Husky Chihuahua Mix – A Match Made In Heaven?

Husky Chihuahua Mix – A Match Made In Heaven?

The Husky Chihuahua mix might come as a surprise to you. Or then again, maybe not. These designer breeds are fast becoming a popular choice for pet parents. But to mix such a tiny Chihuahua with the medium to large Husky, is that even possible? If it is, would you like to know more about the Husky Chihuahua mix?

It will not be a natural pairing, that’s impossible. The female Husky must be the one to give birth. It’s all made by the advancement of science in vitro fertilization (IVF). Let’s dive in and discover if this is a good idea.

The Husky Chihuahua Mix Origens?


The Chihuahua is a tiny breed one of the smallest dogs in the world. They weigh 6-7lbs when fully grown. What they don’t have in size, they compensate with their tremendous personality.


They are proud, intelligent, fiercely loyal, diminutive, yes, but not in courage, which they have by the bucket load. Some owners might even say they are a little bit too cocky for their own good.

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The Husky

Siberian Huskies are a naturally friendly dog, intelligent, playful with bags of energy. They need a tremendous amount of exercise. They have to run; they were born and bred to run. If you are going to be a Husky parent, then you had better be a fitness addict.

They do have a high-level prey drive. They will run after and kill small creatures, given the opportunity. If you let them loose in your yard, you better have high strong fencing, because they love to escape. They love to dig, howl, and can be very destructive when bored or left alone for long periods.

Siberian Husky with blue eyes

Even though they have high intelligence, they are difficult to train. They use their intelligence to their advantage to get what they want. I wouldn’t say they are a dog suitable for the first-time owner.

So that’s a brief rundown on the personalities of both the Husky and the Chihuahua. But what are breeders hoping for when they match them up?

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Husky Chihuahua Mix – What Do Breeders And Potential Owners Expect From This Clever Cross

I think it’s fair to say the AKC will not be rushing to recognize this mix, and many professional breeders will be happy to hear it.

Why are there designer breeds at all? And why are some breeders against it?

You probably have your views on the matter, either for or against. In some quarters they state mixing breeds can improve the health of the dogs. By mixing two breeds, it can “breed out” many of the congenital diseases that afflict both breeds.

Yet, the pedigree dog breeders claim that each breed has its distinct health and temperament, so it’s easier for potential dog owners to know what kind of dog they are buying.

Both arguments are convincing and yet, that’s not the full story. Money and vanity both are important factors, not being taken into account in either of those points of view.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Fun Facts

What’s a good name for the mix? Well, so far the two most popular names are Huskychi or Huskyhuahua. Which do you prefer? Huskyhuahua is a bit of a mouthful if I’m being honest.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Temperament

I think this is why mixing dog breeds are so intriguing. Yes, how the puppies will look is important, but you get to see that a few weeks after they are born.

The temperament is different. This will not be so obvious. What you get might be down to a great deal of luck.

Husky Chihuahua Mix puppy

Both these breeds have forceful personalities in their own rights. The Husky is a big, powerful, and boisterous dog. As I mentioned I don’t believe they are a suitable pick for any first-time pet parent. They need socializing and training from a very early age.

The Chihuahua is feisty, bossy, and doesn’t recognize his small size. Put all these personality traits into one dog and boy, have you got a mix of trouble and hard work.

Yes, you will get a dog with an amazing personality, throw in what might be some outstanding looks, and you will have one heck of a dog on your hands. But, being honest, I wouldn’t want to be the one having to work with this puppy.