Akita Pit Bull Mix – Amazing Protective Dog For An Experienced Owner

Akita Pit Bull Mix – Amazing Protective Dog For An Experienced Owner

The Akita Pit Bull Mix is a designer dog or crossbreed between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Akita. If you’re looking for an intelligent, loyal and mid-sized family dog, the Akita Pit Bull mix should be one to consider. As designer dog breeds become ever more popular, breeders open the door to cross-breeding numerous purebred dogs. The Akita Pit or Pit Akita, as they are also known, is a relatively recent addition to the designer dog ranks.

The Akita Pit is a pretty adaptable dog and is quite at home in an apartment or bigger house; however, you’ll need to take extra care of his exercise needs if you’re going to have him live with you in an apartment. If your idea of the ideal dog looks adorable and will love and protect you and your family, then the Akita Pit Bull mix might be the one.

Akita Pit Bull Mix

Both these two dog breeds have a controversial history. In their past lives, they have been bred for fighting. This history has given the Akita and the Pit Bull a reputation for being dangerous, aggressive dogs towards children, adults, and other dogs.

But if you speak to owners of an Akita or a Pit Bull, they will tell you there aren’t any friendlier, more loving, and sweeter dogs and this reputation is entirely unfair. With the proper training and socialization, the Akita and Pit Bull are no different than any other breed.

1. Akita Pit Bull Mix Quick Look

Personality: Loyal, protective, affectionate, trainable, stubborn, and kid-friendly

Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years

Size & Weight:

  • Height: 16 to 23 inches
  • Weight: 30 to 70 pounds


  • Coats: Usually short, light shedding all year, easy to groom
  • Coat Colors: Cream, light brown, black, blue, and brindle; sometimes, they have a coat of mixed colors

2. Akita Pit Bull Mix Parent Breeds

To fully appreciate everything you can about the mixed dog you’re looking to adopt, you should learn as much about the parent breeds as possible.

Pit Bull History

In this article, we’re only discussing the American Pit Bull Terrier, but the term Pit Bull covers a range of dogs from what is known as bully dogs. It seems that people are divided over how they feel about Pit Bulls; they either love them or irrationally hate them. If you hear or read about Pit Bull owners talking about their dogs, they will always claim how loving, affectionate, and sweet-natured their dog is with the whole family, kids included. But those that dislike the breed talk about the dog’s history as a fighting dog bred to fight and kill other dogs and before that to torment and kill bulls and bears.

Pit Bull history

Since those days, the Pit Bull has still been abused and mistreated and turned into an aggressive dog. Pit Bulls are powerful dogs, but most dogs will turn aggressive if mistreated and abused. Pit Bulls love to please their owners and respond well to training. If Pit Bull owners use masses of praise and the dog’s favorite treats, it’s impressive just how much a Pit Bull is willing to learn.

Akita History

The Akita dog originates from Japan over three hundred years ago. The dog’s owners bred the Akita to hunt large animals such as bears, wild boars, and deer. The Japanese had a name for the dog before it became the Akita; they were known as “snow country dogs,” probably because they came from the snowy regions of Akita and Odate. To help the Akita walk on snow, they have webbed feet. Akitas are happiest when the weather gets colder and especially when it snows. There is a national monument to the Akita in Japan because the dog is revered there. Akitas wouldn’t be a good choice for first-time owners; they are powerful dogs weighing over one hundred pounds and take some handling.

Japanese Akita Inu history

They also have a mind of their own, and training needs to begin early, be consistent and continuous. While Akitas are incredibly affectionate dogs with their owners, they can be very aloof with strangers, and socialization is crucial to help them understand that not everyone is a threat. Owning an Akita is particularly challenging and time-consuming; with all the obedience and socialization training and exercise demands, owners need to be totally dedicated to giving the Akita what he needs.

