The 10 Best Dog Foods For Pit Bulls – 2021 Reviews

The 10 Best Dog Foods For Pit Bulls – 2021 Reviews

Choosing the best dog food for your Pit Bull is a minefield of misleading information, exaggerated, and sometimes false claims.

Breaking Down A Pit Bull’s Dietary Requirements

Every dog needs a balanced diet containing three main nutrients — protein, fat, and carbohydrate. They should derive protein and fat from animal-based sources. By eating food sources like meat and fish, dogs developed a high protein diet. But, low requirements of carbohydrates.

Some Pit Bulls appear to have issues digesting some carbs like grains. They suffer from allergies, but as with most dog breeds, allergies result from environmental allergens such as grass, pollen, dust, and fleas. Pit Bull owners should concentrate on protein-rich foods for muscle building, a good supply of healthy fats, and high-quality carbs.

Here are our top choices for the 10 best dog foods for Pit Bulls. Selected as best for dogs, seniors, puppies, and with a sensitive stomach.

The Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls:

1. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe

Our top choice for adult Pit Bull dog food

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe Venison High Protein Dog Food Image credit: Taste of the Wild Check Amazon

Choosing Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe means you are feeding your Pit Bull high levels of protein with 32%. Roasted bison & venison real meat is the No. 1 ingredient. Not the usual chicken, lamb, or beef formula.

There are no grains in this formula. However, if you wanted to include grains their other formula contains ancient grains, which are sorghum, millet, quinoa, and chia seed also high protein grains. The cultivation of Ancient grains (all whole-wheat grains) has not changed over hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe is free of corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. But it contains probiotics for overall digestive health. They are a proprietary strain developed solely for dogs, added after the cooking process to maintain their efficacy.

The manufacturers claim that the roasted taste of pastured-fed bison and venison will leave your Pittie craving the taste. There is no “rendered meat” (which can contain euthanized pets, roadkill, and dead zoo animals) in this product.

Natural flavoring referred to in the ingredients list comes from hydrolyzed chicken, meaning the protein is broken down into small molecules, less likely it will affect the immune system of a dog with food allergies.

What we like / don’t like about the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe:

  • High levels of protein derived from meat.
  • Grain-Free or choose the variety which includes ancient grains.
  • Containing DHA, EPA, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants.
  • No “rendered meat” products are included in the ingredients.
  • No corn, wheat, or fillers.
  • Proprietary probiotics are developed for pets.
  • If your dog has any allergies ascribed to grains, it’s better to choose the grain-free recipe.

2. Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Adult Dogs

Our runner up choice for adult Pit Bull dog food

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Adult Dogs Chicken Recipe Image credit: Blue Buffalo Check Amazon

Specified as a wholly natural dog food with 30% protein values. This formula contains BLUE’s proprietary LifeSource Bits: blending antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy immune system, and there is a healthy balance to help your Pit Bull ward off infections.

There is no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives. The source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids are flaxseed and fish meal.

The three main features of a healthy dog are healthy muscle development (lean meat is the No. 1 protein source), sufficient energy for an active lifestyle (a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates), and strong bones, joints, and teeth (requires calcium and phosphor in the diet). They cater to these by this high-quality dog food.

Even though dog food claims to be allergen-free, we should note any dog can develop allergies. For example, a dog being fed on lamb for years suddenly develops an allergy to it. Most of the problem stems from feeding the dog the same food repeatedly. Their bodies become less capable of breaking down the proteins, and the dog’s body sees those proteins as harmful.

We advise dog owners, even if your dog likes a particular flavor, always aim to rotate their diet.

What we like / don’t like about the Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Adult Dogs:

  • High levels of protein from the main meat ingredient source.
  • The outstanding balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Grain-free, no corn, soy, or wheat products in the ingredients.
  • It Contains, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, and 6 fatty acids.
  • Aims to keep skin and hair healthy.
  • Pities can have an intolerance to grains and grain by-products, so a good brand to choose for those dogs.
  • Includes blended fruit and vegetables.
  • Best not to feed to Pit Bulls with ultra-sensitive stomachs.

3. Merrick Puppy Grain Free Puppy Real Texas

Our top choice for puppy Pit Bull dog food

Merrick Puppy Grain Free Puppy Real Texas Sweet Potato Puppy Recipe Image credit: Merrick Check Amazon

Merrick Grain Free puppy food has a No 1. ingredient of deboned meat, fish, or chicken. For high levels of top-quality proteins, dogs require maintaining healthy energy levels and building muscle mass.

