The 10 Best Pet Cameras 2022

The 10 Best Pet Cameras 2022

I bet when you have a spare moment from work, or whatever took you away from the home that day, your mind drifts away to the fur baby (or babies) you left back there. Worried if they’re upset at you for leaving them? Are they bored? You know the thoughts we have.

Pet parents are all the same. We worry incessantly, don’t we?

Well, thanks to technology, we needn’t guess what’s going on with them. Maybe we can’t be with them, but it doesn’t mean we can’t monitor them and even talk to them with the right equipment.

Pet cameras now make it easy to see what they like to do when we’re away.

Have you considered buying a pet camera? Now could be a fantastic time to get one. There are some superb options and prices have never been keener.

Here are the best interactive pet cameras 2022:

  1. Furbo Dog Camera
  2. WOPET Smart Pet Camera
  3. IMILLET WiFi Pet Camera
  4. Tooge Dog Camera
  5. SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera
  6. SKYMEE Owl Robot
  7. KMATRON 4MP HD WiFi Dog Camera
  8. Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
  9. NPET Smart Pet Treat Dispenser Camera
  10. Iseebiz Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

1. Furbo Dog Camera

The best overall pet camera in 2022

Furbo Dog Camera Image credit: Furbo Check Amazon

The sheer weight of features fitted into the Furbo Dog Camera makes this our number 1 choice of the best indoor pet camera. It’s one of only a few designed just for dogs and is compatible with Alexa. Combine your Furbo with a screen Alexa device for voice control.

The manufacturers claim over 5000 vets and professional dog trainers have added their approval, and it has saved over 100 dog’s lives.

The Furbo even comes with a dog nanny to keep your dog safe. This is a 90-day free trial subscription, after the free trial it’s only $7 a month. It might be worth keeping the subscription. With the small subscription comes recordings uploaded to the cloud, Smart Alerts, and a daily Doggy Diary.

But it doesn’t affect the most important functions of the Furbo if you cancel the subscription.

I like the Dog Selfie Alert, Furbo senses when your dog is facing the camera and fires off a selfie. Something to pass around the office.

I like the full HD and night vision, it’s not just daytime when we have to leave our dogs.

If separation anxiety is troubling, then the 2-way audio and barking sensor will be useful to you. The Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends push notifications through your phone. And with the 2-way audio, you can talk to them to help calm their nerves.

Set up the free Furbo Android/iOS app and have some serious fun, treat tossing-yes, it’s now a thing. Gather your pup’s favorite treats and load up the Furbo to play a game of catch. Before it launches a treat, Furbo emits a clicking sound to warn your pooch and then it’s action. He’ll soon come to recognize clicks mean treats.

What we like / don’t like about the Furbo Dog Camera:

  • The Furbo is dead simple to set up.
  • Can use Alexa voice control.
  • 2-way audio and barking sensor.
  • Comes with a dog nanny. Send recordings to the cloud for safe storage and smart alerts.
  • Tosses treats some distance from the machine, keeps dogs entertained looking for them.
  • Clicking sound before treat tossing begins helps train the dog to pay attention.
  • You receive push notifications to alert you to your dog barking, 2-way audio allows you to help calm your pooch.
  • See your dog easily with a 160-degree wide-angle view.
  • Full HD.
  • Night vision.
  • The price might put off some people.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners not concerned about price and want the best features.

2. WOpet Smart Pet Camera

The best pet camera features for the money

WOpet Smart Pet Camera Image credit: WOpet Check Amazon

We know our pets are in charge of the home when we’re there, so what on earth do they get up to when we leave them. That’s what every pet owner wants to know.

And, to be fair, it gives us hours of enjoyment watching the play-back of their antics. Especially if you have over one pet.

But pet cams are not just for fun, they fulfill an important function. Pets left alone for any length of time can become bored and anxious, which can lead to destructive behavior and excessive barking.

So, if we really cannot be there, then a pet camera can be invaluable.

