The 11 Best Swimming Pools for Dogs 2022

The 11 Best Swimming Pools for Dogs 2022

So many dogs love to splash around in some water, on boiling days, that’s for sure. But unless you live near the beach or a lake and have the time to indulge them, they’re going to have a long wait before they can cool off.

One solution is to provide your pooch with his very own dog pool. Using the kid’s paddling pool as a substitute will not work though. They’re not designed to cope with sharp claws and teeth.

Several companies manufacture swimming pools for dogs. But doggie pools are not all made to the same standard. We’ve looked at numerous dog-friendly swimming pools and judged which offer the best value for money, durability, ease of use, size and have the highest number of positive customer reviews.

Here are the Best Swimming Pools for Dogs:

  1. Yaheetech Dog Swimming Pool
  2. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool
  3. GoStock Pet Dog Swimming Pool
  4. Pecute Paddling Pool with Brush
  5. YXFT Foldable Pet Dog Water Pool
  6. Grullin Pet Swimming Pool
  7. Kopeks Pet Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool
  8. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool
  9. Zen Laboratory 68″ Backyard Splash Pad
  10. Pedy Collapsible Summer Pet Pool
  11. Aerzetix Foldable Dog Pool For Dogs

1. Yaheetech Dog Swimming Pool

Our overall top choice for dog swimming pools

Yaheetech Dog Swimming Pool Image credit: Yaheetech Check Amazon

The Yaheetech Dog Swimming Pool is our choice for the best overall dog-friendly swimming pool for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to use the walls of the pool manufactured from rectangular fiberboard. Added stability as there are secure seams to prevent any leakage or water damage to the boards.

They cover the bottom of the pool with a special anti-skid and wear-resistant texture. The primary material of the pool is waterproof, non-toxic PVC. On the side of the pool, there is a convenient drainage hole 3.2cm diameter for fast and efficient water removal or replacement. The pool folds into a handy size for carrying and storage.

What we like / don’t like about the Yaheetech Dog Swimming Pool:

  • Anti-UV coating, this ensures the color will not fade, keeping it looking in the best condition.
  • Cold Resistant, perfect for using it in different environments.
  • Anti-skid bottom, the toughened bottom layer helps to protect against sharp claws stops slipping, and avoids accidents.
  • Foldable & Portable for easy storage, move to different locations, including inside use.
  • No inflation required easy to fold out the panels and simply fill up with water.
  • Drain hole for speedy emptying, not necessary to try and lift the pool full of water.
  • Multiple sizes are suitable for dogs from small up to the largest dogs.
  • Without clipping dog claws first, there’s the risk of damage to the PVC covering, even though it has a toughened bottom layer, some dog claws are just too sharp.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone with the pool, dogs have a habit of chewing through the PVC to get to the boards inside. If that happens the pool will not work efficiently.

2. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Our top choice for best big dog pools

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Image credit: Jasonwell Check Amazon

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool is our first choice for a large dog pool. It comes in a variety of sizes, but we are just focusing on dog pools for larger dogs in this review. Even though the biggest size is 63″ with a depth of 12″ it’s still folded down to a compact size for easy carry and storage. It takes a matter of a few seconds to fold out for use.

They make the complete pool from thicker PVC material and with extra thickness on the bottom. The manufacturer states they fit the pool sides with high-density fiberboard, thicker than the average pool. There is a large drain valve in the lower area, for quick drainage and no necessity of lifting the pool with water inside.

What we like / don’t like about the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool:

  • Very strong, sturdy build quality.
  • Extra high-density fiberboard is used for added stability.
  • Dogs can enter and leave the pool themselves safely.
  • Low drainage valve to empty the pool quickly and easily.
  • Thick PVC material for the sides of the pool and an even thicker layer covering the bottom.
  • Compact when stored and easy to carry.
  • Left alone with the pool, dogs will find it easy to chew through the PVC material.

3. GoStock Pet Dog Swimming Pool

Our runner up choice best dog pool for large dogs

GoStock Pet Dog Swimming Pool Image credit: GoStock Check Amazon

GoStock Pet Dog Swimming Pool is perfect for larger dogs. The biggest version (multiple sizes) has a 63-inch diameter and a depth of 12 inches, and a suggested dog’s weight of a maximum of 243lbs.

