Do You Want A “Hug” Dog – Adopt A Pug Husky Mix

Do You Want A “Hug” Dog – Adopt A Pug Husky Mix

The Pug Husky mix is a designer dog or crossbreed of the Siberian Husky and a Pug; you would expect an affectionate, lovable and loyal dog with a name like Hug, and you won’t be disappointed. But is the Pug Husky mix the best dog for you and your family? Individually the Pug and the Siberian Husky are immensely popular dogs in their own right, so it would follow that the Hug will be one of the most popular mixed breeds.

Let’s find out as much as we can about the Pug Husky mix, and then you’ll know for sure if this designer breed is the one to choose.

Designer Dogs

What are designer dogs? A designer dog is more a marketing term than a way to describe a crossbreed of two purebred dogs. However, these kinds of mixed breeds are proving to be popular worldwide and particularly in America.

There is some evidence that crossing mixed breeds like this can produce healthier puppies, and it’s all down to a process called “hybrid vigor.” There is a considerable amount of “inbreeding” with purebred dogs giving rise to serious health issues. Not all breeders “inbreed” with their dogs, but there’s more than enough of the practice to harm the health of some purebred dogs severely.

Crossing the Pug and Husky will undoubtedly help the Hug be healthier than his Pug parent, even if it’s only down to not having such a flat face and so many wrinkles. It might take away some of the traits that make a Pug so popular, but without that flat face, overcrowded teeth, and the bacteria that can collect in those wrinkles, a Hug will be healthier, for sure.

Everything You Need To Know About The Pug Husky Mix:

1. Pug And Siberian Husky History

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are ancient dogs developed thousands of years ago by the Chuckchi natives of Siberia for sled-pulling and companion dogs. A fur trader called William Goosak took them to Alaska during the gold rush to pull sleds there. Huskies are renowned escape artists, employing whatever means possible to escape; Huskies have been known to dig, under, jump over and chew their way through fences.

Siberian Husky history

Because of their long history of companionship to the Chukchi, they are an excellent dog for families with children, although these days, a lot will depend on the quality of the breed line and breeders. As you would expect from his heritage, Huskies are highly agile and athletic and love the outdoors. If you’re a jogger or serious runner, a Husky will make you a willing partner. You’ll need to keep him on a leash though, they have a high prey drive, and if something interesting catches his eye, he’ll be gone in a flash.

Huskies need masses of exercise and work that employs their brain; when this dog doesn’t get enough physical or mental activity, they can become exceptionally bored, and destructive behavior follows. Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs weighing between 45 to 60 (males) and 35 to 50 pounds (females); they can reach heights up to 24 inches; their life expectancy is between 12 to 14 years. According to the American Kennel Club these days, the Husky is primarily a family pet and is ranked number 14 from 197 most popular dogs.


Pugs are also an ancient breed; however, they have a much more illustrious history. Pugs were the favorites of Chinese emperors, and it’s said no one else was allowed to keep Pugs unless they were given a Pug as a gift. During the 1500s, when trade with China began, Dutch traders who were bestowed a Pug took them back to Holland, where they became equally revered. The Pug became a favorite to the royal House of Orange, and when William of Orange became King of England, he took his Pugs with him. The Dutch still love pugs; however, they are known there as Mophonds.

Pugs can be a contradiction because sometimes they appear calm and even dignified, then they spoil that image by clowning around. But they are pleasant and friendly little dogs. They are not watchdogs because Pugs love everybody they meet, but they will warn you when a stranger comes calling with a strangled half bark half snort, and he’ll then proceed to fuss over the visitor.

Pug history

Even though they’re only small in stature, they are pretty robust little dogs and can stand up to children. Pugs are a low-maintenance dog, except for the breed’s health issues, but they can tend to overeat, so you’ll need to keep a careful eye on how much you feed your Pug. Because of their flat face, Pugs do snore and sound like they have a terrible job breathing. Their eyes bulge, and that can easily lead to eye injuries.

Pugs shed a lot, and you’ll need to brush him every day to keep the hair loss under control. The many facial wrinkles need a lot of attention; they collect dirt and debris, and if you don’t clean thoroughly two to three times each week can become infected, and even if they aren’t infected can smell badly.

Pugs are toy dogs weighing between 14 to 18 pounds; they can reach heights up to 13 inches; their life expectancy is between 13 to 15 years. According to the American Kennel Club, these days is ranked number 14 from 197 most popular dogs.

2. What Will The Husky Pug Mix Look Like?

The Hug dog can inherit the traits from both parents or primarily from one parent; there’s just no telling what will happen. As you can imagine, it’s challenging to estimate the puppies’ height and weight because of the difference in size between a Pug and a Husky. They can be anywhere between 10 and 24 inches tall and 14 to 60 pounds. If you’re thinking about a Hug dog, it’s best to prepare for the bigger dog and accept the situation if your puppy only reaches half the maximum size.

Siberian Husky size and look

The Pug Husky mix can inherit the flat face of a Pug or the longer muzzle of the Husky; then again, he might be a mixture of both. They can have short, smooth coats similar to the Pug or a moderately long coat; there are numerous colors and markings. Even some wrinkles are possible, however probably not as deep and numerous as the Pug. Tails are curled over like the Pug; then again, a Hug might have a longer and straighter tail. Some Hugs have those startling blue eyes of the Husky, but that’s pretty rare, and I would guess the breeder would demand a higher price for those puppies.

While it’s not always possible to see the pups before you place a deposit, especially for in-demand puppies, if you can, you should; with such diverse possibilities with Hug dogs, you need a good idea of what you’re getting.

3. Pug Husky Mix Training

Both the Pug and Husky are intelligent dogs; while not in the same league as a Border Collie, they aren’t behind the door when it comes to smarts; there’s no doubt the Hug will inherit this intelligence from his parents.

Siberian Husky training

Both the Husky and Pug are stubborn when it comes to many things, and training can be one; if they aren’t in the mood, you’ll have your work cut out to motivate them. Luckily both respond well to treats and lots of praise. These traits are definitely passed on to the Hug, so a more experienced owner will do better with this dog.

All dogs do better in life with early socialization and training; the Hug is no exception. If you want a well-mannered relaxed, and friendly dog, it’s essential to get them into obedience training and socialization as young as possible.

4. Pug Husky Mix Exercise Needs

It’s difficult to imagine a designer dog breed with two opposites for parents; size, appearance, and energy levels; they don’t come much differently from the Husky and a Pug.

Pug exercising

For a small flat-faced dog, the Pug is surprisingly energetic and enjoys a good run around, although he tires pretty quickly, and he shouldn’t overdo it, especially in hot weather. Having said that, a Pug doesn’t even come close to the exercise levels of a Husky. You need to consider upwards of ninety minutes of vigorous exercise every day for Huskies. They also need bags of mental stimulation thrown in for good measure.

How much exercise your Hug will need depends on his size. If he’s small, like a Pug, then naturally, not too much exercise is necessary. However, if he takes after his Husky half, you’ll probably be looking at least an hour, if not more, every day.

Final Thoughts – Pug Husky Mix

In many ways, this is a good crossbreed of the Pug Husky mix. At first glance, it seems strange to mix such different dogs, but the more you think about the parent breeds, the more you realize it could work exceptionally well.

Both parents are loving, affectionate family dogs. Neither dog is a guard dog and is not overly protective, making them friendly to almost everyone. If you have a family with kids, the Pug Husky mix could well be a fantastic choice.

You will need to spend some time training and socializing when the Hug dog is young, but that’s undoubtedly worth all the time and effort.