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Beagle Husky Mix

Beagle Husky Mix – Cute Dog With Adorable Blue Eyes

This article will introduce you to the Beaski, a crossbreed or designer dog of Beagle Husky Mix origins. Initially, the two dogs don’t appear to have much in common, except they are both working dogs. But surprisingly, they are more compatible than...

Pug Husky Mix

Do You Want A “Hug” Dog – Adopt A Pug Husky Mix

The Pug Husky mix is a designer dog or crossbreed of the Siberian Husky and a Pug; you would expect an affectionate, lovable and loyal dog with a name like Hug, and you won’t be disappointed. But is the Pug Husky mix the best dog for you and...

Agouti Husky

Agouti Husky – Husky That Looks Like A Wolf

The Agouti Husky has a very different hair color from the rest of the Husky family. Have you heard of the Agouti Husky? Curious to discover as much as you can about this amazing dog? That’s excellent because we’ll discuss everything you...