What pet camera comes with 2-way audio, so you can say hello anytime you choose. Full HD and night vision, seeing what your pooch is up to, day and night is a cinch.

Let’s not forget something dear to every pooch’s heart-treats! The WOPET will toss out 3 treats each time, in case you have over one pet.

One excellent feature is the wide-angle camera lens. This enables you to get a view of the entire room or area your dog is in, no need to confine him to a small area to keep your eye on him.

The vast majority of reviews of the WOPET are 5 and 4 stars. But it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

One reviewer even stated he could reinforce positive behavior through the two-way audio when the dog was misbehaving himself.

There aren’t many cons to the product. Internet WiFi has to be stable for all the features to work as they should and the camera onboard is stationary so you cannot change the view once set. But it has that wide-angle lens I spoke about before.

What we like / don’t like about the WOPET Smart Pet Camera:

  • The price. For the features, you get excellent value for the money.
  • Full HD camera with night vision.
  • Tosses out more than one treat, great if you have multiple pets.
  • The wide-angle camera lens captures the entire room.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 2-way audio you can hear and speak to your pets.
  • The camera is static.
  • Must find the best vantage point to position the camera to see the whole room.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting the most features for the best price

3. IMILLET WiFi Pet Camera

The best overall budget dog camera

IMILLET WiFi Pet Camera Image credit: IMILLET Check Amazon

One of the cheaper versions on our best dog camera reviews, but still excellent and has virtually all the same features as the more expensive machines.

It has a bunch of five stars from reviewers, but some did report they experienced some “bugginess” when setting up.

Another area for concern was the seemingly unnecessary requested access from the manufacturer to the camera location and phone. Another reviewer expressed his confusion about why the device connects to an unknown server immediately it connects to his internet.

So privacy concerns are something to remember if you are considering buying this camera.

On the plus side, it’s easy and quick to set up, having great day and night vision. The manufacturer claims high-quality images both day and night. Night vision can record up to 32 feet in the pitch dark.

Motion detection based on motor sensing technology enables real-time activity alerts with push notifications to your phone.

The camera itself can pan/tilt and zoom, giving multiple views.

The device also supports up to 128Gb micro SD card.

What we like / don’t like about the IMILLET WiFi Pet Camera:

  • The price! Budget version pet camera.
  • Great day/night vision (night vision up to 32 feet in pitch dark).
  • Clear 2-way audio.
  • Real-time motion-detection and push alert notifications.
  • The camera can pan. tilt and zoom. There is 350 degrees horizontal and 100-degree rotation.
  • All data is locally stored, not sent to a server.
  • The unit supports 128Gb micro SD card.
  • No treat dispenser. Not surprising because of price, but it will put some people off buying.
  • Claims all data stored locally, but some users say it connects to an external server .

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting the cheapest version and not concerned no treat dispensing.

4. Tooge Dog Camera

Tooge Dog Camera Image credit: Tooge Check Amazon

This dog camera is one of the cheaper option pet cams, it doesn’t have all the features of the more expensive brands. However, it’s excellent value for the price and might be what you need if it’s something simple you’re after.

Let’s talk about what it doesn’t do first. It won’t dispense treats and doesn’t have a cat laser, in case you have cats and dogs at home.

So what does it do?

It’s affordable. Set up the WiFi and you can live stream to watch all your little guy’s antics. The Tooge has two-way communication, and what I find amazing is the night-time vision.

Programmable to send you motion-detection alerts if you worry your fur pet is going to get into some mischief while you’re out. The camera is handy, it can swivel almost 360 degrees on the horizontal.

If you want to keep the footage for playback at a later date and time, you can buy some cloud storage and store for up to 30 days.

So, for such a cheap price, you get a decent interactive pet camera.