To supplement hair and coat health, dog food includes Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids. There is an optimal level of the whole, natural foods such as sweet potatoes, peas, apples, and blueberries.

The recipe is entirely grain-free and free from any artificial additives, which may react badly with your puppy and give him an upset stomach.

What we like / don’t like about the Merrick Puppy Grain Free Puppy Real Texas:

  • High-protein kibble and premium animal ingredients.
  • Grain-free carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
  • Minerals, probiotics, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • The price point may put some dog owners off buying it.
  • Some vets are advising pet parents to not feed grain-free food to puppies.

4. Wellness Complete Health Grain Free

Our runner up choice for puppy Pit Bull dog food

Wellness Complete Health Grain Free for Puppy Image credit: Wellness Check Amazon

This puppy food supplies a healthy balance of proteins, fat, and fiber. No artificial preservatives, fillers, and meat by-products.

Salmon oil supplies the DHA for brain development, antioxidants keep the immune system strong, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids maintain healthy skin and coat.

The recipe contains four super-ingredients for puppy health and growth. Chicken for top-quality proteins, blueberries, and spinach are renowned for their antioxidant properties and flaxseed for the puppy’s coat and skin condition.

Feeding puppies on an over-rich protein diet gives them gas and soft to runny poop. Although protein is an essential ingredient in puppies (all dogs), finding the correct balance for your dog is imperative. This puppy food has a slightly lower level of protein, enough for good health, but helps keep the gas levels reduced.

What we like / don’t like about the Wellness Complete Health Grain Free:

  • Not too much protein that it induces gas and runny poop.
  • They add nothing artificial.
  • Grain-free.
  • The ideal blend of quality protein, fat, and carbs.
  • Meat ingredients named to help prevent food allergies.
  • They source some ingredients from China.
  • They might see the price point as too high.

5. Open Farm Senior Dry Dog Food

Our top choice for senior Pit Bull’s dog food

Open Farm Senior Dry Dog Food Recipe Image credit: Open Farm Check Amazon

This is a specific recipe for seniors, including prime cuts of real turkey and chicken. Sourced from high-welfare American farms, no additives in the poultry’s food chain, and certified 100% humane.

Open Farm Senior Dry Dog Food’s science-based formula uses only quality meat protein for maintaining muscle, prebiotic fiber for digestion, and added glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen the joints of your senior Pit Bull family.

Local non-GMO farms supply the fresh produce, sweet potato, peas, apples, and chicory root that all go into Open Farm’s recipe.

Leaving out grain, corn, wheat, and soy and replacing those foods with smart superfoods, pumpkin, carrot, and coconut oil for a better whole diet balance.

This manufacturer offers 100% transparency in their ingredient sourcing. Each bag of Open Farm dog food has its Lot number, for easy tracing.

What we like / don’t like about the Open Farm Senior Dry Dog Food:

  • The source of the fresh farm produce comes from local non-GMO farms.
  • 100% transparent sourcing practices.
  • The science-based formula for a well-balanced diet for senior Pit Bulls.
  • They purchase the meat from farms where there are strict regulations for the humane treatment and life quality of the farm animals.
  • A superb choice if your senior is a picky eater. They love this food brand.
  • We find nothing wrong.

6. Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe

Our top choice for budget priced Pit Bull dog food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe Premium Food for Dogs Image credit: Rachael Ray Nutrish Check Amazon

Every ingredient in dog food needs to serve a nutritional purpose. This dog food from Rachael Ray’s kitchen does exactly that.

The high-quality proteins, meat, poultry, and seafood are the 1st ingredient in her recipes. They combine them with appetizing vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. The recipe contains no corn, wheat, soy, gluten, poultry by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives.

What we like / don’t like about the Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe:

  • Natural 100% quality products go into this dog food.
  • A percentage of the money from sales goes to Rachael Ray Foundation, helping animals in need.
  • No Grains added poultry by-products, or anything artificial.
  • The price for the quality is excellent.
  • Had no food recalls.
  • It may cause dogs with a sensitive stomach some issues.

7. Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Regional Recipes

Our top choice for best wet dog food for Pit Bulls

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Regional Recipes Snake River Grill Image credit: Blue Buffalo Check Amazon

Stuffed with real trout, with an alluring blend of trout, venison, and rabbit. A taste to encourage any dog to lick their bowl clean.

There are no meat by-products or grains in this all-natural food for adult dogs, just added vitamins and minerals. This mixture with such a savory gravy makes this wet food irresistible to dogs. They do not add wheat into the food, some manufacturers add wheat as a thickening agent.

There are four flavors in this series including trout, venison, and rabbit, wild salmon, turkey and alligator, and catfish.

What we like / don’t like about the Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Regional Recipes:

  • Contains high levels of meat protein.
  • No wheat grains, artificial flavors or colorings.
  • No poultry by-products.
  • See the difference in the condition of your dog’s skin and coat with this dog food.
  • Exotic protein meats.
  • It has a higher than average price point.

8. Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Puppies

Our top choice for best wet puppy food for Pit Bulls

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Puppies Turkey & Chicken Grill Image credit: Blue Buffalo Check Amazon

Real turkey and chicken are the first ingredients: This grain-free puppy food gets its high protein levels from turkey and chicken, chicken livers, and chicken broth. Containing DHA, an important amino acid to support a puppy’s brain development.

For a full balanced diet, there is potato to deliver complex carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables. Added fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 for a healthy coat and skin.

What we like / don’t like about the Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Puppies:

  • The recipe does not include poultry by-products.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • No wheat, other grains, soy, and no corn.
  • Easily digestible for puppies.
  • It’s not cheap puppy food, but it is quality.
  • If your puppy has a sensitive tummy might be better to choose another brand.

9. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Canned Dog Formula

Our top choice for best wet food for senior Pit Bulls

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Lamb Canned Dog Formula Image credit: Natural Balance Check Amazon

The protein in this can comes from premium lamb cuts. High energy foods, oat bran, brown rice, and potatoes, are all highly digestible sources of carbohydrates. With balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 support for healthy skin and a luxurious coat.

To maintain quality food, Natural Balance performs a series of 9 safety tests on every batch of food they produce. You can always check the results for yourself on the Natural Balance website.

The ingredients in this recipe assure a high level of digestibility and do not include any artificial flavors or colorings.

What we like / don’t like about the Natural Balance Ultra Premium Canned Dog Formula:

  • Quality proteins come from high-quality lamb cuts.
  • The outstanding balance of digestible carbohydrates.
  • Safety checks on every batch of food the company produces.
  • Nothing artificial in the recipe.
  • The first ingredients are lamb, lamb livers, and lamb broth.
  • There is a beef variant in this recipe that might be too rich for sensitive older tummies.

10. Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat

Our top choice for best sensitive stomach and skin recipe

Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat All Life Stages Dog Salmon & Potato Formula Image credit: Diamond Naturals Check Amazon

As the parent of a dog with sensitive stomach issues, finding the best dog food can be tricky. It may not be apparent why he has these problems. It could be diet or there may be other underlying issues.

You may control the sensitivity by diet alone. But equally, you may need some professional guidance. Assuming you believe it’s his diet, then you need dog food prepared specifically for this issue with your dog.

The one we recommend is Diamonds Natural Skin & Coat. This formula covers all life stages.

What we like / don’t like about the Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat:

  • Quality proteins from wild-caught salmon.
  • No grains, artificial flavors, or colors.
  • Antioxidants and fatty acids for SKIN & COAT.
  • Essential hypoallergenic ingredients to help calm a sensitive stomach.
  • Excellent food for dogs suffering from skin allergies.
  • Not every dog with skin allergies will respond well to the formula.

In Summary

Pit Bulls sit between medium to large dogs. Because of their muscular bodies, you will need to offer them a high-protein diet and dog food normally suitable for large breeds.

Look for recipes that follow the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines. A minimum of 18% protein for adult dogs and 5% fat, but these are bare minimums. We recommend looking at dog food with much higher levels of protein. For adult Pit Bulls, we suggest a minimum of 30% protein from high-quality meat proteins.

Pit Bulls have a voracious appetite, so you need to feed them between 1000 and 1700 calories each day. There is a range because all dogs are individuals and require different nutritional values. For example, a very active Pit Bull is going to need more calories, probably at the top end of the calorie range, than the average couch potato.