Dalmatian Husky Mix – Weird Spotted Husky Or Unique Dog

Dalmatian Husky Mix – Weird Spotted Husky Or Unique Dog

Dalmatian and Husky mix (Dalusky) is a designer breed dog that breeders get by combining Siberian Husky with Dalmatian. Since the parents are entirely different, both mentally and physically, you should be careful when choosing the desired puppy. Even though both parents are genetically friendly and dedicated breeds, their personalities significantly differ.

While Siberian Husky is a working dog, Dalmatian is a non-sporting dog, so you will never know what to expect from their offspring. Plus, not all puppies are a combination of two purebred dogs. Some breeders often breed one purebred parent with a Husky Dalmatian mix dog.


It is hard to determine the right moment when the Dalmatian Siberian Husky mix was bred for the first time. Breeders started breeding these specific dogs in the 21st century, probably in the last twenty years. It probably appeared in some of the shelters as a result of an accident.

This crossbreed is new, and there is neither too much information about its genetic pool nor standards that determine primary traits. Therefore, you should be very careful when adopting such a puppy to avoid any undesired surprises. Basically, you can rely only on parents’ history and hope for the best result.

Siberian Husky Origin

The Chukchi tribe living in the Eastern Siberian peninsula bred Siberian Husky about 3,000 years ago. DNA analysis confirmed that it is among the oldest dog breeds that still exist.

Siberian Husky history

They came to Alaska in 1908 and became popular after Gunnar Kaasen crossed 674 miles (1,085 km) with his Huskies to bring 300,000 units of serum to Nome in 1925. AKC recognized this breed in 1930.

Dalmatian Origin

First spotted dogs appeared on Greek tablets, so historians believe that this ancient dog’s breeding started around 2,000 BC. The modern variation appeared in England, but no one knows why the breed got the name after a western part of ex-Yugoslavia.

Dalmatian history

Dalmatians were excellent war dogs, firehouse dogs, shepherds, circus dogs, sentinels, and draft dogs. AKC recognized the new breed in 1888 when it became a popular pet.


No one precisely knows when the first Dalmatian Husky dog was born, but we are very grateful that this elegant and a bit exotic breed mix exist. It is still relatively rare, but give it time.

However, don’t expect any miracle from this dog. The best thing Husky has got from this experiment is spots. Some people believe that it is enough.


Both Siberian Husky and Dalmatian are spunky breeds, so you can expect their offspring to be attractive. In most cases, these weird doggies are curious and dedicated to their families. However, they don’t tolerate being lonely and can become pretty naughty in such a situation.

Dalmatian personality

In general, Dalmatian Husky’s personality is kind and lovely, making it an ideal family pet. It will try to please you and the people it loves and considers a pack.

Since this hybrid is highly active, choosing it only if you have a house with a backyard is the best option. Otherwise, you should be an active person and go playing, jogging, and hiking with your pet for at least an hour or two each day.


Be prepared that your Dalmatian and Husky mix will attempt to become the ‘alpha male’ in the house. It is on you to prevent such behavior. It is recommended to use a harness instead of a leash when walking since this strong dog pulls so hard and can hurt you. Dalusky adores children, but you should supervise this active dog to prevent accidental injuries. Remember that this mix can inherit different gene combinations, so you will never know what to expect until it grows up.

Siberian Husky temperament

In most cases, your mix bred dog will chase after small animals, so that it won’t be an excellent match to homes with cats and small pets. Since both parents are highly protective, don’t expect your puppy to accept strangers quickly.

Size And Look

The Husky and Dalmatian mix is a medium-sized dog, and its measures will depend on the genes it inherits. Dalmatians usually weigh 35 to 70 pounds (16 – 32 kg). Its height is approximately 22 to 24 inches (56 – 61 cm) at the shoulders.

Siberian Husky size and look

An average Siberian Husky usually weighs 40 to 60 pounds (18 – 27 kg), while its height in shoulders is approximately 20 to 24 inches (51 – 61 cm), depending on its age and gender. In most cases, you can expect your Dalmatian Husky to weigh approximately 45 to 60 pounds (20.5 – 27 kg). Its height will be in a range of 16 and 22 inches (40.5 – 56 cm).

