The 7 Best Breeders of Chihuahua Puppies in California

The 7 Best Breeders of Chihuahua Puppies in California

With its diminutive stature and strong personality, the Chihuahua makes a fun addition to any family. In California, you have several alternatives when it comes to finding a Chihuahua puppy that’s perfectly suitable for your family.

The best breeders of Chihuahua puppies in California will do health and genetic testing, provide a puppy warranty, and offer excellent customer service. Before placing a deposit, always do your research and due diligence first.

These are the best Chihuahua breeders in California:

  1. Honey Bee Chihuahuas
  2. Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas
  3. Natelsong Chihuahuas
  4. Sweetie Pie Pets
  5. Chihuahua Dreams
  6. Joelle’s Chihuahuas
  7. Toyville Chihuahuas

Honey Bee Chihuahuas

Honey Bee Chihuahuas is where you’ll find the honey AKC apple head Chihuahua. If you’re looking for the best quality chihuahua pups in the Sacramento area, this is a fantastic place to come; you’ll undoubtedly be enthralled at the quality of their puppies.

The Chihuahuas they raise are AKC registered, and the breeder strives to develop Chihuahuas that compete in and out of the show ring. They treat each and every newborn as a member of their own family.

Honey Bee Chihuahuas in Sacramento, California
Image credit: Honey Bee Chihuahuas

Honey Bee’s puppies can be registered with the AKC, ACA, or CKC, but only if they go to a pet home that the breeder has approved. Should you purchase a puppy as a pet, you must agree to have them spayed or neutered as part of the agreement.

Puppies are sold at a discounted price for anyone who wants to keep them as pets and doesn’t want to register them. If you’re interested in AKC limited papers, please contact The breeder directly.

Before they leave Honey Bee, puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, and introduced to pine litter, pee pads, and grass. Looking after a puppy is an enormous responsibility, and the breeder wants to give them the finest start possible. Puppies they sell come with a one-year health warranty.

A $250-$500 non-refundable deposit is needed to hold a puppy until they are ready to go to their new home. The cost of shipping within the United States begins at $550. There’s also a flight nanny service available; contact the breeder for further information on that service.

Breeder’s contact details:

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas has been breeding and caring for Chihuahuas from 1997 and spreading the joy of owning this fantastic breed with families ever since.

Their Chihuahua puppies in Riverside are reared in a household with people and other pets, so all puppies are appropriately socialized. Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas are one of the longest-serving Chihuahua breeders in California and have gained an excellent reputation.

Teresa's AKC Chihuahuas in California
Image credit: Teresa Annette Ray West

Teresa’s base their business on their honesty and integrity, not over-charging and gaining a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction in the process. They see a great deal of return business and are heavily recommended by word of mouth. Their emphasis is on keeping their clients as happy as possible.

When you buy a baby from Teresa, the pups will have their dewclaws removed, updated with vaccinations, and ready to go to their new homes between eight to ten weeks.

You will need to pay a $400 deposit to secure a Chihuahua puppy from Teresa, and it is on a non-refundable basis. The contract spay and neuter with no registration papers until proof of alteration has been provided to the breeder. Teresa provides a low-cost alteration of $35 for neuter and $45 for spaying if you live local.

Breeder’s contact details:

Natelsong Chihuahuas

Michelle Smith is a small hobby Chihuahua breeder in Northern California. She breeds AKC registered Chihuahuas primarily for AKC shows; however, she occasionally has puppies for sale. If you buy a puppy from Michelle, they must be on a spay or neuter contract because she does not sell show puppies.

Natelsong Chihuahuas AKC breeder in CA, USA
Image credit: Michelle Smith / AKC

After the puppies are born, they spend the first few weeks inside Michelle’s bedroom with the mommy Chihuahua. After this time, Michelle moves the puppies to a playpen in the living room. This gives the puppies a lot more space to move about; this is where they will begin their potty training.

Raising puppies in the breeder’s home in this way clearly helps to socialize the puppies, which is excellent for the new puppy parents because it starts them off in the best way possible.

As mentioned, Michelle breeds puppies primarily for AKC shows; however, you can still connect with her to learn when the next litter will be born, and you might be fortunate and reserve a puppy for yourself.

She’s a well-known Chihuahua breeder in California with a long history in the state of success and excellent service. If you live in the Crescent City area of California, be sure to give Michelle a call to see if she has any puppies or is expecting a litter.

Breeder’s contact details:

Sweetie Pie Pets

At Sweetie Pie Pets, socialization is a critical component of training your Chihuahua puppy. All of Sweetie Pie’s breeding adults live in loving homes with their own families. There is nowhere better for puppies in a beautiful home environment than in one of our devoted Sweetie Pie Pets breeder families.

Chihuahua puppy breeder from California
Image credit: Kelly Swift

Puppy socialization begins at a very young age, where a great deal of time is spent petting and playing with them so that they get used to routines, children, people, and sometimes other pets.

