Corgi Pug Mix – Cute Tiny Toy Dog With A Stubborn Temperament

Corgi Pug Mix – Cute Tiny Toy Dog With A Stubborn Temperament

If you were thinking about combining two dog breeds to make a new designer dog breed, I’m not sure the Corgi Pug mix would be at the top of your list. At first glance, they seem poles apart and so opposite in appearance; it makes you wonder how a Porgi would turn out.

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised; the resulting Porgi is a super cute dog with a pretty fantastic personality. Crossbreeding any dog leaves the result up in the air a little; you’re never 100% certain of what you’re going to get. But breeders are banking on puppies that inherit the best traits from both parent dogs.

The Corgi Pug mix is a relatively new addition to the booming number of designer dog breeds. Still, both Pugs and Corgis have a significant history, so combining them should make for the Corgi Pug mix to be an exceptionally noteworthy dog. Corgis are fast becoming one-half of quite a few designer dog breeds, so breeders must see something special in the Corgi.

Let’s discuss the Corgi Pug mix in more detail, and you’ll take away from this article all the information you need.

Corgi Pug Mix At A Glance

  • Personality: very affectionate, loyal, happy-go-lucky, playful, wary of strangers.
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 14 years.
  • Weight: 18 to 30 pounds.
  • Size: 10 to 13 inches tall.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are strong-willed dogs and highly intelligent; they always look for where the action is; constantly curious and active, small dogs with giant personalities. Corgis can be prone to destructive behavior if they have too much time on their hands alone or they don’t receive as much exercise as they should.

They need to be part of a family and included in everything going on; they aren’t happy living outdoors. If you have small pets in the house, when you bring a Corgi puppy home, they’ll get on well together. There might be a few issues with small children because of the Corgi’s herding instincts because they’ll try to nip at the children’s heels in a bid to control the children.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis do shed all year and need brushing down each week to control the hair fall, but in shedding season, you’ll have to up the number of times you brush your Corgi if you want to keep your furnishings free of hair. Corgis are not high maintenance and relatively easy to care for. They do like to eat, and you should take care not to overfeed them; being overweight can put too much strain on their longer than average backs.

Pembroke Corgis are from the Pembrokeshire area of Wales. It’s thought the dog may have been brought to Wales by Flemish weavers in the 10th Century. Corgis were working dogs used as local farm dogs, especially for herding cattle. It’s generally believed they were exceptional at this task because of their low stature and speed. Back then, if a dog owner docked his dog’s tail, he avoided paying taxes because it was a working dog, which is why Pembroke Welsh Corgis typically have docked tails.


Pugs have a long and illustrious history and can trace their heritage back as far as 206 B.C. during the Han dynasty; there is some talk from historians the Pug is related to the Tibetan Mastiff. But whether they are connected or not, the Pug was a revered dog for the Chinese Emperors and lived in luxury (not much different for most Pugs today).

The Chinese appear to like short-nose dogs because they bred three types, the Lion dog, Pekingese, and the Pug. By the 1500s to 1600s, trade opened up with China, and Dutch traders brought Pugs back home with them and gave them the name Mopshond. Pugs became favorites of European royalty and were taken to England in 1688 by William of Orange, who later became the King of England.


Famous women in history loved the Pug, including Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte. By the 1800s, there were two lines of Pugs in England; one was the Morrison line and the other founded by Lord and Lady Willoughby d’Eresby.

The Chinese still bred their own Pug lines, and when the British took possession of the Imperial Palace, they found many Pugs. Specifically, two of those Pugs once back in England had an offspring called Click. He was bred into the Morrison and Willoughby lines and might be responsible for creating the modern-day Pugs. Pugs didn’t get to America until after the Civil War but were registered with the AKC in 1885.

Corgi Pug Mix Traits

A crossbreed/designer dog’s premise is to produce dogs that combine the best traits of the parent dogs, appearance, personality, temperament, and health. I think breeders have managed this exceptionally well with the Corgi Pug mix as far as the physical appearance. The character and health will depend on the breeders, the environment pups grow in and around, and the quality of training and socialization the puppies receive.

Corgi Pug Mix Appearance

The appearance of the Corgi Pug mix will depend on which features the puppies inherit. For example, the puppies may inherit the short, flat face of the Pug parent; the long back and short legs of the Corgi. They might have a head and face that resembles a mix between the two parents where the muzzle isn’t as long as the Corgi but isn’t flat like the pugs. Pugs have many teeth for such a small mouth in a flat face, and while the Porgi’s muzzle may be longer, you can still expect some uneven teeth because of overcrowding.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi size and look

The Porgi still retains the more enormous eyes of a Pug, but not quite as bulging. Corgi ears are erect, whereas Pugs are floppy, so that you could expect a combination of half-erect with the top half of the ear folding over. The mix will probably inherit the Pug’s short curly tail but with more hair. The coat can be short and smooth or medium length and denser.

Pug size and look

There can be several coat colors depending more on the Pug’s color, but expect to see:

  • Fawn
  • Black
  • Sable
  • Brown
  • Red

If the Corgi parent had some white, then you might see some of that color on the puppies.

Corgi Pug Mix Temperament

The Corgi Pug mix has all the makings of a fantastic, loving, and extremely loyal dog, but they need the best training and socialization to get them there. Corgis are intelligent, happy dogs, but they have a stubborn streak and are independent thinkers. Pugs demand attention at every turn; if you don’t give it to them, they sulk. Pugs are not overly active, but they love life and enjoy being the clown and showing off. Corgis are working dogs, and they need activity and exercise.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi temperament

So in many ways, the two parent dogs are opposites, except they both want and give plenty of love. One thing both parent dogs dislike is being left alone; they both have separation anxiety issues. So it’s a fair assumption your Corgi Pug mix will have similar problems; families outside the house for most of the day should choose a different breed of dog. With the Corgi half of the mix being a herding dog, a Porgi can inherit some of those traits, especially towards young children.

While it’s excellent the dog feels protective, they might treat young children as one of their flock and attempt to herd them by nipping at the back of their legs, in much the same way they do to cattle. Obedience training and socialization can correct this issue, but Porgis are probably best suited to homes with children a little older. While a Pug likes everybody, Corgis are a lot more cautious around strangers and are not as trusting. But, once again, socialization will correct this issue.

Corgi Pug Mix Grooming

Both Pugs and Corgis shed profusely, so expect the same from your Porgi. You will probably need to brush the dog every day, to get on top of the hair loss.

Pug grooming

Corgis don’t tend to give off too much of a doggy odor, but Pugs can be very smelly, especially around the facial creases, if you don’t manage them regularly. Depending on just what features the puppy inherits will determine the pong factor. For example, if the Corgi Pug mix puppy has a Pug’s flat face, he will whiff the same as a Pug without proper cleaning in that area. The wrinkles can harbor some severe bacteria if you don’t clean them properly.

You will need to bathe your Porgi regularly as well, probably about once a month. I mentioned earlier the overcrowded teeth; this can create a bad case of halitosis or bad breath. Your Porgi’s teeth will need almost daily brushing to keep that under control.

Final Thoughts – Corgi Pug Mix

If you think the Corgi Pug mix will suit you, then you could be choosing a fantastic dog; the mix does tend to look unusual. Both parent dogs have some wonderful character traits, and if your puppy inherits the Pug’s clown-like attitude and the Corgi’s happy, outgoing and lively personality, then you’re in for a whale of a time. You will need to ensure you train and socialize these puppies exceptionally well to get the best out of them.