Best Chihuahua Breeders In Virginia

Best Chihuahua Breeders In Virginia

If you live in Virginia and are interested in getting a Chihuahua as a new pet, it is time to look into reputable breeders in the area. The “getting a Chihuahua” part is excellent, but the “looking for a breeder” part can be a challenge.

Finding a reputable and trustworthy Chihuahua breeder is a tricky journey. Today, there are many scammers, and the puppy business is a fraudulent one. From puppy mills to backyard breeders, many people enter the business for the wrong reasons – money and not the love for the breed.

To make the search for a reliable Chihuahua breeder easier, we have listed and reviewed the best Chihuahua breeders in Virginia.

Here Is The List Of The Best Chihuahua Breeders In (Or Near) Virginia

#1 Lily’s Chihuahuas

Lilly’s Chihuahuas is in Michigan, which is not very close to Virginia, yet worth the ride to ensure a high-quality pup with the proper background.

The breeder does it for the love of the breed and sees the Chihuahua breeding as a hobby rather than a business. The main goals are to raise healthy and well-socialized Chihuahua puppies. As the breeder says, the dogs are kept inside the house and not in kennels.

Once you get your new Chihuahua puppy, the breeder provides you with all info necessary. Most of the information refers to the dog’s few weeks of life and how to provide proper care during these critical times.

The breeder provides a detailed explanation of the vaccines the puppy received and instructions on when and which vaccines are pending. The breeder also includes house training and nutrition tips.

The user-friendly website of the breeder features a helpful tool – a growth chart that allows owners to monitor and keep track of their puppy’s growth. That way, they can tell if they are on the right path.

Lily’s Chihuahuas breeder in Virginia

The website features many images of the breeder’s dogs – dams and sires. Also, there are plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers.

If interested in getting a puppy from Lilly’s Chihuahuas, you will be required to fill in a form and answer various questions. The fact that the breeder does not take deposits before speaking to the perspective owner is an indicator of reliability and trustworthiness.

This breeder’s main concern is the well-being of the dogs. Therefore, they do not produce new puppies every month. However, the waiting period will pay off.

Lilly’s Chihuahuas Contact Details:

  • Address: Hillsdale, Michigan
  • Phone: 517-320-9929
  • Email:
  • Website:

#2 Tiny Tot Chihuahuas

The Tiny Tot Chihuahuas is a reliable breeder located in Northern Kentucky. A drive from Virginia to Northern Kentucky is definitely reasonable, considering the quality of the puppies they offer.

The Tiny Tot Chihuahuas is a small hobby breeder that works under the motto, “before our doggies are a part of your family, they are a part of our family.” The motto is very descriptive and indicates the amount of time and care invested in the pups.

All Chihuahuas coming from this breeder are top-quality and in line with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) standards. The dogs are raised inside the house and treated as family members. The result is healthy and well-socialized Chihuahuas.

The breeder understands that Chihuahuas are notorious when it comes to potty training. To make things easier for the new owners, she takes one step in the right direction and starts crate training. By the time Chihuahua puppies go to their new homes, they know how to potty on special puppy pads.

Tiny Tot Chihuahuas puppies

When purchasing a puppy from Tiny Tot Chihuahuas, new owners get a written one-year guarantee that the puppies are free from congenital health issues and disabilities. Also, they get info on the puppies’ vet checkups, vaccinations, and worming schedules.

Last but not least, every puppy leaves Tiny Tot Chihuahuas with a gift bag to set the new owners on the right puppy-raising path. The breeder is responsive and available for all questions before and after the adoption process.

Tiny Tot Chihuahuas Contact Details:

  • Address: Northern Kentucky
  • Phone: 859-307-7236
  • Email:
  • Website:

#3 Chilove Chihuahuas

Chilove Chihuahuas is located in Hampton, Virginia. The breeder has 38 years of breeding experience and 22 years of experience with Chihuahuas in particular.

The breeder offers Chihuahua puppies from champion bloodlines and in line with the AKC (American Kennel Club) standards. The parents and the puppies are all raised in the breeder’s home and not in kennels.

This ensures proper socialization and acceptable behavior around other dogs, people, and children. Additionally, all of the breeder’s Chihuahuas are screened for genetic diseases using Wisdom and Embark home test panels.

All Chihuahua puppies coming from Chilove Chihuahuas are examined by a vet, dewormed (several times depending on the exact age at the time of purchase), and vaccinated.

Additionally, every puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee. For the health guarantee to be valid, the new owner must have the pup checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours.

The breeder offers certain payment plans which can be agreed upon. However, the payment must be completed before taking the Chihuahua puppy to its new home.

In general, the price per Chihuahua puppy ranges from $1000 to $3000. The breeder requires a $250 deposit which is non-refundable. However, based on the circumstances, it can be transferred to another litter.

Chilove Chihuahuas
Chilove Chihuahuas

The waiting list for getting a puppy from Chilove Chihuahuas can be quite long. The breeder focuses on the dogs’ health and welfare rather than making money, meaning there are no available puppies at all times. Placing a deposit is a good way of ensuring a healthy and socialized Chihuahua puppy.

Chilove Chihuahuas Contact Details:

  • Address: Hampton, Virginia
  • Phone: 757-913-3293
  • Email:
  • Website:

#4 Pauley’s Pups

Pauley’s Pups is a pet store specializing in toy breeds. The store is located in Ashland, Virginia, and has been in business since 1994.