Very sturdy construction, the fold-out sides have high-strength fiberboard (0.58cm thickest in the market) and covered with extra-tough, anti-scratch PVC material. Finished with a non-slip bottom. There is a fast drain in the lower portion of the foldable dog pool. The manufacturers state the dog pool can open and fold easily within 1 minute.

What we like / don’t like about the GoStock Pet Dog Swimming Pool:

  • The extra thickness of the fiberboards will add to the stability.
  • Good pool depth of 12 inches.
  • Extra tough PVC material is less likely for the dog to tear it with their claws.
  • Can be purchased in multiple sizes for different dog breeds.
  • Opens and folds within 1 minute and compact storage.
  • Easy and fast drainage solution.
  • If you don’t want to run the risk of tearing the material, must clip the dog’s nails first before they enter the pool.

4. Pecute Paddling Pool with Brush

Our top choice for best small dog pools

Pecute Paddling Pool with Brush Image credit: Pecute Check Amazon

The Pecute Paddling Pool is perfect for small and even up to medium size dogs. If used for small breeds, then you could have two or three of his buddies in with him. Made from non-toxic PVC and built-in high-strength 0.5cm thick fiberboard. However, please ensure that when using the pool the water level is at 60-80% minimum.

The bottom material has a non-slip raised bubble design to help pets from slipping around. The easy drainage device rotates to empty the pool. The pool folds and opens easily, taking a few seconds to complete both. Folds down to a handy size and comes with a free carrying bag. Also free are some repair patches and a cute brush if you wanted to use the pool as a bath after he’s had playtime.

What we like / don’t like about the Pecute Paddling Pool with Brush:

  • Strong and sturdy construction. Made from non-toxic PVC, with an extra reinforced bottom and made non-slip.
  • High-strength 0.5cm thick fiberboard.
  • Gifts of carrying bag, repair patches, and wash brush.
  • Opens and folds in a matter of seconds.
  • A quick rotational drainage device empties the pool quickly.
  • With a 12-inch depth, it means a small dog cannot enter the pool without being lifted in and out.
  • Must ensure you clip the dog’s nails before each use.

5. YXFT Foldable Pet Dog Water Pool

Our runner up choice for best dog pool for small dogs

YXFT Foldable Pet Dog Water Pool Image credit: YXFT Check Amazon

The YXFT Foldable Pet Dog Water Pool is perfect for small dogs suffering from hot summer days. It measures 32″ diameter and only 8″ depth. Even small dogs like a Chihuahua could use the pool under strict supervision.

Made from durable PVC and heavy-duty bottom material with anti-slip properties. To store away, turn upside down, press the bottom inwards, and fold each of the sections one-by-one. Stores away to a nice compact size. Easy to drain valve. Can also double as a bath for bigger dogs.

What we like / don’t like about the YXFT Foldable Pet Dog Water Pool:

  • Strong, durable material for the sides and thicker non-slip covering the bottom area.
  • Quick and Easy fold down for storage.
  • Perfect for small pets nervous in deeper water and tall sides they cannot clamber over.
  • Trimming a dog’s nails is essential every time before the pool can be used.

6. Grullin Pet Swimming Pool

Our top choice for best medium dog pools

Grullin Pet Swimming Pool for Dog Image credit: Grullin Check Amazon

At 47 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it’s a decent pool for medium-sized dogs. But it can also serve others for other purposes. For example, it’s deep enough to make a superb bath for your pooch, or even take it indoors and fill it with plastic balls, for indoor play.

They equip the pool with a carrying bag for very easy transportation and storage when not in use. It’s made from strong and durable heavy-duty PVC with extra thickness and non-skid design for the bottom.

What we like / don’t like about the Grullin Pet Swimming Pool:

  • Long-lasting, highly durable PVC.
  • Easy-drain plug.
  • Choice of two colors.
  • Equipped with a carrying bag.
  • Unconditional refund policy.
  • If you have a dog that loves chewing, don’t leave them alone with the pool. If they chew through the material and get to the boards then the pool will not hold it’s shape and leak water from the sides.
  • There may be some small leaking issues after a few months, but they are easy to repair.

