Do Chihuahuas Love Their Owners? How Do They Show Their Love?

Do Chihuahuas Love Their Owners? How Do They Show Their Love?

Do Chihuahuas love their owners? Is it owners plural or just owner? Because generally, Chihuahuas bond with only one person.

That’s not to say they don’t tolerate everyone else in the family, because they will. But with a Chihuahua, you always get the feeling when they are with someone else; he’s just filling in time until he can get back in the arms of his one true love.

Do Chihuahuas, or any dog for that matter, see love the same way we humans do, or is it a form of obsession? Because if a human behaved the way Chihuahuas do, it would definitely be a form of obsessive behavior.

For example, Chihuahuas are companion dogs; that much is obvious, but following their owner wherever she goes, sitting together on the couch, in bed together, following to the toilet, draped around the owner’s neck, and the examples could go on.

Still, I think you know what I am trying to say.

Many dog breeds also exhibit this type of behavior, for example, the Shih Tzu. But to reiterate, the Chihuahua usually only behaves like this to one person.

So yes, Chihuahuas do love their owners, with a passion.

Chihuahua Behavior

Chihuahuas are the epitome of the portable dog. They are small, of course, weighing up to 6lbs and growing to roughly eight or nine inches. In fact, breeders now produce what they like to term ‘Teacup’ Chihuahuas, making them even smaller to fit in an owner’s pocket or purse. By the way, Teacup Chihuahuas are not a separate breed.

Chihuahua behavior

Breeding them as tiny as this makes them even more desirable as a pet. Because, frankly, the dog is more like a fashion item than a loving dog. All of this is to the detriment of the dog, in my opinion.

A Chihuahua, however small, is still a living, breathing dog with doggy tendencies. As a breed, they are curious, have teeth, and bite; they can be brave and sometimes too brave for their own good. Almost everyone has seen pictures of Chihuahuas backing up dogs ten times their size, and they are frequently far more confident than they should be.

Why Do Chihuahua Owners Encourage Inappropriate Behavior?

Chihuahuas rightly or wrongly have a reputation for being nasty, aggressive, and yappy dogs. This behavior is the perceived negative side of their nature. But how can dogs who obviously have so much love for their owners deserve this reputation?

Why do Chihuahua owners encourage inappropriate behavior

I place the blame not on the Chihuahua but the owner. Whatever their breed, all dogs need training and socializing correctly, continuously, and starting from a very young age, preferably from as young as six weeks. Dogs poorly trained and badly socialized reflect badly on their owners.

Believe it or not, dogs are happier when they have good consistent training and socializing. They are less anxious, calmer, more polite, and accept people and other pets more readily.

How Do Chihuahuas Show Their Love?

It’s the Chihuahua’s personality to want love and show love in return. If a Chihuahua is shown love, gentleness, understanding, and patience from being a young puppy, he will reciprocate that attention and love; over time, it will grow to such an extent he will become inseparable.

How do Chihuahuas show their love

You’ll quickly see just how much he loves you by his behavior. For example:

  • Your Chihuahua will soften their eyes when they make eye contact. They say dogs don’t like to make eye contact. But a Chihuahua who loves his owner indeed will; it’s a sign they feel safe with you and trust you.
  • A Chihuahua won’t just wag his tail, his whole body will wiggle, and his tail will wag in a fast circular motion.
  • A Chihuahua in love will seek you out for cuddles. Whenever you sit down, he will be up in your lap. If a Chihuahua isn’t happy, he won’t stay with you.
  • He will lick you to get your attention. It’s a way of communicating to you he’s waiting for your attention.
  • Whenever you come home, even if you’ve been gone a short time, he’s there at the door waiting to greet you.
  • A loving Chihuahua will actively seek out your attention. Chihuahuas want nothing more than to be held and cuddled if they love that person.

Tips To Keep Your Chihuahua’s Love

Creating a bond with your Chihuahua and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship is not difficult with your Chihuahua. Caring for him, feeding him, and showing him lots of attention usually does the trick. Here are a few tips to ensure nothing goes wrong with your relationship.

1. Maintain Control Over Your Voice

Remain calm with your Chihuahua at all times. Never raise your voice or choose a harsh tone of voice. Even when he might be testing your patience, don’t give in to exasperation. He will remember, and the harsh tone of your voice will scare him. You most certainly don’t want or need him to be nervous or anxious in your company. Chihuahuas are sensitive, and a harsh tone of voice will do irreparable damage to your relationship.

Talk with Chihuahua

2. Feed Your Chihuahua Yourself

If you want to create or maintain a special bond, then ensure that you alone feed him. If not every time, then the vast majority should be handled by yourself. Feeding establishes the bond that you’re his primary carer. Not just his food, but try to be the one who gives him his treats; feeding both is a positive experience for a Chihuahua.

What do Chihuahuas eat

3. Grooming Your Chihuahua

Grooming is another task that you really have to perform yourself. Grooming creates a bond and a closeness with your Chihuahua. I would like to bet when you groom your dog, you murmur to him. This quiet way of speaking to him calms and relaxes the Chihuahua and makes him feel totally comfortable next to you. One way you will know is if he starts to lick you while you’re grooming him.

Tips to keep your Chihuahua's love


Sadly, many people adopt a Chihuahua puppy without the slightest idea of how they will look after him. In fact, they have little to no understanding of the breed. This mentality is probably why Chihuahuas are sitting in shelters, abandoned, right now.

Being a pet parent takes time, patience, and passion. You are their carer and provider. A Chihuahua, or any other dog, cannot survive without your love and what you provide them. Do Chihuahuas love their owners? You bet they do, providing they are loved and cared for with patience and understanding.