The Best Chihuahua Breeders and Healthy Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

The Best Chihuahua Breeders and Healthy Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

Whether that’s a Chihuahua or any other breed, buying a puppy is both a joyous and stressful experience.

On the one hand, you’re welcoming a fantastic bundle of love into your life, but you’re undoubtedly concerned because you know you need to choose a reputable breeder.

Because you’ve chosen a Chihuahua and live in North Carolina, this article and guide you’re reading will be an excellent reference.

Continue reading to discover the best Chihuahua breeders and puppies for sale in North Carolina.

1. Teacup Chihuahua Find

As you would expect, this family breeds Teacup Chihuahuas. We mention family because the three children help with socialization, basic obedience, and getting the puppies started on their potty training.

All the Chihuahuas, including the breeding dogs, live in the main house as part of the family; kenneling dogs is against their philosophy of dog ownership.

Teacup Chihuahua Find puppies in NC, USA
Image credit: Teacup Chihuahua Find

Puppies are allowed to go to their forever homes only when they are age-appropriate, have received their vaccinations, deworming, and the vet has given them a clean bill of health. All puppies are provided with a six-month written health guarantee.

Teacup Chihuahua Find does not consider the relationship at an end because you leave with your puppy. As conscientious breeders and experienced puppy breeders, they are more than willing to offer you advice when you think you might benefit.

The breeders offer two shipping options if you live out of state and cannot get to North Carolina. One is via the aircraft cargo, which costs $150, or the recommended lap nanny service where the puppy flies in the cabin with a person; that cost is $300.

Breeder’s Details:

  • Website: (Website is down at the moment)
  • Email:

2. Sparky Chihuahua Puppies

Sparky Chihuahua Puppies offer a three-pronged approach to selling you a Chihuahua. They provide guaranteed healthy puppies free from genetic diseases, delivery anywhere in the United States, and ongoing puppy education if you ever need help or advice once you get your puppy home.

While we’re sure anyone contemplating owning a Chihuahua will have done their research, nevertheless, the breeders offer some invaluable insights into the Chihuahua, including an overview of the breed, temperament, adaptability, health, and characteristics.

Sparky Chihuahua Puppies for sale in North Carolina
Image credit: Sparky Chihuahua Puppies

The breeders possess a passionate bond with their breeding dogs and the puppies they produce. The dogs are super-quality and come from some of the top bloodlines from around the world.

Sparky Chihuahua has been breeding puppies for many years and is genuinely concerned with the health, conformation, and temperament of every dog that leaves their farm.

Sparky Chihuahua Puppies have a rich tradition of breeding puppies with superior temperament and excellent conformation to the AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard.

However, it’s not part of the breeder’s remit for the dogs to be show dogs. All puppies are bred to be family and companion dogs.

Every puppy leaves Sparky Chihuahua Puppies with a one-year written health guarantee. However, for the contract to remain valid, each new owner must take their puppy to a licensed vet for a thorough examination within ten days of returning home after collecting or receiving their puppy.

The breeder will arrange shipping on the buyer’s behalf for a fee; puppies can be shipped as a Pet-Safe from American, European, United, or Continental Airlines. Or, for an additional cost, they can arrange for nanny shipping where the puppy is accompanied and flies in the aircraft cabin.

Breeder’s Details:

3. NGWE Puppies Home

Chihuahua puppies are available from NGWE Puppies Home starting at three months of age, and each puppy will have a written health certificate. These breeders will not sell their puppies for breeding purposes, and if you purchase a puppy from them, you will need to sign a contract to that effect.

NGWE Puppies Home has been a hobby kennel breeding top-quality Chihuahua puppies for over twenty-five years. Breeding is limited, and there is never any over breeding of any of their females.

Breeding lines originate from Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines, and puppies conform to the AKC’s Chihuahua breeding standards.

The breeder offers Chihuahua puppies in various coat colors: white, fawn, apricot, black, pink, pink-white, grey-shaded, brown, tan, orange, and brindle.

NGWE Chihuahua Puppies Home
Image credit: NGWE Puppies Home

All the Chihuahuas live in the main house with the family and enjoy the benefits of early socialization, love, and attention; you will not see any cages or kennels utilized by NGWE. In addition, there are six large rooms where the puppies can let off steam, run around, and play together.

If it’s a pleasant day, there is also an enclosed deck around the back of the home where puppies and adult Chihuahuas can get fresh air.

Before pick-up or delivery, all puppies will be in excellent health and free from genetic diseases. All buyers will be expected to have their puppies health checked within ten days once they arrive home.