7. Kopeks Pet Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool

Our runner up choice for best dog pool for medium dogs

Kopeks Pet Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Image credit: Kopeks Check Amazon

The Kopeks Pet Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool is ideal for kids and pets. With a diameter of 47 inches and a depth of 12 inches, it’s perfect from small size dogs up to medium size dogs. It requires no inflation, just open it out and fill with water. Stress-free draining comes equipped with a twist-off cap to make life simple.

They make the pool from high-grade, industrial-strength PVC and an even thicker layer on the bottom of the pool. The pool is available in different sizes. Make sure you choose the correct size for your dog.

What we like / don’t like about the Kopeks Pet Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool:

  • Industrial strength PVC, with an even thicker layer on the bottom.
  • Twist off drainage cap.
  • One size pool can accommodate dogs from small sizes up to medium-sized dogs.
  • Easy fold for quick storage.
  • Sizes can mislead – double-check you have the right size for what you want to use it for.
  • We believe the drainage would be better if we could attach a hose, then we could use the wastewater for plants.

8. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

Our top choice for best indoor swimming pool for dogs

Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool Dog Bathing Tub Image credit: Alvantor Check Amazon

The Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool is an innovative design different from the average foldable versions. It’s made from ripstop fabric backed by PVC. The double-layer protection guards against leaks, while the spring steel frame gives the pool its stability.

Compacts down to an easy carry unit at only 2.4lbs and has an instant and automatic pop up open, there is no need for air. When folded down the size is only 16″ x 13″ x 2.5″. There is no built-in drain in these pet pools, push one side with a finger and water drains out. The design of the pool is exclusive to this manufacturer, and there is a patent-pending.

What we like / don’t like about the Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool:

  • Easy use for an indoor pool.
  • Lightweight only 2.4lbs make it ideal to carry and set up while holding your dog.
  • Automatic, instant pop-up opening.
  • The Spring steel frame gives it excellent stability.
  • Compact size when folded.
  • When fully expanded for use is 42 inches diameter and 12 inches deep.
  • If water is not filled up to the maximum level, the sides have a habit of collapsing.
  • Must be on a flat surface or will tilt and spill water out.

9. Zen Laboratory 68″ Backyard Splash Pad

Our top choice for best inflatable dog pool

Zen Laboratory 68 Image credit: Zen Laboratory Check Amazon

This style is not so much a dog pool but more of a splash pad for kids to play alongside their dogs. It comes with a built-in sprinkler that both kids and dogs love. Being extra wide at 68″ it can accommodate both. Zen Laboratories claim this is 8″ larger than any other comparable splash pad.

Best quality materials go into this American made pad and are both BPA and phthalate-free. Best used for 2-6-year-olds, and not viable with big dogs. Adjusting the water spray height is handled by manipulating the water pressure through the attached hose. Let your dog and kids cool off without the safety concerns of a traditional pool.

What we like / don’t like about the Zen Laboratory 68″ Backyard Splash Pad:

  • Extra-wide at 68 inches gives a good size area to splash around.
  • The added sprinkler makes it more fun for both dogs and kids.
  • Safe materials used in the construction.
  • Comes with a patch repair kit.
  • Made by an American company for easier customer service.
  • The height of the water spray is controlled by the hose and therefore needs to be a good quality pressure hose.
  • Zen Laboratories claim children up to 12 years of age can use it, but we think it’s best up to 6 years old.

10. Pedy Collapsible Summer Pet Pool

Our top choice best budget dog pool

Pedy Collapsible Summer Pet Pool Image credit: Pedy Check Amazon

Weighing in at just under 12lbs the Pedy Collapsible Summer Pool is an excellent budget alternative. The size we are reviewing is suitable for small to medium dog breeds. It’s 48 inches diameter and 12 inches deep.

Made from thick PVC with non-slip bottom. They make the side panels from wood, so they will be sturdy and keep the pool stable. A built-in plug ensures you won’t need to tip the pool to empty it. The high-quality of the pool will allow bigger dogs to use the pool every day, with no issues.

What we like / don’t like about the Pedy Collapsible Summer Pool:

  • Very easy to fold out and close back up for carrying and storage.
  • Weighs a little under 12 lbs.
  • They make with strong PVC and the boards of wood, keeping it very stable.
  • Best budget-priced doggie pool.
  • You must clip the dog’s nails to make sure they don’t puncture the pool with their claws.