What we like / don’t like about the Tooge Dog Camera:

  • Price! Cheap budget version.
  • Excellent night vision camera.
  • Clear 2-way audio.
  • Motion detection alerts.
  • 350-degree horizontal rotation and 4x digital zoom.
  • Micro SD recording.
  • High-quality recordings in HD.
  • Can live stream.
  • It does not dispense treats.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners looking for a cheap camera with excellent video quality

5. SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera Image credit: Skymee Check Amazon

According to the manufacturer, it only takes 3 minutes with 4 simple steps to set up this pet cam.

It has a stylish white design with semi-rounded corners. We would place it above average on the price.

There are over 300 ratings, but of that total 92% are 4 or 5 stars. So far, so good. Let’s look at what it does for your money.

1. See

1080 Full HD, 4 x zoom, 180 degrees rotation pan. Nighttime vision. Set this up in the ideal position, and you will see your little guy from virtually anywhere in the room and any time of the day or night. It will only connect to 2.4Ghz. Most modern routers will let you switch between 2.4 and 5G.

2. Play

The treat dispenser comes with automatic and manual toss capabilities. So if you enjoy talking to him and watching him catch his treats, you can toss them to him manually. If you’re equally happy for him to get his treats at regular times, then set up the dispenser in auto mode.

And the feed tray will let you set up with small or big treats. Alarm notices are automatically sent to your phone via push notifications.

3. Talk

There’s 2 way audio and according to reviewers, the sound is excellent. So if your dog has a separation problem, you can help to soothe his nerves by talking to him. Sends motion detection alerts via your phone. But, if you miss the push alerts, you can still see the messages in the app history.

4. App

The app is free and one account will allow up to 8 mobiles to login and watch the antics of your pride and joy at the same time. Or you can share live video with family and friends.

There aren’t any critical reviews, the only negative we could see concerned the translation of the instructions.

What we like / don’t like about the SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera:

  • Full HD and 4x digital zoom camera for top-quality recordings and live streaming day and night.
  • 2-way audio allows you to hear your pooch and talk to him.
  • Able to dispense treats.
  • Share your app account to family and friends. Up to 8 people can watch your dog’s antics.
  • They offer 12hr. customer service response time.
  • Share images and video directly to your social media accounts.
  • Noisy when dispensing treats. A nervous dog can be frightened.
  • Camera field of vision could be better.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting a full-featured camera for a mid-range price

6. SKYMEE Owl Robot

SKYMEE Owl Robot Image credit: Skymee Check Amazon

The Skymee owl robot is your pet’s very own robot pet. It’s 4 things rolled into one. The robot, treat dispenser, and HD camera.

All the pet cams listed in this review all do a similar job. Allow you to talk to your pet, video them, and throw out some treats to keep them happy.

But here’s where the owl robot comes into its own. This doggie cam system moves around the home and your dog gets to interact with a little friend. Wizardry at work, at least that’s what your pet kid thinks.

Now, before you rush online to buy one. Is your dog the anxious type? Does he scare easily? If so, be careful with the owl robot. If you still think it might be a great idea, to introduce your pet to the robot slowly.

Don’t set it up and pop out for the day without giving your pooch some warning about what’s happening here. Or you might find him on top of the dining room table.

For an unsuspecting pooch all the wriggling, flipping and spinning, that you pre-program, might just be too much for your little guy.

If your pet has been introduced to the Skymee owl’s antics, we think it’s a great idea. Your pet gets to interact and tries to catch him. If he does, it will dispense a treat. Or if you’re feeling generous, you can dispense one through the app yourself. You might need a clean-up crew for treats, they can miss some.

It has a full HD camera, so recordings are sharp. Two-way audio you and your pet can speak to each other. It must be sturdy because the manufacturer claims you can take it for walks with your dog. I suppose your pet would be happy to take his new friend along.

If you want to help your pets get over separation anxiety, keep your eye on them and entertain them, I doubt there’s a better pet monitoring system than the Skymee owl robot.