The written health guarantee will be for the dog’s life against all genetic illnesses; however, there are certain conditions the buyer needs to meet, which are fully explained in the document.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

4. Trust Chihuahua Puppies

At Trust Chihuahua Puppies, their sole intention is to match prospective fur parents with their forever Chihuahua companion.

All puppies live in the home, having regular contact with all family members, including children and other pets. Chihuahuas make much better family pets and companions when they are correctly socialized.

The family does not breed many puppies through the year, so it’s a question of getting in touch and hoping they have available puppies; if not, you can pop your name and details on their waiting list.

Trust Chihuahua Puppies for sale
Image credit: Trust Chihuahua Puppies

Puppies are health tested for any genetic diseases and will receive a one-year health guarantee. Puppies are not available to go home until they are at least eight weeks old and have been vaccinated and dewormed.

The breeders will ship puppies to an airport near your home, from which a courier takes the puppy to your home address. Air transport is the chosen method because it dramatically shortens the time a puppy is in transit.

The puppies you see for sale on the website are all ten weeks old and cost $500. Each one is AKC registered with a one-year health guarantee, correctly vaccinated, microchipped, and approved for sale by a licensed vet-technician.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

5. The Best Chihuahua Pet4Homes

The Best Chihuahua Pet4Homes offer both Teacup and standard-size Chihuahuas for sale. The breeders have a policy requiring background information on all puppy buyers and refuse to sell puppies as gifts to someone else.

The breeders are family-oriented with four children and three grandchildren, so each puppy born has plenty of socialization. These are hobby breeders not heavily involved for profit’s sake but because of their love for the Chihuahua breed.

The Best Chihuahua Pet4Homes sell puppies only to families and never to brokers, intermediaries, or unskilled breeders.

Chihuahua puppy breeder in North Carolina
Image credit: The Best Chihuahua Pet4Homes

Puppies are never handed over to buyers until they have received the appropriate vaccinations and have undergone a comprehensive medical examination. Puppies are typically ten weeks old when they leave with their new family and will cost around $500.

Whether you collect or have the puppy delivered, they will all come with the following: bill of sale, contract, and transfer of ownership, a one-year health guarantee, vaccination record, and a lifetime guarantee.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: Kinston, North Carolina
  • Website: (Website is Down at the moment)
  • Email:

6. Shadybrook Kennels

While Shadybrook Kennels breeds long coat and smooth coat Chihuahuas the breeders are not exclusively Chihuahua, only breeders; they also offer four other breeds.

However, don’t let that put you off; they are reputable and have over twenty-five years of experience breeding dogs. Their kennels are climate-controlled, and the dogs can enter and leave as they wish. The breeders comply with all AKC regulations, and AKC officials regularly inspect the kennels.

The kennels are located in Burlington, North Carolina, on 22 acres. Even though they class themselves as kennels, they are still at heart a hobby breeder and value the importance of socializing their dogs and puppies daily.

Chihuahua puppies in Burlington, NC
Image credit: Shadybrook Kennels

Potential puppy buyers are more than welcome to visit the kennels; however, they should make an appointment before turning up at home.

The family treats all dogs and puppies as part of their family and ensures they are cared for with quality nutrition, health care, and socialization.

You will not be able to buy a puppy from this breeder if you require shipping. Expect to make personal visits before purchase, and the puppies need picking up by the owners.

Before ordering a puppy, potential buyers must download and sign the Shadybrook Kennels contract and deposit agreement.

The breeders do not begin breeding females before they reach two years old and are retired by the time they are seven years old.

You’ll find masses of helpful information on the breeder’s website, including pictures inside the kennels, nurseries, and the home and surroundings.

Pictures are also available of all the adult males and females in the breeding program, and of course, the website features any puppies currently available for sale.

There’s no doubt Shadybrook Kennels are proud of their facilities and the reputation they have built over a quarter of a century of breeding dogs.

Breeder’s Contact Details:

  • Address: 4445 S. N.C. Hwy. 49 Burlington, NC 27215
  • Phone: (336) 253-3511, (336) 254-4647
  • Website:
  • Email:

Chihuahuas are not the easiest breeds to bring up from a puppy; they are small, but they are mighty. They have a real stubborn streak in them, and they don’t take kindly to potty training.

However, as long as you persevere, you’ll bring up an incredibly lovable and loyal little companion. Chihuahuas have one of the longest lifespans of any dog breed, so your puppy will be with you for a long time.

We are confident this guide you can shortlist the best Chihuahua breeders and puppies for sale in North Carolina.