3. Akita Pit Size And Look

With any crossbreed or designer dog, what you get will depend on which genes and parent dog the puppies inherit from. There’s no standard size for the Akita Pit Bull mix mainly because the AKC does not recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier, and therefore there’s no breed standard for size. Pit Bulls vary in size, and this has a knockdown effect on puppies from any mix where the Pit Bull is involved. The only way to gauge an approximate size is from both parent dogs and not Pit Bulls as a whole. Typically you would expect an Akita Pit to be between 16 to 23 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 70 pounds, a pretty wide size range.

Japanese Akita Inu size and look

You will see several different coat colors as well with the Akita Pit. Pit Bulls and Akitas come in a variety of colors, and that will influence the puppies to a large extent. The most common colors you’ll see are cream, light brown, black, blue, and brindle; sometimes, they have a coat of mixed colors.

The Akita has a double coat, the undercoat being very thick and dense with a short topcoat. At the same time, the Pit Bull has a short sleek coat. Depending on what the puppy inherits, you could have an easy time with grooming, or it could be a lot more challenging.

4. Akita Pit Bull Mix Temperament

Because both the Pit Bull and Akita have a reputation for aggressive behavior (we’re not commenting on whether it’s deserved or not), the Akita Pit should begin socialization at a very early age. All dogs need socializing, not just the Akita Pit because it will help them become less anxious or nervous around strange people, sights, sounds, and other animals. Anxiety and fear in any dog can lead to an aggressive response.

American Pit Bull Terrier temperament

However, in the hands of an experienced dog owner, the Akita Pit will make a wonderful family dog; he is loyal and highly protective. These dogs are very intelligent, independent and can sometimes be stubborn, which makes training a challenge. This is why the Akita Pit needs an experienced owner who knows how to take control, is calm and patient, but committed and consistent. Training along with socialization needs to commence when the dog is very young.

5. Akita Pit Bull Mix With Children & Other Pets

Akita Pits are incredibly affectionate dogs; they will become attached to the whole family, including the children. They are mid-sized but pretty powerful dogs, so young children can easily be bowled over when the dog is excited. Also, you can teach older children how to handle dominant dogs, whereas young children cannot, so we would say families with older children do better with the Akita Pit.

If you bring an Akita Pit home where there are already other small pets established, such as a cat, then you might be okay, but you always run the risk of small animals triggering the Akita Pit’s prey drive.

6. Akita Pit Bull Mix Health

Typically crossbreeds tend to be healthier, and the Akita Pit Bull mix overall is a healthy dog breed with not many inherited diseases. It helps when the dog’s parents are from different breeds, so there isn’t any inbreeding. There’s also the factor of “hybrid vigor” or heterosis, where studies claim that crossbreeding creates biological fitness with traits such as disease resistance and longer lifespans.

Pit Bull health

There are a few conditions that still might crop up with your Akita Pit down the road, including:

  • Seizures (idiopathic or epileptic)
  • Heart disease
  • Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma cancers
  • Akitas are prone to PRA progressive renal atrophy and microphthalmia
  • Hip dysplasia, which can affect many dog breeds

Summary – Is The Akita Pit Bull Mix A Good Choice For You?

While we have highlighted the positives in the Akita Pit Bull mix, the dog isn’t for everyone.

An Akita Pit Bull Mix might be the right dog for you:

  • Are an experienced handler and previous owner of powerful and strong-willed dogs.
  • Appreciate what causes dogs to become aggressive and give your Akita Pit the time and attention he needs.
  • You are well versed in the technique of positive training for dogs.
  • You require a family protector capable of recognizing threats to your family and property.
  • You are in need of a dog that develops strong ties to your family.

An Akita Pit Bull Mix is not the best dog choice for you:

  • Are you an inexperienced dog owner or a first-time owner?
  • You have small animals already, such as cats or birds.
  • You have small children in your family.
  • You are out of the house for long periods during the day and will leave your dog alone.
  • You will not be able to give the time and energy necessary for a dog such as the Akita Pit.
  • You would be unable to provide the necessary obedience and socialization commitment for the dog.
  • Live in an area of the country or state that has a ban enforced