How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs? – Dog Flea Treatment At Home

How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs? – Dog Flea Treatment At Home

Fleas are one of the crucial problems dog parents are exposed to. These menaces will irritate your pet, cause excessive scratching, and consequent skin infection. Therefore, you should know how to prevent fleas on dogs and keep them safe and healthy. The question is whether it is possible to do it without using harsh chemical agents. Let’s see.

Dog Flea Treatment At Home

Since the flea problem exists throughout the year, your best option is to talk to your vet before deciding what type of flea prevention to use.

Homemade Remedies To Treat Dog Fleas

1. Essential Oils

One of the crucial and highly pleasant ways to get rid of fleas is applying essential oils, including:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sweet almond
  • Geranium
  • Citronella
  • Peppermint
  • Common myrrh
  • Rosemary
  • Tea tree
  • Bay laurel
Essential oils to treat dog fleas

Dilute a few drops of these natural repellents in water and spray the solution onto the dog’s coat. Never drop essential oil directly to the fur since some of them can be toxic when applied undiluted.

2. Neem Oil

Mix it with olive or grapeseed oil in a 1:10 ratio and apply it directly to the dog’s fur. Another option is to mix it with dog-friendly shampoo and wash your pet.

Neem oil to treat dog fleas

3. Rosemary Tea

Make a tea of fresh rosemary leaves, strain it, and pour into lukewarm water. Spray the mixture over the dog’s fur and let it air dry.

Rosemary tea to treat dog fleas

4. Coconut Oil Rub

Rubbing coconut oil directly over the dog’s fur will make it shiny, repel fleas, and reduce body odor.

Coconut oil to treat dog fleas

5. Vinegar And Salt

Apple cider vinegar naturally balances a skin pH level while repelling fleas simultaneously. Dilute it in water in a 2:1 ratio, add a pinch of sea salt, and spray this mix directly onto the dog’s fur.

6. Garlic

Some dog owners believe that dusting their pet’s coat with garlic powder a few times before flea season can prevent these creatures from appearing.

Bath Your Dog To Prevent Fleas

You can use a flea treatment shampoo or create a DIY bath. Basically, any shampoo that produces bubbles kills fleas and prevents infestation.

Bath your dog to prevent fleas

1. Lemon Bath

After preparing a bath of fresh lemon juice, pet-friendly soap, and water, wash your dog. That will help it to get rid of fleas and smell fresh.

2. Organic Soaps

Washing your dog with organic soaps containing peppermint or rose will result in great smelling, flea-free dog.


1. Homemade Flea Collar For Your Dog

You can make a DIY, chemical-free collar of a bandanna soaked in the desired essential oil. Place it around the dog’s neck. The best options are rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, and thyme oil.

Homemade flea collar for your dog

But keep in mind that essential oils can cause allergies. Therefore, make sure your pet is not allergic to the oil you choose.

Another option is to soak a dog collar in unflavored vodka.

2. Store-Bought

Most commercial flea collars are excellent in both flea prevention and treating an infestation within eight months. Unfortunately, they may cause an allergy or even poisoning.

Dog with flea collar

Combs And Sachets

1. Flea Comb

Use a flea comb to check if your pet has fleas and remove existing ones. Dip the comb in a cup of soapy water or fresh lemon juice for an even better effect.

Flea comb

2. Flea Sachet

Make a flea sachet of breathable fabric and fill it with lemon peel, cedar chips, or dried lavender. Keep it near the dog’s sleeping area, and it will repel fleas for approximately a month.

Medications Against Dog Fleas

Ask your vet for medications efficient in preventing flea infestations. Some medicated powders will protect your pet for a week, while those in a pill form provide monthly protection. Be aware that some dogs may have an individual intolerance to these medications.

Medications against dog fleas

Food And Drink

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

By adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the drinking water, you will keep fleas away from your dog and make its coat shiny.

2. Brewer Yeast

Adding a half teaspoon of brewer yeast to the dog’s food will improve its overall health and efficiently repel fleas.

House Treatment

There are a few excellent ways to keep fleas far away from your home and your pets. The first step is to clean and vacuum your home regularly. Please pay particular attention to the dog’s sleeping and playing areas, as well as its toys.

House treatment to prevent dog fleas

Don’t forget to wash your dog’s pillows, blankets, beds, towels, and mats from time to time in the washing machine and dry them in the tumble dryer. In the end, use any of the recommended methods to prevent these awful creatures from reaching your house.

1. Baking Soda Or Salt

Sprinkle baking soda or salt onto the carpet to dehydrate possibly existing flea eggs. Let it sit overnight, and then sweep it with a broom.

2. Lemon Spray

It is an excellent method of flea prevention and treatment. Boil lemon slices in water, let it cool overnight, and spray soft furnishing and carpet in the morning.

3. Rosemary Powder

Make rosemary powder, add peppermint, fennel, or wormwood, and sprinkle it throughout your home. It is one of the best ways to prevent flea infestation.

4. Diatomaceous Earth

It is a fine powder obtained from the microscopic algae remains. Sprinkle it on the carpet, pet beds, and furniture cushions, and vacuum it thoroughly after 48 hours to prevent flea occurrence.

5. Steam Cleaning

Washing carpets and soft furnishing this way will prevent flea infestation and kill existing fleas and their eggs without siding effects on your pet health.

Steam cleaning to prevent dog fleas

6. Carpet Spray

Buy any carpet spray in your local store and apply it over your carpets to prevent fleas from settling.

7. Fog The House

Foggers designed for flea infestations control are an aggressive solution. However, their effect lasts for approximately seven months.

Backyard Treatment

It is vital to keep fleas away from your yard if you want to keep your home safe. Regularly trim trees and shrubs, mow grass, and destroy weed to reduce space for fleas to hide and reproduce.

Avoid overwatering since fleas prefer damp areas. Make or plant thick fence to discourage wildlife and feral from coming inside and bringing fleas. Plus, you can use any of the repellents I will list for you, including:

1. Essential Oils

Make a spray of your preferred essential oil and spray outdoor areas. The best options are:

  • Lemongrass with sesame
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove with cedarwood

2. Worms

Add nematodes Steinerma Carpocapsea in your yard since they feed on fleas.

3. Flea Repelling Plants

Some plants are natural flea repellents, including:

  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Penny Royal
  • Chrysanthemums
Lavender flea repelling plants

Planting any of them will keep your yard flea-free.

4. Cedar Chips

Spreading fragrant cedar chips around the house and your backyard will prevent fleas from entering since they hate this smell.


It doesn’t matter which prevention method you use. It is crucial to keep fleas away from your home and help your dog stay healthy. Be persistent, and your efforts will pay off in the end.