What we like / don’t like about the SKYMEE Owl Robot:

  • Gets our vote for the most innovative pet camera on the market.
  • Full HD camera 4 x zoom and night vision.
  • The machine will interact with your pets.
  • Operated by an app on a smartphone. Find your pet and play games.
  • Will toss treats by program or you can toss manually to play with your pets.
  • If the Owl Robot detects pet movement, it will wake up and interact.
  • Build quality allows it to operate outside.
  • If you have a nervous pet might be an issue. The movements might scare your pet.
  • Can slow down because of thick carpets, works best on hard floors.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting an interactive camera and treat dispenser

7. KMATRON 4MP HD WiFi Dog Camera

KMATRON 4MP HD WiFi Dog Camera Image credit: Kmatron

This is a top pet camera, inexpensive but has all the functions of the high-end models. With over 7,000 reviews on Amazon and 86% of them in the 4 and 5-star range.

Let’s break it down to discover what this pet cam brings to the table.

The manufacturers Kmatron, class this model as a Security Camera Pet WiFi Camera. It has ultra high definition 2624*1512P home video surveillance system with IR night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio.

You can connect the system via 2.4Ghz WiFi (will not support 5Gz WiFi, but modern routers will allow switching between the two). Or connect directly to your router by ethernet cable.


The camera gives a broad field of view with 350 degrees horizontal, 100-degree vertical rotation, and 4 x digital zoom capabilities. There will not be much of an area this camera cannot cover, and the zoom option enables clear close-up shots. Perfect if you have an overactive dog.

With 2624*1512P video quality output, your videos will be crystal clear. The camera also has night vision up to 33 feet in complete darkness.

Real-time motion alerts. Alarm notices sent instantly via push notifications when detecting movement.

Use multiple cameras in different rooms of the home. Control all from an app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Quick and easy wireless connection – some cameras of this ilk have connection issues, but the Kmatron pet camera appears to function flawlessly.

Are there any negatives?

No treat dispenser. Not a negative because you either need a treat dispenser or not. If it’s not important to you, then this camera is good.

One review mentioned the downloads sometimes will not download all recordings. But you can download it manually. And deleting unwanted videos is also time-consuming.

What we like / don’t like about the KMATRON 4MP HD WiFi Dog Camera:

  • The camera has Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, 350° horizontal & 100° vertical rotation.
  • Ultra high def camera 2624*1512P crystal clear images and video.
  • Real-time motion detection and 2-way audio with built-in anti-noise filters.
  • Night Vision up to 33 feet in pitch black.
  • Quick and easy wireless connection.
  • No treat dispenser.
  • Downloading and deleting videos can take a long time.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting excellent camera quality not concerned about a treat dispenser.

8. Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser Image credit: Owlet Check Amazon

The Owlet home pet camera with treat dispenser is a mid-priced pet cam. 87% of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars.

Very easy setup. Download the app, add a device, and connect to WiFi – simple. This machine allows you to pre-record your voice, so when you dispense the treats it will activate your voice message. Pretty nifty. And it’s good to align your voice with the treat tossing.

Only 720 HD cameras, which we think is a bit of a letdown. For this price has to be full HD. But it has a 165-degree wide-angle lens, meaning it will take in a large proportion of your room. Depending on where you position it. And there is night vision. According to the manufacturers, the pictures are clear day or night. It does offer live streaming, which is another plus point.

2-way audio allows you to hear your dog and speak to him if he’s looking a little sad or lonely. Plus you have the opportunity to add some positive reinforcement training if he’s getting a bit aggressive with your furniture, etc.

If for whatever reason it does not satisfy you, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and has a 12-month warranty and tech support.

It has an elegant design and doesn’t look out of place on a shelf or bookcase with some delicate ornaments or photo frames.

If an Alexa fan, then the Owlet works with Alexa, hands-free.

One thing standing out to us is the security issues. You need to trust the service provider with access to the videos and audio from inside your home. To some people, it’s no concern, but to others it is. This situation is down to the preference of the buyer.