11. Aerzetix Foldable Dog Pool For Dogs

Our runner up choice for best budget dog pool

Aerzetix Foldable Dog Pool for Dogs Image credit: Aerzetix Check Amazon

The Aerzetix pet swimming pool is available in two sizes. The small version, only suitable for small dogs, even down to Chihuahua size, is 32 inches diameter and 8 inches in depth. The larger of the two is 48 inches in diameter by 12 inches deep. This size will accommodate up to medium size dogs.

It’s perfect for any budget-conscious family that still would like to give their pooch somewhere to cool off in the summer. It is also a useful size if you want to bring it inside and fill with plastic balls for playtime in the home, or to keep your little guy occupied if you have to leave him.

Similar to other models of the same design, it folds and stores away very easily. Is lightweight and made from sturdy and durable PVC. The side walls contain high-strength fiberboards and it has thicker non-slip PVC on the bottom of the pool. When it’s bath time the smaller size would be perfect as a bath for larger dogs. At 8 inches, it’s just deep enough.

What we like / don’t like about the Aerzetix Foldable Dog Pool For Dogs:

  • The price is at the low end of the range for this standard folding pool.
  • Two sizes, one for tiny dogs up to medium size as a swimming pool. But would accommodate a large dog if using it for bath times.
  • A drainage plug is in the lower half of the side panels for easy emptying.
  • High-quality PVC material which has a thicker, non-slip bottom, for safety and less chance of your dog’s claws tearing holes.
  • The pool color makes the water look very blue and inviting.
  • The small size pool is tiny. For a dog to swim, he would need to be one of the tiny breeds like a Chihuahua.

Benefits of Using a Pool for Dogs to Swim in

It’s not only about being able to cool down your pooch on hot summer’s days, although it’s good for your dog, but there are other benefits. Most dogs are natural swimmers, but there are some that need help. Take French bulldogs, for instance. With their short legs and top-heavy body, swimming can be difficult for them.

Yet, dog breeds like these can benefit a great deal from two swimming sessions each week. Many dogs are overweight and for their health’s sake could lose a few pounds. Swimming could really help because overweight dogs stress their joints and backs trying to exercise.

In a pool, the water supports their weight. You can also get them wearing a buoyancy jacket, for even better support. A dog swimming pool, while dogs still need watching, is not as dangerous as the sea or deep lake water. And you are in very close attendance in case they need lifting out.

How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool for Dogs?

Dog Pool Size

Choose the size carefully. Are you simply looking for a pool for your dog to stand up in or do you want them to move around freely in the pool? Don’t be misled by images of dogs in swimming pools. Check the dimensions and measure them out on the ground, if it helps.

Material of The Dog Pool

Dog’s claws are the main problem. Even the toughest materials can succomb to their claws. At the least you must trim their claws before they enter the pool, or try to keep them short all the time. The toughest PVC folding dog pools cannot expect to stand up to a boisterous dog with sharp claws.

But then you have the chewers. If your dog loves to chew then it’s best not to leave them unattended near the pool. Once they chew through the PVC they then get access to the fiberboards. A pool built for a child will never stand up to the attention and weight of a 100lbs dog. If the pool you need is mostly for your dog then choose pools made specifically with dogs in mind.

In Summary: Who should Buy a Dog Swimming Pool

It’s true not every dog likes to swim, or even wants anything to do with water. Yet, some cannot get enough by taking every opportunity to dive in whenever they see any. It’s just not practical to drive to water for the dog to swim every day. Some water can be dangerous or harmful to your dog.

These are the dogs that benefit from having a dog swimming pool. The swimming pools that we have recommended in our reviews are much stronger and durable than the usual inflatable pools. They need to be because dogs when they get around water, are far more boisterous than kids, and let’s not forget their claws.

On long, hot summer days getting in and out of a dog swimming pool is an excellent way for your dog to keep cool. You might even find that dogs reticent about water might dip a toe or two in the pool. Because these types of pools are so light and easily moved, we can also use them inside. We’re not suggesting that you have one inside your home, but if you have a large garage, then it might suit to put a pool in there for your dog.

One other use for a doggy pool is to bring it inside your home and fill it with plastic balls. I’ve seen a few dogs love jumping in and nosing the balls out, bringing them back, and it’s just great fun for some dogs. Maybe if you have to leave your pooch for a few hours, could it be something you might try?