How Long Is A Chihuahua Pregnant For?

How Long Is A Chihuahua Pregnant For?

If you have a Chihuahua that made it out of the house when she was in heat and met up with a male dog, you might have the jitters about a possible pregnancy. In which case, you’ll want to know how long is a Chihuahua pregnant for?

The usual length of your Chihuahua’s pregnancy is between 58 – 68 days. This article will discuss the Chihuahua pregnancy stages and the essential facts you need to know.

You might have heard that pregnancy can be a difficult time for female Chihuahuas. Most Chihuahua births are by C-section, which in itself isn’t something you need to worry over. It’s a standard procedure these days.

Essential Facts About Chihuahua Pregnancy

A female Chihuahua can be pregnant during her first heat cycle. Toy dog breeds can conceive when they are very young, between four to seven months old.

Most reputable breeders will not breed a Chihuahua as young as this, though. They would wait for at least the second heat cycle, some even up to the third.

Even if a tie isn’t successful, the female can still be pregnant. Owners not wanting a pregnant female Chihuahua separate the two dogs before a tie; it’s still no guarantee the female will not be pregnant.

A Chihuahua can become pregnant by more than one dog. Female dogs can produce more than one ova in a heat cycle, and they remain in the womb for a few days.

A male can fertilize one egg, and a day or two later, another male fertilizes a second egg. The common term for this is a multi-sired litter.

Essential facts about Chihuahua pregnancy

Chihuahuas have been made pregnant by large dogs. One of the reasons why Chihuahua owners freak out when there is an unplanned pregnancy-it’s challenging to know who the father is. Of course, it’s hazardous for a Chihuahua female to become pregnant by a large dog.

The female herself might try to escape to look for a male. So take great care when she’s on heat.

Males will also come calling. A female Chihuahua on heat will deposit minute amounts of blood in urine, which a male dog can smell. Before you let your dog out or take her for a walk, make sure no male is lurking around.

There are not many puppies in a Chihuahua litter. The average number of puppies in a Chihuahua litter is three. In the first litter, there may only ever be one or two puppies.

There have been cases where a female Chihuahua has given birth to many more; a Chihuahua mommy gave birth to eleven puppies in one litter. She’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Signs Of A Chihuahua Pregnancy

If you suspect your Chihuahua did meet up with a male and she might be pregnant, then you’ll need to know the signs of pregnancy.

Signs of a Chihuahua pregnancy
  • Her energy levels will change; she will not be as spry or energetic as usual.
  • She will lose her appetite, at least at the beginning. She may even vomit for no reason.
  • You will notice her stomach enlarging. It’s a little surprising when this happens so quickly.
  • Your Chihuahua’s tummy will become stiff.
  • Her mammary glands will grow, and her nipples enlarge.
  • Your girl will become more fastidious about her cleanliness.

Chihuahua Gestation Period

  • Within 15 days, you’ll notice some swelling of the stomach.
  • By day 30, her stomach will be very swollen.
  • Between day 45 and 48, your vet will x-ray your Chihuahua to establish the number of puppies she’s carrying.
  • Labor usually begins between days 60 and 65. Sixty-three days is the average Chihuahua pregnancy length.

Chihuahua Pregnancy Stages

Chihuahuas are pregnant for three trimesters, each one around 21 days. And there are four stages of pregnancy.

Chihuahua pregnancy stages

1. Proestrus: this is the stage where we acknowledge the dog is in heat. This stage will last for around nine days. But sometimes, it can be as longs as 27 days. During this time is when males begin to take an interest. She will not be interested, though. There will be a discharge mixed with some blood.

2. Estrus: now, the female is receptive to a male. This stage is generally nine days but can be from four days to 24 days. During this period, the female is fertile.

3. Diestrus: will last for around two months. The female’s estrogen levels are low, but progesterone will peak within weeks of diestrus beginning.

4. Anestrus: this stage will be for around four months; it can be for longer in some dog breeds. This stage prepares the dog’s uterus for the next pregnancy.

Chihuahua Pregnancy Week By Week

Week 1

Your Chihuahua won’t be showing any outward physical signs, but she might vomit a few times. She will also be a little less energetic.

Week 2

Still, no physical signs; it’s too early. Your Chihuahua might even have picked up her energy levels a little. Don’t feed her any extra food at this stage; it’s not necessary.

Week 3

The embryos are now safely in the lining of the uterus. Exercise your Chihuahua, as usual, don’t feed her extra food. She might start to show an increase in her appetite.

Week 4

Now is the time for a visit to your vet for official confirmation of your Chihuahua’s pregnancy. The vet may guesstimate the number in the litter.

Now the real business of pregnancy begins. No more rough play, but still keep the exercise going.

Week 5

At this point, the embryo now becomes a fetus, and the organs begin to grow. The weight of the fetus snowballs now.

Your Chihuahua may begin to eat more. Increase her calorie intake. But not dramatically. She will start to gain some weight.

Week 6

The fetus now begins to look like a dog. Claws appear, and the fetus continues growing. You will need to adjust your Chihuahuas’s diet by giving her more protein. But follow the advice of your vet. He will advise how your Chihuahua’s diet needs changing.

Week 7

Hair will now start to appear, and the fetuses will look like tiny Chihuahuas. Your vet will want to check for parasites, worms, etc. They will inhibit the growth of the fetus if left unchecked.

Look for the ideal place for your Chihuahua to whelp. She will also be using the same site for a few weeks after the puppies are born.

Week 8

Your vet may decide to give your Chihuahua an x-ray to determine the number of puppies. You will likely see the puppies moving in the mother’s womb.

Week 9

This week is the final week of her pregnancy, and your Chihuahua mommy is ready to give birth.


Now you have read how long a Chihuahua is pregnant for, if you have any further questions, please get in touch. If your Chihuahua is pregnant or you’re hoping she will become pregnant, then best of luck to her and her puppies.