The pet store has been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 1997 and is devoted to providing high-quality and healthy puppies at competitive prices.

Pauley’s Pups collaborates only with certified dog breeders to ensure top-quality puppies. Plus, the pet store helps prospective owners find the right toy or small dog breed based on the situation – lifestyle living arrangements, family size, and time for parenting a puppy.  

On the pet store’s website, there are plenty of images of available puppies. There are also testimonials from satisfied customers. The Google rating score of the store is 4.5 out of 5. The grade is extracted based on 630 reviews, and this speaks volumes about reliability and trustworthiness.  

Also, there is a blog section on the pet store’s official website. The blog features articles on various topics that are helpful for both experienced and first-time pet owners.

The Pauley’s Pups pet store is open from Monday to Saturday, and the working hours are 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. On Sundays, the pet store is closed but can be reached via email.   

Pauley’s Pups Contact Details:

  • Address: Ashland, Virginia
  • Phone: 804-798-7877
  • Email:
  • Website:

#5 Happy Trail Chihuahuas

Happy Trail Chihuahuas is a family-owned breeding business owned by Steve and Lindy Nearman. It is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The two owners started their dog breeding business with Doberman Pinschers. Today, they are focused on Chihuahuas, and Chihuahua puppies are the only breed they are offering.

The Happy Trail Chihuahuas has a user-friendly website that offers information on Chihuahuas, including basic dog care and training tips. The website displays extensive background information on the dams and sires.

That way, prospective owners can learn about the parents of their Chihuahua puppies. The price of the puppies ranges from $800 to $1500. However, the average price for most puppies is between $900 and $1200. The exact price is set once the puppy is 5-6 months old.

Before thinking about the price, Happy Trail Chihuahuas note the importance of considering all factors. The first and most important one is whether the future owners have the time and dedication necessary to own this breed.

Happy Trail Chihuahuas
Happy Trail Chihuahuas

In addition to selling Chihuahua puppies, Happy Trail Chihuahuas offer stud breeding services (applicable to registered ACA and AKC Chihuahuas).

It also offers rehoming and adoption services. Chihuahua owners that can no longer take care of their dogs can advertise their dogs on the website at no charge.

In the meanwhile, Happy Trails Chihuahua is building are foster care network that can accommodate Chihuahuas until a more permanent solution is found. In some cities, Happy Trails Chihuahuas has foster volunteer partners in case a Chihuahua needs an immediate new home. 

Happy Trail Chihuahuas Contact Details:

  • Address: Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Phone: 540-845-9068
  • Email: /
  • Website:

#6 B&D Chihuahuas

B&D Chihuahuas is a small in-home breeder located in Warsaw, Virginia that offers AKC-registered Chihuahuas. On the breeder’s website, there are images of the Chihuahua dams and sires, and alongside the images, you can find info specific to the dog (coat type, cleared health concerns, etc.).

On the  B&D Chihuahuas website, new pet owners can find relevant information on the breed. More particularly, there are two sections – one about bringing your new puppy home and the other one about hypoglycemia, as a common issue among Chihuahuas.

In the general section about bringing the new Chihuahua home, you can find various important tips and guidelines, such as essential supplies, housetraining, grooming, feeding, barking, socialization, separation anxiety, and general safety info.

B&D Chihuahuas
B&D Chihuahuas

To get a puppy from B&D Chihuahuas, the breeder requires a non-refundable holding fee of $500. The entire payment is expected to be completed before the puppy is taken to its new home.

For each Chihuahua puppy coming from B&D Chihuahuas, the breeder provides a one-year health guarantee. The guarantee covers congenital and hereditary issues that are life-threatening (with the exclusion of some recurring problems, like, for example, internal and external parasites).

The one-year guarantee starts at the time of birth. If a life-threatening condition is confirmed, the breed offers a replacement. A refund is also a possibility, but the final decision is on the breeder. 

B&D Chihuahuas Contact Details:

#7 Blue Ridge Chihuahuas

Blue Ridge Chihuahuas is a registered breeding business offering high-quality AKC-compliant Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs. It is located in Virginia, but puppies can be shipped to other locations using various shipping methods.

Blue Ridge Chihuahuas offers both Chihuahua puppies of perfect health, sound temperament, and proper structure. The breeder does not sacrifice quality for looks but is a firm believer that these features go together, hand in hand.

Blue Ridge Chihuahuas

The prices for Chihuahua puppies from Blue Ridge Chihuahuas range based on ancestral lines and physical features. However, you can expect to pay around $2500 to $6500 or even more.

To get on the waiting list and reserve a Chihuahua puppy, the breeder requires a non-refundable deposit, which is between $1500 and $2800, based on the puppy’s exact cost.

We should note that at the moment, Blue Ridge Chihuahuas focuses on French Bulldogs and does not have a planned Chihuahua until the end of next year. However, waiting for a couple of months to get a top-quality Chihuahua puppy is worth it.

Blue Ridge Chihuahuas Contact Details:

  • Address: Falls Mills, Virginia
  • Phone: 540-250-5275
  • Email:
  • Website:

Final Thoughts

This was a quick overview of the best Chihuahua breeders in Virginia. Reputable and trustworthy breeders often have waiting lists, meaning it may take you a few months to get your Chihuahua puppy.

However, the wait is worth it – once you have the puppy, you can rest assured it comes from good parents and is bred with care and responsibility. You can also be confident knowing the parents are tested and free from genetic diseases.