How Often Should I Bathe My Chihuahua?

How Often Should I Bathe My Chihuahua?

It can be quite funny to see Chihuahua running around after having a bath. Such behavior, well-known as the ‘zoomies,’ is the dog’s reaction to the stress caused by unwanted contact with water. Therefore, you should ask yourself – how often should I bathe my Chihuahua to avoid anxiety and trauma.

Even though most Chihuahuas tolerate such an activity, you can rarely meet the one that enjoys it. So, be rational and bath your furry friend only when it is necessary. Experts recommend washing this breed once in one to three months, or more often after rolling in the dirt. If your dog hates this activity, try to replace it with regular brushing whenever possible.

When to Bath Chihuahua?

Whether you own a long-coated or smooth Chihuahua, regular bathing is crucial. It will remove the natural body oils accumulated on the skin surface that may block skin pores and cause the occurrence of an unpleasant odor. On the other hand, please don’t overdo it to avoid dehydration of sensitive skin.

1. Regular Bathing

Most owners don’t want to bath their pets so often unless there is a recommended medical need for such a procedure. Your goal is to keep your furry friend clean and odorless, not remove necessary natural oils, and make the dog’s skin too dry after excessive bathing.

Chihuahua bathing

How often should Chihuahuas be bathed will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The dog’s outdoor activity.
  • The type of shampoo you use.
  • Whether you have a dog with a long or smooth coat.
  • The pollution level in your region.
  • How dedicated your Chihuahua is in cleaning itself.

In most cases, bathing this small creature every two months will be enough to keep it clean without negative consequences.

2. Bathing to Kill Fleas

Unlike most dogs, Chihuahuas usually have a problem with cat fleas. The best way to get rid of these menaces is bathing. Take care to apply shampoo around the dog’s neck first to prevent the fleas from reaching the eyes while attempting to avoid the water.

Always pick out neem oil shampoo since the Neem tree is a natural insecticide. Apply it, let it sit ten minutes, and then brush the wet coat with a nit comb to get rid of all the eggs. How often should you bathe a dog with fleas will depend on the infestation level and procedure efficiency.

3. Bathing After Flea Treatment

Avoid over-bathing your pet if you use spot-on flea treatment. Plus, never wash it within a week of applying to allow the agent to work adequately.

4. Do Chihuahuas Like Getting Washed?

One of the primary questions every owner needs to know about is – Do Chihuahuas like water? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this dilemma.

Some don’t mind bathing, while others consider washing as torture and can’t wait to have the procedure complete. It’s up to you to be gentle and make bathing fun. Only that way, you can animate the dog that hates baths to tolerate it.

5. Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Chihuahuas


Always keep in mind to pick out the right option depending on whether you breed long-haired or short-haired Chihuahua. While their bathing habits are similar, the smooth-coat dog will be happy with occasional brushing. On the other hand, long-haired Chihuahuas require more frequent care.

The best shampoos and conditioners for Chihuahuas

The best Chihuahua shampoo is the one specifically made for dogs with a pH level of 4.5 to 5, but you can use the baby shampoo, as well. It’s up to your dog’s skin and fur what options will work the best. Therefore, you should choose the powder, medicated, or organic hypoallergenic dog shampoo if your furry friend is too sensitive.

When deciding to be decadent, you can choose natural dog shampoo with lavender, mint, peppermint, or eucalyptus. In any case, make sure that shampoo is gentle and won’t irritate the dog’s eyes.


Whatever Chihuahua shampoo you use, it is essential to pick out a high-quality conditioner, especially if your dog is long-haired. Adding it will help de-tangle a long coat and seal the hair cuticle.

6. How Long to Wash Chihuahua?

Since this breed requires regular washing, it is crucial to learn how to bathe a Chihuahua. There is no precise time frame for this activity, but keep in mind that you need enough time to rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Otherwise, it will dry onto the skin and cause irritation and itching.

7. Preparation for Bathing

Always brush the fur thoroughly before Chihuahua bathing to get rid of old hair and debris. Prepare the shampoo, conditioner, bowl, washcloth, rubber bath mat, cotton balls, towel, and mineral oil. Don’t forget some treats and a toy to relax the dog.

8. Bathing Chihuahua

Fill the bathtub or sink with warm water, and put your dog into it. Be sure that it is not too deep to allow the animal to stand safely. Avoid excessively cold water since Chihuahuas don’t tolerate low temperatures well. However, too hot water is not a good option either since it can hurt your dog and dry its skin.

Never use too much shampoo. In most cases, you will need only a few drops to clean the fur appropriately. Keep the dog’s face and ears out of the water and never wash them. In the end, rinse its body thoroughly and dry the fur with a big fluffy towel.

If your Chihuahua is long-haired, you may need a hairdryer to finish the procedure. Then, brush the coat. Even though all the process looks quite tedious, it actually won’t take long. Never forget to offer your furry friend a treat and a lot of petting to turn a boring and irritating activity into a shared entertainment.


Regular bathing is a necessary procedure for Chihuahuas. That way, you will remove debris, loose hair, dander, and excessive skin oils and minimize human allergy to pet hair.

Even though it is enough to repeat bathing every two to three months, don’t hesitate to wash your dog more often if needed. Be gentle and turn the Chihuahua bath to a fun activity for both your baby and you.