What we like / don’t like about the Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser:

  • Very Easy To Set Up.
  • Works with Alexa, hands-free.
  • Can pre-record your voice and activate recording when dispensing the treats.
  • Has a 165-degree wide-angle lens to cover most of the room.
  • 2-way audio, can hear and speak to your pet.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and full 12 months warranty.
  • The camera is only 720 HD.
  • Data sent to 3rd party server.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting full feature pet cam and not worried about full HD.

9. NPET Smart Pet Treat Dispenser Camera

NPET Smart Pet Treat Dispenser Camera Image credit: NPET Check Amazon

An ingenious pet treat dispenser allows the treats to be tossed at varying distances. Compatible with several well-known dry and crunchy treats.

Equipped with a 720HD video and 165-degree wide-angle view. Picking up an excellent view of your pet and home. We have to say it though, once again, for the cost, we think it should be Full HD. We think the images look a little grainy, and that’s disappointing.

It has night vision and you can record all the important moments of your pet’s movements.

The built-in microphone allows 2-way communication with your pet.

One reviewer claims “it works well close to home, but using it when away the video lags and treats don’t come out properly,”.

Another reviewer likes the fact “she can call her dog at the same time tossing the treats”.

What we like / don’t like about the NPET Smart Pet Treat Dispenser Camera:

  • 165-degree wide-angle viewing with night vision.
  • The microphone allows 2-way communication.
  • Will toss treats at varying distances to exercise the dog a little more.
  • The camera is only at 720 HD.
  • Images can be a little grainy at lower lighting.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting full features but not overly concerned about image quality

10. Iseebiz Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Iseebiz Dog Camera Treat Dispenser Image credit: Iseebiz Check Amazon

Easy setup, just 2 minutes and it’s compatible with Alexa. Download the Iseebiz app and connect to your home WiFi (2.4Ghz). If you want to add voice control to treat tossing combine with an Alexa device.

Using the app you will be able to watch what your pup gets up to while you are away, talk to your pooch, and record videos. You can share your account with family members.

On the base of the pet camera, there are suction cups to help it stay in place. If your fur kid gets carried away when the treats fly, you don’t want him knocking over the supply stash.

The machine has a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you feel it’s not worth the money and 12 months warranty with tech support.

The camera is 720P with night vision and 165 degrees wide-angle. Please note the camera does not move. So, place on a spot in the room your pooch roams around in. There’s 2-way audio, you can talk to each other.

It has excellent reviews, 81% in 4 and 5 stars.

One reviewer complained that the treats didn’t toss very far. But a minor issue. Other than that, only good things said about the Iseebiz dog camera treat dispenser.

What we like / don’t like about the Iseebiz Dog Camera Treat Dispenser:

  • 2-minute set up only.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 81% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars.
  • 2-way audio for communication with pets.
  • The machine has suction cups on the bottom to hold in place. More difficult for pets to knock over.
  • Camera quality disappointing at 720 HD only.
  • Treats do not toss very far.

Verdict: Most effective for pet owners wanting a full-featured device for a mid-range price.

Pet Camera Or A Security Camera

Is it a question of only checking up on your pet or do you want something more meaningful? A security camera will allow you to spy on your pet, but very little else.

The best pet cameras will allow you to do a great deal more. They make pet cams with features built just for the pet owner. For example, not only watching your pet but interacting, speaking to them, setting it up to dispense treats, etc.

This can help your pet get over separation anxiety and boredom, and if these issues in the past have induced destructive tendencies, it may help encourage better behavior.

The Benefits Of Owning A Pet Camera

It’s peace of mind. Knowing you can access the app anytime and make sure your pooch is doing OK is a great feeling. And it works both ways. He can hear your voice, knows you are somewhere close and can relax. This is good news for pets who suffer from separation anxiety.

We’re not saying it is as good as you being there in person, but when you have to go out, it helps relieve the stress on both ends.

Have some fun with them with treat tossing. They get to know the sound the machine makes, so they enjoy the anticipation of a treat on the way.