppy that is both healthy and gorgeous. Vaccinations and dewormings are in the price of all puppies, AKC registered, and vet checked. Your dog will also be microchipped by their veterinarian (upon the purchaser’s request only).

The breeders begin basic training for your pup to come when called, especially if you name them after you select your choice from the litter!

Golden Retriever puppies in Colorado
Image credit: Ludwig Colorado Goldens

A big question mark against most breeders is they don’t allow visits or in-person selection of puppies (only by photo or video). Still, Ludwig promotes visits and believes it is essential for you and your new family member to get to know each other!

The breeder’s goal is to make your decision-making as straightforward as possible. According to the buyer’s and the puppies’ special requirements, some steps can be negotiable. The steps referred to concern the purchase steps laid out very clearly in its section on the website. Ludwig Goldens welcomes and encourages any inquiries, and comments are always appreciated.

The breeders prefer the initial contact via text message or email for questions; they are more than happy to follow up with a phone call later.

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KL Golden Retrievers

KL Golden Retrievers is located on a ranch in the rolling countryside in Eaton, Colorado and the owners established the KL in 2017.

All of their dogs are bred with healthy, gentle temperaments and calm genes. The breeders constantly search for the absolute best dog products and practices. They are confident in their goal to help you find the perfect Golden for your family.

KL Golden Retriever breeder in Colorado
Image credit: KL Golden Retrievers

Bringing a Golden Retriever into homes in America is a popular choice among dog lovers all over. Parents and children alike benefit from their companionship at home! These Goldens may be an excellent addition to your immediate family, as well as your extended family and friends; however, like all dogs, you need to socialize and offer basic training.

There are three steps to purchasing a puppy from KL Goldens:

  • All prospective puppy buyers must fill out the puppy questionnaire and send it in for the breeder’s approval if you want to reserve a puppy from the next available litter! The form’s purpose is for the breeders to learn more about the buyers and what they want and expect in a dog.
  • They should familiarize themselves with the breeder’s puppy contract and deposit agreement before they participate in buying their puppy.
  • Once they are happy with all the details, buyers need to send a $500 deposit. When the breeders receive the deposit, they fill out the deposit contract and transmit it to the buyer via DocuSign.

The cost of a KL Golden Retriever puppy is $3,500 and includes:

  • Deworming
  • Removal of dewclaws
  • six-week vaccinations
  • A bag of puppy food
  • AKC registration papers (limited registration/no breeding)
  • Thirty days of AKC health insurance
  • A thorough health examination performed by the KL vet

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Country Pearls Goldens

Country Pearls Goldens is a small, professional family breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers in Holyoke, Colorado.

Country Pearls aspires to produce one to two top-quality litters per year. They live on a farm with numerous farm animals and their three children. They raise their Golden Retriever puppies on their farm, where they expose the dogs to plenty of farm sounds, sights, and smells of nature, as well as being socialized by the family’s children.

Country Pearls Golden Retriever breeder in CO, USA
Image credit: Country Pearls Goldens

The puppy culture program ensures a healthy start for all their puppies. They love their dogs dearly and never consider raising or keeping them in a kennel.

It’s no different with the puppies. The family treats every puppy as though they are their dogs until each puppy goes to a new family of their own.

Before they go with their new families, the breeders try to know as much as possible about the people purchasing their Golden Retriever puppies.

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Golden Girls Kennels

Golden Girls Kennels is located in Eastern Colorado, and their commitment is to breeding the healthiest possible Golden Retriever puppies.

The breeders offer an extensive range of White Golden (Pale), English Cream, Platinum Blond, American Blond, and Red colors.

This Golden Retriever breeder recognizes the problems with buying puppies over the internet; however, the practice is becoming more prevalent. To alleviate the risk to buyers and sellers, they can answer any questions prospective buyers wish to ask. Of course, the buyers are more than welcome to visit the farm anytime through the buying process.

Golden Girls Kennels breeder in Colorado
Image credit: Golden Girls Kennels

Golden Girls are proud that they raise only mild-mannered Goldens with fabulous personalities. If you’re searching for healthy, energetic, intelligent, child-friendly, and yet affordable Golden Retrievers, then you are considering one of the best breeders in Colorado state.

All the puppies are hand-raised and given exacting care and attention until they go to their forever homes. Puppies are exceptionally well-socialized by the constant attention of the large family of five children, extended family, and visitors to the 10-acre farm.

All adult dogs on the farm are tested for eyes, heart, hip and elbows, thyroid and patellar luxation, and eleven gene DNA tests. These health tests ensure that any puppy you purchase will be free from any inherited diseases.

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Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch

Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch is located to the southeast of Denver outside Franktown. As highly responsible Golden Retrievers breeders, they are committed to developing healthy, well-balanced, and socialized puppies.

All foundation adults in their breeding program have been tested and determined to be healthy and free of inherited conditions. They believe they are the best Colorado Golden Retriever breeders in the state.

Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Colorado
Image credit: Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch

The breeders strive to produce puppies not only beautiful and intelligent but athletic and temperamentally sound. To achieve this, they start with foundation bitches and sires that have bred healthy dogs for several generations.

Their dogs have been health cleared going back several generations in many cases. Colorado’s Finest raises their dogs to be friendly and pleasant, making them excellent family companions, service, and therapy dogs with excellent conformation. The breeders ensure you will not find a better, more intelligent, and friendly fur companion.

Contact the breeder via email or phone for a no-commitment talk about available puppies or any questions you might have regarding their puppies and adult dogs.

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Crystal Glen Kennel

Since 1976 Crystal Glen has been producing exceptional quality Golden Retrievers. Sue, Willi, and Lucy have put 45 years of dog history and no talent shortage into turning Crystal Glen into one of the most renowned Golden Retriever Kennels in the Rocky Mountain region.

They have amassed over forty American and Canadian Champions and many more obedience trials winners titles, including agility champions. Their Goldens are suitable for life-long companions and will compete in both the show and performance ring.

Crystal Glen Golden Retriever breeder in Colorado
Image credit: Crystal Glen Kennel

There will always be a waiting list for Crystal Glen Goldens because the breeders produce only one to three litters per year. But in all honesty dogs of this quality are well worth the wait. The breeders develop all their puppies’ minds, temperaments, and strength in the first eight weeks of the pup’s life.

All prospective owners are carefully screened to ensure that puppies go to only the very best homes. Many puppy buyers are return customers, and some owners have bought as many as six pups over the years.

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Good Gracious Goldens

Lone Oak Goldens and GGGOLDENS have joined forces better to serve the growing market for top-notch Golden Retriever puppies.

The two families breed English Cream Golden Retriever puppies from only champion heritages. Puppies are AKC recognized and are never kenneled by these two breeders.

girl holding a Golden Retriever puppy
Image credit: Good Gracious Goldens

Even though their puppies are born and raised in Firestone, Colorado, just 30 miles north of Denver, families have adopted them all across the United States. Your family could be the next one lucky enough to purchase a puppy from these exceptional breeders.

The breeders are proud to specialize in raising top-quality, fantastic, and well-mannered puppies for sale from their family to yours.

Their pups have International Champion bloodlines, OFA certificates, Pennhips, and AKC registrations because they believe in producing only the very best quality puppies possible.

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Armed with our guide to the best Golden Retriever breeders in Colorado, we’re confident you will find the puppy of your dreams. All the above breeders are exceptional breeders that put the welfare of their dogs and puppies first at all times. We wish you the best of luck finding the Golden Retriever puppy you desire.