Height18 to 22 inches (46 – 56 cm)16 to 20 inches (40.5 – 51 cm)
Weight55 to 60 pounds (25 – 27 kg)45 to 50 pounds (20.5 – 23 kg)

Dalusky puppy has a short, spotless white coat. The positive side is that it doesn’t have a typical doggy smell, but it is not one of the hypoallergenic designer dogs. You can expect the first greyish spots to appear after the first month of the puppy’s life, and they will become darker as the dog grows older.

Dalmatian size and look

As for the possible coat colors, there is little information about this mix breed. Therefore, you need to guess about puppies’ appearance based on their parents’ looks. Dalmatian is predominantly white with a few large stains or numerous small black spots, as you have probably known. Therefore, you can expect a similar coat in its offspring, but you also need to count on Husky’s genes. In most cases, you will get a long-haired Dalmatian Husky puppy with spots and blue or brown eyes.


Dalmatian Husky mix breed is a high shredder, so you should groom it regularly with an adequate brush, especially if you live in a region with a hot climate. Avoid bathing it as long as possible to prevent its skin and fur from drying.

Siberian Husky grooming

In some cases, using a furminator is necessary. Also, take care to maintain the dog’s nails when they don’t wear down naturally. Finally, check your pet’s ears and clean them weekly to prevent wax buildup and consequent ear infections.


When you mix Siberian Husky with Dalmatian, you can expect to get active and energetic offspring. Therefore, your buddy will require daily exercises to remain healthy and happy.

Dalmatian exercising

It will enjoy playing, walking, jogging, and swimming. When you fail to keep it active, you can expect your lovely furry friend to become bored and start digging your yard and destroying furniture.


Since both parents are intelligent, you can expect your Dalusky to be an easy-trainable dog. However, you should be aware of your buddy’s stubbornness, so proper obedience training is crucial to get the dog you have always wanted.

Siberian Husky training

The vital thing is to stay firm and consistent. Once your buddy feels you are not confident enough, it will stop obeying commands. On the other hand, you should be gentle and offer it a lot of treats as positive reinforcement whenever your pet learns something new.

Diet And Nutrition

Dalmatian and Husky mix is a moderate eater. You need to find the best portion size for your new furry friend to prevent overfeeding and negative consequences of this condition.

Siberian Husky treats

In most cases, this dog will need 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dog food a day. This mix breed is in a group of picky eaters, so that you can ask your vet for advice.

Possible Health Problems

Unfortunately, Dalmatian mix with Husky has the potential of developing more genetic issues than other designer dogs.

The most common problems include:

Hip Dysplasia

Since Dalusky is usually a playful dog, you should start worrying if your four-legged friend has any difficulties running, jumping, and climbing. In some cases, it can suffer from this skeletal disease that severely affects its hip joints.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This degeneration followed by poor night vision and later blindness is always an inherited condition.

Siberian Husky health


Husky Dalmatian is often prone to this condition in senior years. Blue-eyed Dalmatian parents are more often affected, so that breeders avoid breeding them despite their beauty.


Since 15 to 30% of Dalmatians are deaf, you can expect that Dalmatian mixed with Husky will give offspring prone to this condition.


As most dogs, Dalmatian Husky mixes will often suffer from food, contact, or inhalant allergies.

Necessary Tests

When you decide to adopt a Dalmatian and Husky mix dog, you should find a reputable breeder who will show you the necessary health certificates for both parent dogs. These dogs need to be tested with the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit.


Since the average Dalmatian lifespan is 10 to 13 years, while Siberian Husky usually lives from 12 to 15 years, you can expect that Dalmatian Husky mix dog lifespan is approximately 11 to 15 years.


Husky Dalmatian mix almost always inherits numerous positive traits of its parents. However, you will never know what result to expect since Dalmatians and Siberian Huskies are entirely different dog types. In most cases, this highly energetic designer dog will quickly adapt to any environment and become a dedicated and affectionate family friend.