Living in someone’s home in this way provides a constant source of stimulation, such as cars, vacuum cleaners, plus the continual turnover of people visiting. All this precious socialization makes for a much calmer and less nervous Chihuahua puppy.

Sweetie Pie believes that responsible breeders and rescue organizations should collaborate for the greater interest of both humans and animals. More breeders should get involved in rescue operations, and rescue centers should stop blaming reputable breeders for overpopulation.

For someone contemplating a Chihuahua puppy but not yet convinced that the breed is the one to choose, check out the Sweetie Pie website because there’s a ton of helpful information about the Chihuahua; it’s well worth the time and effort to read through the information.

Breeder’s contact details:

Chihuahua Dreams

Chihuahua Dream’s website is dedicated to providing you with information about the breeder and her Chihuahuas, including how she breeds, raises, and cares for them.

Chihuahua puppies are available in 6-8 litters per year; however, they focus on quality rather than quantity. Our adult chihuahuas weigh no more than 4-5 pounds, and as a result, all of their puppies are similarly tiny.

The breeder’s Chihuahua puppies are not only tiny, but they also exhibit excellent conformation to the chihuahua breed standard and have lovely, affectionate temperaments.

The breeder also states she has spent her entire life devoted to the care of animals, primarily chihuahuas. Her breeding program has been a hobby for the past decade, but in the last four years, she has taken the program far more seriously is now breeding AKC chihuahuas solely to improve the breed.

The breeder considers all of their Chihuahuas to be members of their family and treat them with respect.

They further believe that no one can teach them better than the person who adopts them. The most important thing to Chihuahua Dreams is to ensure each baby Chi is placed with a family that provides plenty of love, care, and stability.

Chihuahua has successfully rehomed puppies all over the United States and Canada, and they are adamant none of their puppies end up in pet shops or puppy mills.

Puppy prices run from $1,500 up to $3,800 depending on various factors that the breeder will totally explain if you contact her and want to place a deposit.

Breeder’s contact details:

  • Address: Murrieta, CA, United States
  • Phone: 949-923-9623
  • Email:
  • Website:

Joelle’s Chihuahuas

The owner of Joelle’s Chihuahuas is Lisa Joelle Nave; she is a small hobby breeder and exhibitor of Chihuahuas in California’s Central Coast.

Focusing on character and health, she breeds her Chihuahua to the AKC (American Kennel Club) standard, focusing on temperament and health. She intends most of her litters to be of show quality; however, she occasionally has puppies available for adoption.

Joelle's Chihuahuas breeder in California
Image credit: Lisa Joelle Nave

Joelle rears her puppies in the comfort of her own home, where they get the amount of socialization puppies require to grow to be well-balanced adult dogs with an excellent temperament.

Joelle is also an active member of the CCA (Chihuahua Club of America), and you’ll find the breeder located in the Paso Robles region of California.

She has an up-to-date Facebook page where you will find plenty of images of her Chihuahuas and a great deal of helpful information about Joelle and her breeding and showing activities with her Chihuahuas.

Breeder’s contact details:

Toyville Chihuahuas

Toyville Chihuahuas has been breeding Chihuahuas for almost thirty years, specializing in breeding show-quality Chihuahua puppies. You’ll find them located in the Central Valley, California.

This breeder adheres to the AKC and the CCA Chihuahua breed standards and complies fully with the ethics of both organizations.

Toyville raises their puppies in their home with particular attention to the dog’s temperament, health, and, naturally, conformity. This breeder is actively attempting to breed show Chihuahuas; however, some puppies don’t come up to the breed standard through no fault of the breeding lines.

Therefore, there are, on occasion, puppies available for companion dogs. It’s very much a question of contacting Toyville to inquire about puppies’ availability for sale. All of their puppies, show or otherwise, are OFA tested for patellas, eyes, and heart.

Puppies are well-socialized, up to date with vaccinations, dewormed, trained to use a potty pad, and to go outside on their own via a dog door.

Another excellent aspect of these breeders is the availability of rescue dogs. Not all breeders are interested in this, which is a shame. However, if you prefer an older Chihuahua and would love to adopt a rescue, contact Toyville to see if they have any available.

The AKC has also awarded Toyville Chihuahuas the prestigious “Breeder of Merit” award. If you live in the Central Valley area and want a reputable Chihuahua breeder close by your home, Toyville would be worth contacting; they are more than happy to answer any questions about Chihuahuas.

Breeder’s contact details:

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas are fantastic dogs; however, they require special needs and attention. If you’re searching for a Chihuahua puppy, ensure you have thoroughly researched everything you can about this breed.

If you’re sure you want a Chihuahua, this best breeders of Chihuahua puppies in California guide will point you in the direction of only reputable breeders.